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China asks Nepal to curb Free Tibet movement

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China has once again asked Nepal to curb ‘Free Tibet’ movement from its soil, later strongly upholds One China policy and believes that Tibet and Taiwan are integral parts of China. China is Nepal’s northern neighbor and Tibet shares border with Nepal along its northern side.

The newly appointed Chinese envoy to Kathmandu, Yang Houlam, who considered as the senior most Chinese official to be posted in Nepal, called on Nepal’s Home Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara and renewed his call on the Nepali government to curb ‘Free Tibet’ movement against China in its soil on Monday.

In a meeting with Yang last week, Nepal’s Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal has said that China is a trustworthy friend for Nepal and she has never interfered in our internal affairs. Similarly, the PM reaffirmed Nepal’s longstanding One-China Policy and stressed that Tibet and Taiwan are integral parts of China.

During the meeting with Home Minister Mahara, Yang expressed concern over the possible Free Tibet activities likely to take place during the forthcoming establishment day of the Chinese Communist party that falls in July, according to a press release issued by Minister Mahara’s press adviser. The Chinese ambassador, who assumed his Kathmandu office from June 22, also expressed hope that Nepal would be more serious in preventing protests against China by Tibetan refugees, informed DPM Mahara’s press adviser Manoj Magar. In response, the Home Minister assured the envoy that the ministry would play necessary role in discouraging and preventing protests against China from any groups in Nepal.

On the other hand, just first week of June, US Deputy Under-Secretary for Population, Refugees and Migration Kelly Clements asks Nepal to begin registering children of Tibetan refugees born after 1990. She raised the UN-brooked ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ on Tibetan refuges and asked the Nepal government to start registration of Tibetan children born after the 1990 census. The last census Nepal had held of Tibetan refugees was in 1990. Tibetans continue to take arduous trans-Himalayan trails to cross over to Nepal, a prickly issue in Nepal-China relations. Nepal had reached the so-called “gentlemen’s agreement” in 1989 with the UN and western countries which suggested allowing Tibetan refugees a free passage through Nepal to Dharamshala in India. The United States and other western countries have repeatedly called on Nepal to honour its commitment in relation to Tibetans fleeing from Tibet.

Just last week, Nepali local media had reported that Nepal Police had arrested at least one dozen Tibetan exiles from suburb of capital, Kathmandu, who were gathered to participate in a religious event.

Nepal is home to around 20000 Tibetan refugees who often take to street demanding independence of Tibet and vehemently protesting against human rights ‘abuse’ by China despite stepped up security.

The Nepali government has restricted all protests which could harm the country’s friendly relationship with the neighbouring China despite criticism from international rights groups and the UN on Nepal Police’s use of excessive force to stop the agitation. Free Tibet movement in Nepal has always been a concern of the Chinese government.

The Chinese envoy, during the meeting, also lauded Nepal’s commitment to one China policy and its efforts to curb anti-Chinese activities.

In response to the Chinese concerns, Mahara, on behalf of the government and his party, expressed commitment to one China policy and not to allowing any anti-China activities in the nation, and Mahara said the government has always been more watchful on that front.

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