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Russia warns US, Romania over missile shield deal

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Romania has agreed to host US missile interceptors on Romanian territory.

Russia has issued a warning after Romania agreed to host the US missile system site at a Soviet-built base in the country’s southern town of Deveselu.

Moscow warned that the deployment of US interceptor missiles on Romanian territory comes without considering the talks between Moscow and Washington on the issue.

Earlier in the week, the US and Romania announced that elements of US missile system would be stationed at the former Romanian airbase of Deveselu.

Russia said that the planned missile system “may pose risks for Russian strategic nuclear deterrence forces in the future,” Russia Today reported on Wednesday.

“We regret to say that practical steps on building the European segment of the US global missile defense system are being made regardless of the Russian-US dialogue on missile-defense issues, which was launched under the initiative of President Dmitry Medvedev and President Barack Obama,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement.

It said Washington continues to implement “the phased adaptive approach” toward building a segment of the US global missile system in Europe.

Washington announced these plans back on September 17, 2009.

Russia had warned earlier that it would take “adequate measures” if the US and NATO choose to build the European missile system without Moscow’s participation.

US Undersecretary of State Ellen Tauscher, however, said on Wednesday that the missile system posed no threat to Russia.

“It is a system that will defend NATO and, if Russia chooses to work with us in a cooperative manner, the system will defend Russia, too,” she said.

“We have good relations with Russia. We have just ratified the New START treaty, we are working together on various other issues,” she told Romanian lawmakers.

Tauscher is scheduled to meet with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on Thursday.

Russia was not the only one caught off-guard by the surprise announcement of the US-Romanian decision. Reports say that Romanian officials were also unaware of the decision and the Romanian media kept mum on the issue until President Traian Basescu announced it on Tuesday night.


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12 Responses to " Russia warns US, Romania over missile shield deal "

  1. George says:

    So Russia wants to have all those nukes pointed at Europe but we don’t have the right to SHIELD ourselves from these russian OFFENSIVE weapons of mass destruction? Why would Russia have all these nukes pre-programmed to hit europea cities? Is Russia aggressive or not? What do you think?

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  2. Roman of Dacia says:

    Russia must slowly get used to the fact that Romania has different interests and visions than Moscow, and above all, that the US-Romanian team of today is a more credible one, than the former ruthless Russian domination, exploitation and control of Romania.
    Get used to it Ivan, or else show us what you can do about it! LOL! To make our point, we´re ready to kick your butt anytime if necessary!
    Oh, and by the way: Russians get out of Moldavia and “Transnistria”!

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    • cosmic janitor says:

      Let’s see, it was German expansion into eastern Europe, with Russian complicity. that preceded WWll. Russia ended-up occupying most of Eastern Europe after having had to defend itself from German aggression. So, who kicked who’s ass?

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  3. Phil says:

    I fear the American Democracy more than I fear Iran and the loud dog barking.

    God be with us,

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  4. becs says:

    I’m romanian and I don’t want that fucking shield here, mainly because it’s romanian but american

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  5. TRACER says:

    Is it all funny NATO will defend Russia from hum?
    Mars or Saturn National People Army(MNPA or SNPA).

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  6. Zharkov says:

    Every US missile shield base automatically becomes a nuclear target for the Chinese military, and to some extent, the Russian military. The missile shield also would increase the chances of an accidental nuclear war if someone misread a test launch, radar errors, etc., and it vastly reduces the time interval for evaluation and decisions to activate missile forces. Overall, the plan is all downside.

    A mobile missile shield in the form of submarine-launched interceptor missiles would be a better choice.

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  7. TRACER says:

    Dear Zharkov, You are very right, it nearly happen where CCCP Radar showed an attack from the USA. A claver Soviet Army officer interpreted the radar reflection correctly and did not press the button. But here the game is not protecting any one it is to circular Russia from all sides for the future attack on Russia and Russia knows that. USA is eying the enormous Russia natural resources wealth for free.
    China has no interest in attacking Europe it can buy what ever it wants including agriculture land which it is doing at present. It is the provocation which will trigger a war (It is called War economy)

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  8. TRACER says:

    The European Union Times, Please don’t offer and ask for comments when you remove the fact and correct comments. You have removed my answer to Zharkov.
    Send me an e-mail why did you do that.

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  9. Zharkov says:

    China (as with NATO) is already at Russia’s doorstep, and many Chinese have crossed into Russia on the frontier, so I see China as Russia’s most long term threat, although it is a partner in the short term.

    China needs natural resources, and today they are willing to buy them, but tomorrow they may treat Russia as they did Tibet. The Chinese population is expanding as the one child policy is abandoned, and they will undoubtedly spill over into Russia at some time in the future.

    The deceptive US government is Russia’s most dangerous adversary in the short term, but this will not last much longer as our government is now fully bankrupt and unable to finance further wars. The next president will be more isolationist as a practical outcome of the fall of the dollar.

    Because of the obviously deceptive nature of the US government, a US missile shield is as likely to be as much an offensive weapon as it is defensive, so I think Russian leaders are correct to demand it not be built or else be placed under Russian control.

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  10. Zharkov says:

    The future of the missile shield bases:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Trouble inside the Air Force’s nuclear missile force runs deeper and wider than officials have let on.

    An unpublished study for the Air Force, obtained by The Associated Press, cites “burnout” among launch officers with their fingers on the triggers of 450 weapons of mass destruction. Also, evidence of broader behavioral issues across the intercontinental ballistic missile force, including sexual assaults and domestic violence.

    These indicators add a new dimension to an emerging picture of malaise and worse inside the ICBM force, an arm of the Air Force with a proud heritage but an uncertain future.

    Concerned about heightened levels of misconduct, the Air Force directed RAND Corp., the federally funded research house, to conduct a three-month study of work conditions and attitudes among the men and women inside the ICBM force. It found a toxic mix of frustration and aggravation, heightened by a sense of being unappreciated, overworked, micromanaged and at constant risk of failure.

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  11. TRACER says:

    You have formulated very praised and correct.
    Yes, there use to be a very big difference between Russia and China. Since Russia has returned surdden old disputed chunk of land back to China it seems to have warm relations with Russia. There is a gas pipeline from Burma to China and the Russia are linking East stream gas pipeline to China. China has Afghanistan’s copper fields in its hands
    As I read USA is preparing some sort of surprise for China that’s why US has mobilized its K-Band Radar ship towards Japan. May be China might get a kiss of HAARP.

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