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Horse discovered on Mars by Matteo Ianneo

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Italian man, Matteo Ianneo has just discovered something new on Mars, this time is not a human face but an earthly animal. A giant drawing on the endless sands of Mars which resembles a horse. It can be found via Google Earth on Mars at the following coordinates: 29° 4’29.31″N – 60° 8’56.87″W. Watch the following images and let us know what you think.

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Horse discovered on Mars by Matteo Ianneo, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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  • matteo ianneo is a great researcher,’ cause with few resources is great discoveries that no other profession in the field to date has done … congratulations Matteo

  • A.J.

    These coordinates are not correct. There’s nothing there.

  • carlos

    coordinates are just
    you have to write in this way different then zoom
    and some turn to the right image.
    Ok? so write ‘
    29° 4’29.31″,-60° 8’56.87″

  • faust

    Anyone can say anything on these findings, but none more than this person obviously has never ever made​​?
    This person is really not just to admire what he has revealed to us, if he had discovered an important researcher is already known, all the newspapers of the world have spoken of him. This person from what I sense is very simple and sincere, it does not for the purpose of money, but does only and only for passion to understand the world on this planet Mars, there was life. If I had the chance ‘I would have already called in a broadcast just to hear about these discoveries and discuss if anything .. In short I have to tell Mr. Matteo Ianneo she amazed me amazed, also because I too have tried to Mars but I never found anything like that, she is a person worthy of admiration. Thanks and I hope that you continue to make more. Good

  • carmine

    It actually seems to say but it seems not to claim … very interesting geological formation, we see a mane,
    the back that looks like a horse, but I would say that here we are on Mars and if it were true .. The horse may
    also have similarities other than earth, however I must congratulate the discoverer is a true seeker.

  • caterina

    It appears that this is a person who has discovered cloth
    I do not think however that they are all natural formations believe that something really existed on Mars.

  • gaspare

    discoveries, there have been but these appear to be interesting.

  • anna

    In fact, something else is true even I do not think that they are natural formations

  • marco

    I saw many beautiful things on our earth, but these discoveries fascinate me so much.

  • fuzzio

    From what I understand this person is an independent researcher who discovers these things, if so then it’s
    amazing I proclaim it genius.
    I challenge anyone to find these wonders.

  • carolyne

    The lines are just enough to rotate the image, and you can see immediately the discovery 29 ° 4’29 .31 “, -60 ° 8’56 .87”
    copy and paste on google heart.

  • faustino

    In fact, just copy and paste the coordinates on google heart

    29 ° 4’29 .31 “, -60 ° 8’56 .87”
    rotate the image
    yes sure

  • gianni

    I saw this image that seems to have the face of a bear and the body of a horse. I do not know but it is a beautiful discovery.
    Long live Italy

  • Jesse

    It looks like a pile of rocks.

  • Martian

    Are you guys kidding me? I hope you’re not going to interpret every piece of rock you find on Mars as something. Mars is a dead planet!

  • Wow wow

    if anyone thinks that this is just a pile of rocks, please look again. I actually see a man wearing a horse head helmet of some kind.

  • The Magic M

    So it is “science” now to look for familiar shapes in clouds and then conclude that aliens or God have been shaping the clouds on purpose?

    You all do know what an anthropomorphism is?

  • francesca

    Brilliant discovery. My compliments

  • caterin

    However, maybe your eyes do not see well. For me it is a species of animal that resembles a horse of course we are on Mars can also change the look, but I must congratulate the discoverer of that hit. Those who see only rocks if they can stay at home because my opinion does not fully understand to buy a new pair of glasses. To me these are discoveries that can not pass unnoticed. You who know so much about rocks ye even so to see if you can at least find something meaningful. You know you have to speak only appreciate these findings because at least someone is trying!
    Bravo move on.

  • fabri90

    We agree with you Catherine the same thing to me is a sensational discovery made by a person with few resources. I am sure that much else to envy him, because there are people who study Mars for some time and never found anything like it. Will have ‘a lot of success this time investigator at the time you’ll see.

  • marco89

    am sure that scientists hide many truths’ that’s one of those.

  • Anthromorphist

    I can see animals in my linoleum on the bathroom floor it does not mean those animals exist(ed) in my linoleum. I can also see creatures and people in the clouds, in the sand, the grass or anything I look at long enough. When you look at anything, even blank paper, long enough your imagination becomes quite active and starts to create familiar shapes. I would certainly not call this phenomenon research.

    For the record, I do not see a horse in these images. I see a person in some kind of ceremonial mask performing with an alien riding on it’s back.

  • Jeff
  • Pippo

    what a shame… these are all bullshits and all the comments so far made by an italian ip come from the same person, wich, i think, is Matteo Ianneo. Look at the time of the posts and the bad english… it’s the same person!

    • Nano

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. Same style of writing, same style of errors and even same style of praise. Lame! And for the record, I do accept the possibility of there been structures and evidence of ancient civilizations.

    • Nano

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. Same style of writing, same style of errors and even same style of praise. Lame! And for the record, I do accept the possibility of there being structures and evidence of ancient civilizations.

    • luca

      La tua è solo invidia.


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