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Teen kills herself ahead of foretold rapture

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Doomsday scare in Russia

A 14-year-old girl from the Republic of Mari El in Central Russia has committed suicide, allegedly because she was afraid of the upcoming doomsday, predicted by the American radio preacher Harold Camping.

Nastya Zachinova believed the news that the world would end on May 21, her family told the tabloid LifeNews. The once lively teenager became angsty and withdrawn. On the Saturday in which the rapture had been predicted to start, she committed suicide after returning home from school.

Her personal diary shows she was terrified of the perils of the apocalypse, which she believed humanity was about to endure.

“We are not righteous; only the righteous will go to heaven, and we’ll stay on earth and face terrible suffering,” one of the entries says.

A farewell text message says she didn’t want to die with everyone else and would take her life in advance.

“She took this date too close to heart,” Nastya’s mother Lyudmila told the tabloid.

Police are currently gathering reports from Nastya’s friends. They believe somebody may have been behind the terror which haunted the girl in her final days.

Harold Camping and his supporters launched a world-wide campaign to inform humanity about the upcoming rapture, the date of which he predicted based on a series of convoluted calculations taken from the bible. A few ads promoting his message were put on billboards in Russia as well.

After the prediction proved false, Camping recanted his original claim, stating that the end of the world will now come in October. We strongly advise you not to take this man’s apocalyptic messages into consideration, nor any other doomsday preachers. All have been proven fake and there were thousands of “predictions” such as this one. Almost all caused, panic, suicidal and paranoia amongst people. Here’s a website about the apocalypse which you should visit and see how absurd the idea of apocalypse really is.


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One Response to " Teen kills herself ahead of foretold rapture "

  1. Witness says:

    Harold Camping IS surely a false prophet. He pulled this same CRAP back in 1992 claiming that Christ would return in 1994. I remember arguing with several of his followers at work about and about how they CLAIM to be a Christian Yet Christ Himself said that “no man knows the day or the hour, not the angels of heaven, not even the Son of Man (Christ), but my Father only”.. that is unless you’re Harold Camping that is.

    Sure Harold is probably sincere, and at 89 he should give up trying to do any math at this point.

    He uses numerology which is condemned in the bible, to find his so called predictions with the stupid billboards saying “The BIBLE says so”…BULL!!

    The BIBLE says NO SUCH THING as any specific DATE at all. The bible gives us a definite ORDER Of EVENTS to look for once you put all the prophecies together in their proper order…but it says NOTHING about dates. So ANY date setters are all full of BULL.

    The bible IS written in code, but not a code of Numbers, numerology or any Davinci code type stuff.. but prophecy WILL and IS occurring right now and moving forward.

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