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France to ban Muslim street prayers

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French Interior Minister Claude Gueant seeks to ban praying in the street as part of a continuation of recent actions against Muslims in the western European country.

Gueant said that he plans to make praying in the streets for Muslims illegal, although all public prayers in France receive government approval beforehand.

“Here we have the hypocrisy of the French right. On one side, they authorize in the street and on the other side, they say ‘look French people, Muslims are taking over our streets and speak of invasion’,” French lawmaker Axel Urgin told a Press TV correspondent.

Even though France has the greatest Muslim population in Europe, Paris has only one mosque. This lack of mosques leaves French Muslims no choice but to attend Friday prayers at about a dozen street locations across France.

“If we are praying in the street, it’s because we have no other choice. We are using what we have, and that is the street,” the president of Muslim Association of Openness, Moussa Niambele said.

French politicians use the country’s 1905 secularism law as reasoning why Muslims cannot be financially assisted by the government to build mosques. Right-wing mayors also allegedly refuse issuing construction permits to those who have the money.

Although another large mosque is currently under construction in the French capital of Paris, many say it will not be sufficient.


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  • JanB

    One might do the math, dividing the surface of available room for praying (whatever the religion) by the amount of worshipers and see if (according to ritual requirements) this is enough.

    When not enough (whatever the religion), praying in public places should be allowed (without causing hindrance) till sufficient room (churches, mosques, synagogues etc.) is available.

    This way, the secular state does not discriminate but instead propagates equality and offers freedom of religion in designated places.

    Unfortunately, devious politicians try to divert attention from the economic and environmental debacle they wrought to the familiar “us vs them” destructive type of action, to save their necks from the guillotine they truly deserve.

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  • William Tell

    The farmers just need to spray the streets where they pray to their murderous ‘god’, with pig crap and let a few pigs onto the streets. as well.

    People should start keeping pigs as well as dogs. They are very intelligent and make excellent pets!

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  • Burt Bellson

    The queers found it provocative,like Allah was mocking them.

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  • Christopher

    When I was in the middle east, the city was filled with these loud speakers. Five times a day you would here this garbled tin-sounding singing coming from them. All of the people stopped what they were doing and starting walking towards these large court areas and laying on the ground. I swear, it was a mix a Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Time Machine.

    What does this look like to you? These people lay in the street and block traffic five times a day because they are oppressed? It is clear the French will not welcome them anymore because these people literally are aliens to their culture. It is sad in a way. Paris used to be the city of love and lights with beautiful women everywhere. Now it should be called the city of halloween because all the women wear ghost outfits and the men wear dresses without underwear.

    If you have the nerve to move to a country, be prepared to assimilate. If you do not, you are not only disrespectful to your hosts, you are going to breed hate and discontent. So, I don’t blame the French from keeping them from this islam voodoo because it IS just a show. I am just happy that will never happen here in the US (Michigan exempt). So, if I ever want to visit France in the future, I guess I will go to Quebec… home of the real French people.

    Jesus, it only took 20 years of tolerance and acceptance before a people so blatantly started to rub this garbage into the face of the population. They are clearly doing it out of disrespect. I don’t blame the French one bit. I could really see hate come out of these muslims, to the point another holocaust may happen. They clearly will not be the majority now the immigration has been blocked.

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  • Karl

    They should all go back to their Muslim homeland. Then there will be a lot less problems in the future for them and us.

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  • BigD

    This ban is a brilliant idea! Send these ‘religious’ people back to where they came. This barbarous religion has no place in western society

    I would love to see how far I would get if I paraded around with a large cross depicting Jesus in the middle east. Likewise, I bet if I tried building a church I wouldn’t get any permission.

    They’re taking over the world, it needs stopping!

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  • Avocado Globster

    As every frenchman knows,it’s the jews and homosexuals.

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  • andy777

    what do you mean you have no choice?? Go inside your homes and pray.. A prayer is between you and God.. and should be kept between you and him… Like Jesus said when you pray go inside a closet.. for those who pray in the open are only trying to show off and make them selfs look good…

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  • HoboProjekt

    It is a public nuisance. They crowd the streets and block people from movement about the city. It isn’t really fair to the French. It IS France, it is for French people and French lifestyle. If they can’t get into the French way then they ought to vacate. Honestly, there is nothing worse than people who disrespect you in your house, visitors you kindly allowed in. France let them into their ‘house’ now they should show some respect and go inside or better yet, go back to the middle east and northern africa.

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  • Shesa

    just flood the streets with bacon grease they will move and move quickly

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  • Avocado Globster

    You don’t like these new faces popping up all over the country?

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  • Pig_Muhammed

    Too many liberties for these Noobs. They want to pray do it at home not on the streets. Why the show for all to see that you are praying? God is in your heart and praying to the LORD is something very personal…but these middleeaster neanderthaler’s don’t know these. :-D

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  • A follower

    There wouldn’t be a problem if the Muslims knew their religion. The street is one of the forbidden places to pray. Ibn ‘Umar relates that the Prophet sallallahu alehi wasallam prohibited salah in seven places: “dunghills, slaughterhouses, graveyards, middle of the road, bathhouses, watering places where the camels drink and rest, and on the roof of the house of Allah [the Ka’bah in Makkah].” This is related by Ibn Majah, ‘Abd ibn Humaid, and at-Tirmidhi who said its chain is not strong. The reason why it is prohibited to pray on dunghills and in slaughterhouses is the presence of impurities there. It is forbidden to pray at such places without any barrier, and if there is such a barrier one may pray, but it is disliked by the majority of the scholars, while Ahmad and other scholars of zahiri persuasion say it is prohibited. The reason why it is prohibited to pray in the resting places of the camels is the same as in the first two cases (i.e., the presence of impurities). The reason why it is prohibited to pray at the middle of the roads is because there is usually a lot of commotion, which could take one’s heart away from the salah. As for praying on the roof of the Ka’bah, this contradicts the order to offer salah facing it. For this reason, many are of the opinion that a salah performed on top of the Ka’bah is invalid. The Hanafi school holds that it is allowed, but disliked as it does not honor the Ka’bah. The reason it is disliked to pray in bath-houses is the presence of impurities there, according to the majority of the scholars. Ahmad, Abu Thaur, and the Zahiriyyah hold that a salah offered in the bath-house is not valid. Allahu Alim (Allah knows)

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  • Baron Gifilte

    Well if you don’t enjoy freedom of association why pray here?

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