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After France, Belgium approves ban on burqa

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Belgium will soon become the second country in Europe to ban the burqa in public places, after the parliament approved legislation forbidding full veils, the bill’s author said today.

The legislation quietly cleared the Senate last week after it was overwhelmingly approved by the lower chamber of deputies last month, when only one Green lawmaker voted against it and two abstained.

The new law will take effect 10 days after it is published in Belgium’s official journal, in around one month. France became the first European country to ban the burqa on April 11.

The Belgian legislation, drafted by liberal lawmaker Daniel Bacquelaine, bans all clothing that hides the face.

It is a law that takes into account a fundamental principle, the equality between men and women,” Bacquelaine said.

“Moreover, if we want an open society, the visibility of the face is essential. Humanity comes from one’s face,” he said.

Lawmakers first voted for the legislation in April 2010, but it was shelved after the government fell following legislative elections two months later.

Only a few hundred women in Belgium are believed to wear the burqa, a full body veil, or the niqab, which hides the face.


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  • Avocado Globster

    They must be exercising the religious view that women belong in the home.

  • Baron Gifelte

    I hear you,such lawfare only benefits perhaps a bakers dozen of the prats.

  • Patrick

    I love Muslims! They make Halloween happen every day! They dress up like ghosts with their burqas and the the loud speakers start playing that “ah, lalal, ladeda” stuff, they all walk to the courtyards and lay on the ground. Reminds me a bit of the Morlock and Eli from The Time Machine.

  • Pig_Muhammed

    the burqa is just to keep them safe from their close relatives. As you know Profit Muhammed (Piss be upon him) did shag his own DIL. It is a Islamic tradition to commit incest. :-D :-D :-D

    • freeman

      I can understand your mental level. You can’t go low by giving comments here absoultely on the base of lie. There is no such tradition in Islam like this. It is not an Islamic tradition to commit incest. Totally lie.

      In Islam it is absolutely forbidden to have sex outside the marriage for both men and women.

      People are not anymore stupid who will ever beleive you until they really seek actual Islamic resouce. We are seeing that on the internet lots of stupid people with a lot of time they are just using for propaganda with any proper investigation about Islam and they are abusing of internet freedom of speech. It is enough for the person to being a liar who farword some information without proper investigation by using actual resouce.

      Since America started so called war on terror Islamophobia is increased. Religious Discrimination against Islam is highly increased.

  • Pig_Muhammed

    @freeman you muppet do you even know what you are talking about? Most of the muslims marry their close relatives, which any of us would consider incest. Matter of fact is that muslims are allowed to marry their cousin’s. If this is not incest then I am sooo sorry to spread false rumours about islamisshit religion.

    • freeman

      I know what I am talking about. You don’t know anything about the Islam. Off course Muslims can merry with their cousin’s. But its not 100% required to get married only with cusin’s but is allowed in Islam. When a couple get married with consent this mean they are entering in a contract where they have responsibilities to each other. It is not an incest. Do you understand the meaning of marriage? I do not think so. Marriage is 1 Million Times better than have sex outside the marriage with strangers. Nobody knows who is their father. I do not want to go in details as I have no intention to hurt anybody.

      When you mention incest it makes impression muslim have sex with in incest without any marriage. In Islam it is sin to have sex outside the marriage for both Men and women.

      I request when you talk about Islam you need to use actual resource regarding Islam instead of internet sites and media which are poisoning against Islam with lies. Also please do not write here only things which suits you. It will not stop spreading Islam all over the world but will increase it MORE AND MORE.

      When people lie about Islam then lots of other people who read those lies then they try to find the truth and use actual Islamic resource, literature and when they see all those things were lies which they read on the internet or saw on the Western media then they start taking interest in Islam. I am not saying this This has been proved all over the world. In Europe and America Islam is the only fastest growing religion. Thanks.

      • Continental Man


  • Pig_Muhammed

    @freeman so in esence you do agree that in Islam Incest is widespread and even allowed according to the verses 22, 23, and 24. You are allowed to marry your first cousin. Atleast we agree on this.

    Now explain me how this is not incest if you marry your first cousin….. :-D

    Well I don’t know anything about Islam so it might be not incest if you fuck your first cousin….. :-D

  • Pig_Muhammed

    And befor I forget this brings us to my initial point. Burqa is a tradition cause poor women in all Islamic countries need to save them from the prying eyes of their first cousin’s….isn’t that funny!!

    Maybe it is tradition that the first cousin are not allowed to come into your house.

    If they do come to your house then hopefully you are keeping your daughters and other females of the house hidden, because GOD knows what they are thinking when then chat to them….. :-D :-D :-D dirty dirty dirty…

  • Joe

    Does any one think that white women in the U.S.A. and Australia and European countries would except wearing a full length burqa like you see in the photo at the top of this news story?I don’t think they would.Muslim men that want white women to cover up their beautiful white skin with some type of Islamic garment need to go back to their homeland and take a convert with them to make happen.

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