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Dance Protest at Jefferson Memorial Ends with Violent Arrests

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An RT America television host Adam Kokesh was violently slammed and choked by police who arrested the host after he took part in a flash-mob at the publicly-funded Jefferson Memorial.

On May 28 Adam and other activists were arrested seconds after they started silently dancing in what they say was a celebration of the first amendment’s champion. The police officers slammed some of them; others were handcuffed and thrown to the ground in what seems to be a clear violation of their right to free-expression.

A video was captured of Adam Kokesh being body slammed and placed in a chokehold for his dancing crime.

Adam is the host of RT America’s Adam vs. The Man program and a former US Army Sergeant.

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9 Responses to " Dance Protest at Jefferson Memorial Ends with Violent Arrests "

  1. hbooo says:

    man you aint allowed to do shit anymore!! Why is it that these haters always wanna come through and shut down a party!!

    Only Choice is to BRING MORE BASS!!!

    Keep holding it down.. Did you see Adam Kokesh in what some are saying is going to be the Summer’s BIGGGGEST Dance FLICK!!

    Police State Shakedown!! check it out @



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  2. Korz53 says:

    :roll: Judge must be anal more that just seeking Justus for all. if there was a question to a peaceful act at the memorial the police could have given a citation to appear before a judge to review the action by the people to see if it was inappropriate what was done or not. i mean if they were niggers one can understand not tolerating a peaceful protest but they were not niggers but may be they were and that would be then OK. Niggers have no right to say anything about ones masters request.

    Living far from a city is no reason to arrest someone , they do not show for the court they get a warrant out for them . if they do not come back good no more problem; they come back they get arrested. no need to hurry , the law can be patient for this kind of act.

    none proportional use of force on citizens for meager violation or their guest is illegal. the police there needed to have been placed under citizen arrest for there actions.

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  3. Korz53 says:

    :oops: The Police

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  4. Julz says:

    Those people intentionally ignored the neutral-given warnings by the police to stop what they were doing. It was when those people became non-compliant that they were arrested & because they didn’t cooperate, the police needed to use the force that they did – have none of them ever watched a police reality show? This is how the police HAVE to react to non-compliance & blantent disregard to police direction & the law that was recently; regardless that those people thought it was an un-Constitutional law. I understand that specific law: a MEMORIAL is typically a quiet place for reflection & honor. THOSE ‘dancing’ broke the law intentionally. They got what they asked for, to make headlines about a ‘police state’, which is the lie they perpetuated.

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    • korz53 says:

      They were protesting quietly a stupid law.

      They are not subjects to a monarch , they are the government of the people by the people for the people. Not niggers. (none proportional use of force on citizens for a meager violation is criminal , the police needed to be arrested for disrespect to that government that they serve. )

      :-o are you a subject to a monarch, Julz?

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  5. Me says:

    Oh how ‘free’ people are in the ‘great’ US of A…. Glad I don’t live there. WE are REALLY free. We can do this and the police probably joins in.

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  6. Me says:

    @Julz. You supposedly live in a ‘free’ country. A country where it’s free to protest. It obviously is not allowed to protest.

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  7. SolitaryDeviant says:

    Hahah “its the bad apples that give the other 5% a bad name” Sooo True. Ive yet to ever meet one of these 5%, and suspect that that number is generous.

    There is a reason why Americans have a 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Sports and hunting have nothing to do with it. It is for people to protect themselves from abusive authority.

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  8. SolitaryDeviant says:

    No singing (and NO dancing!), just say along…

    You cant dance if you wanted to
    And you’ll leave your friends behind
    When we toss you in a Gulag
    With those of like mind.

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