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Inside Sources: Bin Laden’s Corpse Has Been On Ice For Nearly a Decade

Ex-ISI Chief Hamid Gul: CIA “Choreographing” Osama Assassination Hoax

Gul is a retired Pakistani Army three star general known for heading the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the premier Pakistani intelligence agency, after the Soviet-Afghan War.

The timing was incredible! By mid May 2011, the US Army was set to be thrown out of Pakistan by the Pakistani government and just weeks before that, bang! They’ve found and killed Osama Bin Laden which was able to hide since 2001.

A multitude of different inside sources both publicly and privately, including one individual who personally worked with Bin Laden at one time, told us directly that Osama’s dead corpse has been on ice for nearly a decade and that his “death” would only be announced at the most politically expedient time.

That time has now come with a years-old fake picture being presented as the only evidence of his alleged killing yesterday, while Bin Laden’s body has been hastily dumped into the sea to prevent anyone from finding out when he actually died.

In April 2002, over nine years ago, Council on Foreign Relations member Steve R. Pieczenik, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker, told the Alex Jones Show that Bin Laden had already been “dead for months”.

Pieczenik would be in a position to know such information, having worked directly with Bin Laden when the US was funding and arming the terror leader in an attempt to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan in the late 70′s and early 80′s (a documented historical fact that talking heads in the corporate media are actually denying today in light of developments).

“I found out through my sources that he had had kidney disease. And as a physician, I knew that he had to have two dialysis machines and he was dying,” Pieczenik told Jones during the April 24, 2002 interview.

“And you could see those in those films, those made-up photos that they were sending us out of nowhere. I mean, suddenly, we would see a video of bin Laden today and then out of nowhere, they said oh it was sent to us anonymously, meaning that someone in the government, our government, was trying to keep up the morale on our side and say oh we still have to chase this guy when, in fact, he’s been dead for months,” added Pieczenik.

Pieczenik then stated that the video tape of a fat Bin Laden look alike “taking responsibility” for 9/11 that was released in December 2001 was “such a hoax” designed to “manipulate” people in the emotional aftermath of 9/11.

The subsequent war in Afghanistan that followed 9/11 was orchestrated “With the agreement of the bin Laden family, knowing fully well that he would die,” said Pieczenik. “And I think that Musharraf, the President of Pakistan, spilled the beans by accident three months ago when he said that bin Laden was dead because his kidney dialysis machines were destroyed in East Afghanistan.”

In addition to Pieczenik, as we reported in August 2002, Alex Jones was separately told by a high level Republican source that Bin Laden was dead and that his body was being kept “on ice” until Osama’s death could be announced at the most “politically expedient” time.

When Jones asked the source if his claim was mere speculation or whether it was actually true, the source re-iterated the fact that he was being deadly serious and that Bin Laden’s corpse was “physically on ice” waiting to be rolled out for public consumption at the most opportune moment.

Many expected that moment to be right before the 2004 election, but after Democrats began speculating about the possibility, Republicans settled instead for a fake Osama video tape that was released on the eve of the election and, according to both George W. Bush and John Kerry, was the deciding factor in a closely-fought contest. Veteran news reader Walter Cronkite labeled the entire farce a Karl Rove-orchestrated “set-up”.

In addition to these sources, a deluge of other heads of state as well as intelligence agency professionals have gone on record over the past nine years to state their belief that Bin Laden was likely dead, after it became clear that the Al-Qaeda leader’s health was in severe decline as a result of kidney disease at the end of 2001. These include;

– Former CIA officer and hugely respected intelligence & foreign policy expert Robert Baer, who in 2008 when asked about Bin Laden by a radio host responded, “Of course he is dead.”

On December 26, 2001, Fox News, citing a Pakistan Observer story, reported that the Afghan Taliban had pronounced Bin Laden dead and buried him in an unmarked grave.

On January 18, 2002, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf announced: “I think now, frankly, he is dead.”

On July 17, 2002, the then-head of counterterrorism at the FBI, Dale Watson, told a conference of law enforcement officials that “I personally think he [Bin Laden] is probably not with us anymore.”

In October 2002, Afghan President Hamid Karzai told CNN that “I would come to believe that [Bin Laden] probably is dead.

In 2003, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told Fox News Channel analyst Morton Kondracke she suspected Bush knew the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and was waiting for the most politically expedient moment to announce his capture.

In November 2005, Senator Harry Reid revealed that he was told Osama may have died in the Pakistani earthquake of October that year.

In February 2007, Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University’s Religious Studies program, stated that the purported video and audio tapes that were being released of Bin Laden were fake and that he was probably dead.

On November 2, 2007, former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto told Al-Jazeera’s David Frost that Omar Sheikh had killed Osama Bin Laden. Shortly after she exposed Bin Laden’s 2001 death, she was assassinated.

In March 2009, former US foreign intelligence officer and professor of international relations at Boston University Angelo Codevilla stated: “All the evidence suggests Elvis Presley is more alive today than Osama Bin Laden.”

In May 2009, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari confirmed that his “counterparts in the American intelligence agencies” hadn’t heard anything from Bin Laden in seven years and confirmed “I don’t think he’s alive.”

In a way, the establishment had their hand forced in having to announce the death of someone whose shadowy existence had proven very useful to them in maintaining fear and uncertainty amongst the population of America and the world.

The fact that the myth behind Al-Qaeda has been completely demolished and that the group, through a myriad of revelations, including Anwar Al-Alawki’s post-9/11 visit to the Pentagon, is now widely known to be a US intelligence front, perhaps now means that Al-Qaeda will be swept under the rug and a new enemy will be invented in order to legitimize the continued US military-complex domination of the globe.


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  • Robert Laity

    I trust NOTHING that Barack Obama claims. Nothing!

  • Burt Bellson

    When Jeb Bush replaces Obama i’m sure this problem of a dead employee will go away.

  • garry

    Osama Bin Lyin’ on ice.
    Obama Been Lyin ’bout Osama Bin laden on ice.Jeb Bush
    in the white house?Another weapon of mass distraction.The U.S theme song should be Queens’
    “We are the Champions”changed to “We are the Terrorists”my friend.We will keep on terrorizing to the end,we are the terrorists,we are the terrorists,of the world…

  • Burt Bellson

    Lol,he’s alive,Alive!

    With a lock of Rasputins hair he was ressuscitated to the ire of those who’s closure,as ordained by the Negroem,was denied.

  • francis

    it is hard to believe,when we all know that the pix dont luk real

  • Edward

    Obama’s poll ratings are in the toilet. The 2012 election is near, Obama needs some hype to look good. The economy is in the toilet.

    The unnessary attack on Libya to drive up the price of oil is apparent and not supported the way they wanted.
    So to get all the fools to be distracted from the real issues, the “kill Osama” myth is invented.
    And so convenient that there is no body.
    And they expect you to believe The Bin Laden family refused to accept the body for proper and religious internment.

    Wake up!

  • Burt Bellson

    There are no good reasons why Mr Laden was not buried in his family plot back home in Saudi Arabia.

    Why would he chose to be burried among the curs?

  • Eric of Colorado

    USA is exposed as a horrible lying thieving country yet again. The American people (including me) are very ashamed and horrified by our government (for the last 50 years).

  • Eric of Colorado

    P.S….All of our presidents are just the same as Obama. Except for Jimmy Carter. Europe has presidents just like that too in UK and France.

  • Chris

    So lots of prominent people all “know” he died at different times and of different causes.

    My understanding of maths and biology are that only one can actually be true.

    My esteemed colleague sat next to me claims Bin Laden was abducted by aliens so add that one to the list too thanks.

  • Burt Bellson

    Exposed as living well off of the proceeds of crime,unless they are the other 99% of the population that a beeing bled dry.

  • http://moshesharon.wordpress.com Moshe Sharon

    So here’s the deal: 1) The White House announced that a Navy Seal team raided Osama’s residence in Pakistan; 2) They allegedly conducted a DNA analysis and confirmed that the man shot in the head is Osama but never showed us the actual result or explained where they got the prior control sample to set up the profile for a match test; 3) They announced that they took the body to an aircraft carrier and dumped it overboard after a Muslim funeral; 4) They said they have pictures but are refusing to show them to the general public. I’m certain that if the Seals killed a decoy and Osama is still alive somewhere else, he won’t wait long before appearing on AL Jazeera Television to thumb his nose at the world (G-d forbid). So, unless Osama made a deal with Obama to trade information for witness protection, in the absence of any visible shred of corroborating forensic evidence, time will tell whether the dead chicken of the sea is really Osama Bin Laden or has Obama been Lying? More at http://moshesharon.wordpress.com

  • Cactuar

    Ol’ Mr Laden may live on in the hearts of men,like Jesus.

  • A Name Called Terror

    Beware the Military-Industrial Complex, i.e. the guys who want nothing so much as endless war from one end of the planet to another because it’s how make money and expand their power.

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