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DC Liberals Sign Petition to Ban Conservative Websites

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After hearing news the other day that the Obama administration had appointed a new position to monitor and push back against negative online press we thought some liberals in DC might think it wasn’t enough. So we sent Joe Schoffstall out to see just how far liberals would go to silence conservative speech. Joe went around Georgetown in DC with a petition to “Ban Conservative Hate Sites” that said this:

“The undersigned hereby adamantly demand that the United States government shut down right wing hate sites. The hate speech propagated by sites like the Drudge Report, Hot Air, Instapundit, Big Government, and others must not be allowed to corrupt our political discourse any longer. These sites are dangerous not only to truth and freedom but also to our society as a whole. BAN THEM NOW!”

That is pretty radical rhetoric that no reasonable, freedom-loving, red-blooded American could possibly agree with, right? Well, watch the video.

It’s shocking isn’t it? Then again, perhaps it shouldn’t be.

After all Exposing Leftists, um, exposed that liberal college student in California were willing to ban conservatives from talk radio.

Plus the Fairness Doctrine, which essentially bans conservatives from radio, has been a sweetheart of the left for decades.


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4 Responses to " DC Liberals Sign Petition to Ban Conservative Websites "

  1. Cactuar says:

    Liberals still hate Disco.

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  2. Joe says:

    Liberal politicians and their supporters don’t have thick skin.

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  3. Guideline says:


    ” I was called a terrorist what I tell people who say those who are struggling for liberation in their country are terrorists, that I was also a terrorist. But today, I am admired by the very same people who said I was one. ”

    I enjoy your articles, especially on “Communism”.

    You did a nice job of exposing corruption and communism, thank you.

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  4. Business and Politics says:

    Looking at these revelations, you can decide for yourself.



    The establishment has taken over, Looted our Republic and our People into bankruptcy, effectively denying us of our Constitutional Rights while preparing to make War on “We The People” for total Marxist One World Order governance.

    History Is About To Repeat Itself


    Battle for the California Desert: Why is the Government Driving Folks off Their Land?


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