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EU ambassadors in Ireland warned that tap water is not safe for baby bottles

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EU ambassadors in Dublin have been informed that their nationals living in Ireland should not make up baby bottles with tap water. Following an Open Letter (1) to the European Commission by leading Dutch paediatrician, Dr Gavin ten Tusscher and others associated with Amsterdam University and the NGO Ecobaby, EU diplomacies in Dublin have been alerted to the risks from tap water in Ireland which contains untrialled, falsified medicinal products (fluorosilicates) that are unsafe for bottle-fed babies. The letter to EU diplomatic missions from Irish campaigner Robert Pocock is attached (2).

Dr ten Tusscher has written to EU Commissioner John Dalli suggesting that the same reasoning for a recent directive banning bisphenol A in baby bottles must now be also applied to tap water containing untrialled and unauthorized fluorosilicates whose active pharmaceutical ingredients do not meet mandatory manufacturing quality standards.

The recently passed Directive 2011/8/EU banning bisphenol A in baby bottles was necessary, said EU Commissioner Dalli, since bottle-fed babies are at special risk because a) baby bottles are their only source of nutrition

b) no official warnings are given to parents about the risks and

c) no product labels advise parents of these risks.

Since exactly similar risks to babies from bisphenol A apply to fluorosilicates in formula made up with tap water, a similar directive is now necessary to protect vulnerable infants, argued the Dutch paediatric doctors.

“What these European doctors have done is expose the lax regulations applying to fake medicinal products in Ireland. Consumers and especially children in the rest of Europe are protected from these falsified and prohibited medicines but not in Ireland” said Irish Stop Fluoridation Campaigner, Robert Pocock.

With Commissioner Dalli hailing the bisphenol A ban as a victory for consumer health, it now remains to be seen if he will continue to allow rogue states like Ireland to flout pan-European measures designed to protect consumers, especially the most vulnerable.

(1) http://www.ecobaby.nl/

(2) 26th May 2011 Letter to EU Ambassadors in Ireland below:

To all European Union Ambassadors in Ireland.

Dear Ambassador,

EU nationals at health risk from Irish tap water.

While EU nationals are nominally protected from unsafe medicines and food in Europe by means of pan-European safety regulation, this does not apply in Ireland where clinically untrialled and unauthorized fluorosilicates are added to most public drinking water under a practice prohibited in other Member States.

We wish to alert you to the unique risks from what are in fact falsified medicines present in Irish tap water and to which many of your nationals in Ireland may be exposed, in particular the risks to those who may be bottle-feeding their babies.

The Open Letter from leading Dutch paediatrician Dr ten Tusscher supported by the NGO Ecobaby to EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy John Dalli, has called for urgent measures to protect bottle-fed babies from unsafe fluorosilicates in drinking water, for the very same reasons recently quoted by Commissioner Dalli in the new Directive 2011/8/EU banning bisphenol A in baby bottles (http://www.ecobaby.nl/ )

In the meantime and since the Irish government declines to issue warnings about these falsified medicines either to Irish or other EU nationals living here, you may wish to alert your fellow nationals to the risks. In particular you might advise parents of newborns not to use Irish tap water to make up infant formula because it leads to fluoride over-dosing.

Every third Irish teenager now has dental fluorosis or permanent disfigurement of their teeth – pictures in the link below * and the fluorosis risk commences at birth.

For further international information on fluoride risks to bottle-fed babies, click here.

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