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Third Martian Human Face Discovery by Italian Matteo Ianneo Revealed

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Matteo Ianneo

On May 2nd, we have announced mr. Matteo’s second discovery while we were told that shortly afterward he will reveal us his third discovery which make things even more curious. Mr Matteo Ianneo is a 46 years old man from Italy who is interested in finding out some answers about these mysterious Martian faces. He is not claiming that there is currently life on Mars but instead he says that there were once life on Mars with big oceans, continents and everything, almost like here on Earth.

According to NASA, Mars was indeed alive and well years ago but all went extinct when a mega Asteroid crushed into Mars and destroyed everything, including Mars’s magnetic field thus making Mars a dead planet without the possibility to ever come back to life again. According to the theory, the asteroid was almost as huge as half of a Martian continent.

So where does this leave these strange human-like faces found on Mars? Are they artificial or purely coincidence or optical illusions and how does Mr. Matteo manages to find them? His findings are not out of the common though. Few years ago images from Cydonia region of Mars, NASA revealed the first human face found on Mars which is also accompanied by a couple of pyramids. Cydonia was first discovered in 1976 and since then it hasn’t been refuted as an optical illusion or random rock formation but nor has it been confirmed as an artificial structure, it is still under research.

We can only hope that Mr. Matteo’s stunning findings go under research too. This third face can be found via Google Earth (go to Mars) at the following coordinates: 40°01’25.89″ N 8°58’21.53″ W.

Here is Mr. Matteo’s first finding, and his second finding and here is Mr. Matteo’s third find:

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  • Cactuar

    Source of water is very close to source of Uraninite.

  • Larry Knight

    This guy is just finding naturally formed structures. These are nothing like the original face. Think about it … and quit playing around! This is a disinformation tactic to mask real evidence…

  • Brian

    “Ancient Sity?”
    If you want to be taken seriously in any language, check your spelling. It only takes a few extra minutes. Use Google Translate, for example.

  • richard

    I’m finding it difficult to see the face.

  • Giovanni Montana

    I think is Obama’s face or another “facia di culo”.

  • poul

    I study ancient history and I must say that this amazing discovery

    Discovery genial bravo matteo ianneo

  • mark

    I must tell you that those who offend these people worthy of admiration with vulgarity is a miserable person who believes to understand but instead is a worthless person.
    No matter how you write or how you interpret the important and look good. I did trouble to look after but I was amazed by this discovery effectively. I have also studied the mapping of Mars with a passion .. but I never found anything like it. this person is worthy of admiration and respect because they gave us these wonderful unique discovery for me. Try to enhance and not to discredit and underestimated. This discovery as the others are to be awarded and I do not believe it myself that this is a natural effect that natural effect? Who says nasondere seeking the truth ‘. Mr Bravo. Matteo Ianneo I offer my respect for her and for everything he is doing. Mark

  • rogers

    I also agree with Mark for me is to reward these people but have not yet done so because this person does not know anybody yet. Do you know how things work in the world, now does not talk about nobody and then suddenly wake up and say, but who is this? hahahaha!!
    When you first discover the face on Mars around the world talking about it newspapers tv documentary films, now an Italian with a few simple fan means succeeded without help from anyone to do these findings is to reward not only once but several times. I’m sure that the great experts on mars who have written books and have studied both feel looking at these wonderful discoveries that their studies have not had anything. All are good at talking but where are the facts?
    MR. Ianneo Matteo continues his path sooner or later someone will wake up.Rogers

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