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China warns US against war with Pakistan

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Jiang Yu

China has officially put the United States on notice that Washington’s planned attack on Pakistan will be interpreted as an act of aggression against Beijing. This blunt warning represents the first known strategic ultimatum received by the United States in half a century, going back to Soviet warnings during the Berlin crisis of 1958-1961, and indicates the grave danger of general war growing out of the US-Pakistan confrontation.

“Any Attack on Pakistan Would be Construed as an Attack on China”

Responding to reports that China has asked the US to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty in the aftermath of the Bin Laden operation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu used a May 19 press briefing to state Beijing’s categorical demand that the “sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan must be respected.” According to Pakistani diplomatic sources cited by the Times of India, China has “warned in unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China.” This ultimatum was reportedly delivered at the May 9 China-US strategic dialogue and economic talks in Washington, where the Chinese delegation was led by Vice Prime Minister Wang Qishan and State Councilor Dai Bingguo.1 Chinese warnings are implicitly backed up by that nation’s nuclear missiles, including an estimated 66 ICBMs, some capable of striking the United States, plus 118 intermediate-range missiles, 36 submarine-launched missiles, and numerous shorter-range systems.

Support from China is seen by regional observers as critically important for Pakistan, which is otherwise caught in a pincers between the US and India: “If US and Indian pressure continues, Pakistan can say ‘China is behind us. Don’t think we are isolated, we have a potential superpower with us,’” Talat Masood, a political analyst and retired Pakistani general, told AFP.2

The Chinese ultimatum came during the visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani in Beijing, during which the host government announced the transfer of 50 state-of-the-art JF-17 fighter jets to Pakistan, immediately and without cost.3 Before his departure, Gilani had stressed the importance of the Pakistan-China alliance, proclaiming: “We are proud to have China as our best and most trusted friend. And China will always find Pakistan standing beside it at all times….When we speak of this friendship as being taller than the Himalayas and deeper than the oceans it truly captures the essence of our relationship.”4 These remarks were greeted by whining from US spokesmen, including Idaho Republican Senator Risch.

The simmering strategic crisis between the United States and Pakistan exploded with full force on May 1, with the unilateral and unauthorized US commando raid alleged to have killed the phantomatic Osama bin Laden in a compound at Abottabad, a flagrant violation of Pakistan’s national sovereignty. The timing of this military stunt designed to inflame tensions between the two countries had nothing to do with any alleged Global War on Terror, and everything to do with the late March visit to Pakistan of Prince Bandar, the Saudi Arabian National Security Council chief. This visit had resulted in a de facto alliance between Islamabad and Riyadh, with Pakistan promising troops to put down any US-backed color revolution in the kingdom, while extending nuclear protection to the Saudis, thus making them less vulnerable to US extortion threats to abandon the oil-rich monarchy to the tender mercies of Tehran. A joint move by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to break out of the US empire, whatever one may think of these regimes, would represent a fatal blow for the fading US empire in South Asia.

As for the US claims concerning the supposed Bin Laden raid of May 1, they are a mass of hopeless contradictions which changes from day to day. An analysis of this story is best left to literary critics and writers of theatrical reviews. The only solid and uncontestable fact which emerges is that Pakistan is the leading US target — thus intensifying the anti-Pakistan US policy which has been in place since Obama’s infamous December 2009 West Point speech.

Gilani: Full Force Retaliation to Defend Pakistan’s Strategic Assets

The Chinese warning to Washington came on the heels of Gilani’s statement to the Pakistan Parliament declaring: “Let no one draw any wrong conclusions. Any attack against Pakistan’s strategic assets, whether overt or covert, will find a matching response…. Pakistan reserves the right to retaliate with full force. No one should underestimate the resolve and capability of our nation and armed forces to defend our sacred homeland.”5 A warning of full force retaliation from a nuclear power such as Pakistan needs to be taken seriously, even by the hardened aggressors of the Obama regime.

The strategic assets Gilani is talking about are the Pakistani nuclear forces, the key to the country’s deterrent strategy against possible aggression by India, egged on by Washington in the framework of the US-India nuclear cooperation accord. The US forces in Afghanistan have not been able to conceal their extensive planning for attempts to seize or destroy Pakistan’s nuclear bombs and warheads. According to a 2009 Fox News report, “The United States has a detailed plan for infiltrating Pakistan and securing its mobile arsenal of nuclear warheads if it appears the country is about to fall under the control of the Taliban, Al Qaeda or other Islamic extremists.” This plan was developed by General Stanley McChrystal when he headed the US Joint Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. JSOC, the force reportedly involved in the Bin Laden operation. is composed of Army Delta Force, Navy SEALs and “a high-tech special intelligence unit known as Task Force Orange.” “Small units could seize [Pakistan’s nukes], disable them, and then centralize them in a secure location,” claimed a source quoted by Fox.6

Obama Has Already Approved Sneak Attack on Pakistan’s Nukes

According to the London Sunday Express, Obama has already approved an aggressive move along these lines: “US troops will be deployed in Pakistan if the nation’s nuclear installations come under threat from terrorists out to avenge the killing of Osama Bin Laden… The plan, which would be activated without President Zardari’s consent, provoked an angry reaction from Pakistan officials… Barack Obama would order troops to parachute in to protect key nuclear missile sites. These include the air force’s central Sargodha HQ, home base for nuclear-capable F-16 combat aircraft and at least 80 ballistic missiles.” According to a US official, “The plan is green lit and the President has already shown he is willing to deploy troops in Pakistan if he feels it is important for national security.”7

Extreme tension over this issue highlights the brinksmanship and incalculable folly of Obama’s May 1 unilateral raid, which might easily have been interpreted by the Pakistanis as the long-awaited attack on their nuclear forces. According to the New York Times, Obama knew very well he was courting immediate shooting war with Pakistan, and “insisted that the assault force hunting down Osama bin Laden last week be large enough to fight its way out of Pakistan if confronted by hostile local police officers and troops.”

The Shooting Has Already Started

The shooting between US and Pakistani forces escalated on Tuesday May 17, when a US NATO helicopter violated Pakistani airspace in Waziristan. Pakistani forces showed heightened alert status, and opened fire immediately, with the US helicopter shooting back. Two soldiers at a Pakistani check post on the border in the Datta Khel area were wounded.8

Possible Pakistani retaliation for this border incursion came in Peshawar on Friday, May 20, when a car bomb apparently targeted a 2-car US consulate convoy, but caused no American deaths or injuries. One Pakistani bystander was killed, and several wounded. In other intelligence warfare, Ary One television reported the name of the CIA station chief in Islamabad, the second top US resident spook there to have his cover blown in six months.

US Envoy Grossman Rejects Pakistani Calls To Stop Border Violations

US Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman, the replacement for the late Richard Holbrooke, on May 19 arrogantly rejected Pakistani calls for guarantees that no more Abottabad-style unilateral operations would be mounted in Pakistan.9 In refusing to offer such assurances, Grossman claimed that Pakistani officials had never demanded respect for their border in recent years.10

In the midst of this strategic crisis, India has gone ahead with inherently provocative scheduled military maneuvers targeting Pakistan. This is the “Vijayee Bhava” (Be Victorious) drill, held in the Thar desert of north Rajastan,. This atomic-biological-chemical Blitzkrieg drill involves the Second Armored Corps, “considered to be the most crucial of the Indian Army’s three principal strike formations tasked with virtually cutting Pakistan in two during a full-fledged war.”11

The Nation: A CIA-RAW-Mossad Pseudo-Taliban Countergang

One way to provide the provocation needed to justify a US-Indian attack on Pakistan would be through an increase in terrorist actions attributable to the so-called Taliban. According to the mainstream Pakistani media, the CIA, the Israeli Mossad, and the Indian RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) have created their own version of the Taliban in the form of a terrorist countergang which they control and direct. According to one account, “Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives have infiltrated the Taliban and Al-Qaeda networks, and have created their own Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) force in order to destabilize Pakistan.” The former Punjab Regional Commander of the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), retired Brigadier General Aslam Ghuman, commented: “During my visit to the US, I learned that the Israeli spy agency Mossad, in connivance with Indian agency RAW, under the direct supervision of CIA, planned to destabilize Pakistan at any cost.”12 Was this countergang responsible for last week’s double bombing in Waziristan, which killed 80 paramilitary police?

According to the same account, Russian intelligence “disclosed that CIA contractor Raymond Davis and his network had provided Al-Qaeda operatives with chemical, nuclear and biological weapons, so that US installations may be targeted and Pakistan be blamed….” Davis, a JSOC veteran himself, was arrested for the murder of two ISI agents, but then released by the Pakistani government after a suspicious hue and cry by the State Department.

CIA Claims The New Al Qaeda Boss Lives in Waziristan

If the US needs a further pretext for additional raids, it will also be easy to cite the alleged presence in Waziristan of Saif al-Adel, now touted by the CIA as bin Laden’s likely successor as boss of al Qaeda.13 It is doubtless convenient for Obama’s aggressive intentions that Saif al-Adel can be claimed to reside so close to what is now the hottest border in the world, and not in Finsbury or Flatbush.

In the wake of the unauthorized May 1 US raid, the Pakistani military chief General Kayani had issued his own warning that similar “misadventures” could not be repeated, while announcing that US personnel inside Pakistan would be sharply reduced. In the estimate of one ISI source, there are currently about 7,000 CIA operatives in country, many of them unknown to the Pakistani government. US-Pakistan intelligence sharing has reportedly been downgraded. In response to Kayani’s moves, the CIA limited hangout operation known as Wikileaks once again showed its real nature by attempting to discredit the Pakistan commander with dubious US cable reports that he had demanded more Predator drone attacks, not fewer, in recent years.

Especially since Obama’s West Point speech, the CIA has used Predator drone attacks to slaughter civilians with the goal of fomenting civil war inside Pakistan, leading to a breakup of the country along the ethnic lines of Punjab, Sind, Baluchistan, and Pushtunistan. The geopolitical goal is to destroy Pakistan’s potential to be the energy corridor between Iran and China. Selig Harrison has emerged as a top US advocate for Baluchistan succession.

Since May 1, six reported US Predator drones attacks have slain some 42 Pakistani civilians, goading public opinion into a frenzy of anti-US hatred. In response, a joint session of the Pakistani parliament voted unanimously on May 14 to demand an end to American missile strikes, calling on the government to cut NATO’s supply line to Afghanistan if the attacks should continue.14 Since the Karachi to Khyber Pass supply line carries as much as two thirds of the supplies needed by the Afghanistan invaders, such a cutoff would cause chaos among the NATO forces. All of this points to the inherent insanity of provoking war with the country your supply line runs through.

US Wants to Use Taliban Boss Mullah Omar Against Pakistan

The State Department dropped all preconditions for negotiating with the Taliban back in February, and the US is now reported by the Washington Post to be talking with envoys of Mullah Omar, the legendary one-eyed leader of the Quetta Shura or Taliban ruling council. It is apparent that the US is offering the Taliban an alliance against Pakistan. US regional envoy Grossman is hostile to the Pakistanis, but when it comes to the Taliban he has been nicknamed “Mr. Reconciliation.”15 By contrast, the US is said to be determined to assassinate the head of the Haqqani network using a Bin Laden-type raid. The Pakistanis are equally determined to keep the Haqqani as an ally.

If China stands behind Pakistan, then Russia might be said to stand behind China. Looking forward to the upcoming June 15 meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Chinese President Hu praised Sino-Russian relations as being “at an unprecedented high point,” with an “obvious strategic ingredient.” In a press conference this week, Russian President Medvedev was obliged indirectly to acknowledge that the much-hyped Obama “reset” with Russia had amounted to very little, since the US ABM missile program in Romania and the rest of eastern Europe, so obviously directed against Russia, means that the START treaty is of dubious value, thus raising the specter of a “new Cold War.” Given the NATO assault on Libya, there would be no UN resolution against Syria, said Medvedev. Putin has been right all along, and Medvedev is trying to imitate Putin to salvage some chance of remaining in power.

Are We in July 1914?

The crisis leading to World War I began with the Sarajevo assassinations of June 28, 1914, but the first major declaration of war did not occur until August 1. In the interim month of July 1914, large parts of European public opinion retreated into a dreamlike trance, an idyllic la-la land of elegiac illusion, even as the deadly crisis gathered momentum. Something similar can be seen today. Many Americans fondly imagine that the alleged death of Bin Laden marks the end of the war on terror and the Afghan War. Instead, the Bin Laden operation has clearly ushered in a new strategic emergency. Forces which had opposed the Iraq war, from MSNBC to many left liberals of the peace movement, are variously supporting Obama’s bloody aggression in Libya, or even celebrating him as a more effective warmonger than Bush-Cheney because of his supposed success at the expense of Bin Laden. In reality, if there were ever a time to mobilize to stop a new and wider war, this is it.


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  • IndianOrigin

    Wow! It’s official. All religions have idiots. What’s more, all countries have idiots who have access to internet. Some of the idiots here have confirmed that.

    But what is truly amazing how bigots from both Hindus and Muslims, India and Pakistan are so-so alike each other! It’s almost like they are twins separated at birth! If you could only see your image in each other posting….

    The sad thing is you all will never ever change.

    • Mairaj

      First you change than we will change our perception.

    • godson

      Don’t be fooled they are all rich they call the wars and us the people
      Fight them we must as people of the earth destroy all goverments and start the new world order all religon is wrong they been changed for personal use listen to your heart and god that real talk so don’t fight for yourgoverment fight for the world

  • Ahmad

    All Americans should be hanged till death, with Bush paying the penalty first of all and then Obama, with Isareli president to follow.

    • dahszil

      I hate US imperialism, Israel perscecution and genocide of the Palestianians, and the US empire’s perpetrating poverty, exploitation, death and destruction it causes throughout the world….. as much as you do. I am an American. Many of us are trying to fight back with our occupy wall street and anti 1% movements going on currently(it is the rich who rule the US government and the military, not common Americans like me).

      Your hate is misdirected. Don’t blame we American common people. I want to see Bush, Blair(UK), Cheney, Murdoch, Rumsfeld et al be convicted and thrown in the prison for life. But Another wrong does not make a right my friend. I don’t believe in an eye for an eye,(i.e. a retribution killing for another killing) but these mass murderers(bush, obama, cameron, canadian,german, etc regimes’ leaders) and imperialists in general should be thrown in jail for life. And anyway, death is too good for them. And I believe solitary confinement for life is worse than the death penalty, and bush and company deserve that.

      I can understand, and even sometimes feel the same way you do why Bush and Company(and “house negro” Obama) should be hung too. But don’t blame the majority of common Americans who are totally against the military/industrial complex’s bloody imperialism.

      I know the history of the US and India’s governments criminal, inhumane, and deadly treatment of Pakistan and muslims. I am with you on that point. The US and Indian government should get the hell out of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Waziristan and elsewhere.


  • Doomshape

    I’ll fight you to the death anywhere on this planet and then hang your ass Ahmad name the place

  • ali hassan

    Doomshape what an idiot you are. the battlefield is in south asia on our land boy.if you want to fight us bring your ass here with your soldiers and we would definately send you back to your mommies either crying or in a box.
    be rational have you learned nothing from russia. it came in this region and we whoped their asses and broke their country in to itsy bitsy little pieces. if you commit the same mistake your predicament would be the same

  • Get Real

    @ali hassan: You really think Pakistan had much to do with the collapse of the Soviet Union? If anyone brought them down it was the Americans themselves… Who funded the Taliban/Mujahidden. Pakistan was merely a pawn in the Chess game between 2 Superpowers. They used you and left you to stew in your own mess, that’s until 9/11 happened and they realized that the mess that they helped create had come back to bite them in their behind.

    Pakistan caused the collapse of the Soviet Union… Lol! Don’t spread BS please.

  • ali hassan

    @Get real. please would help me understand why soviet came to afghanistan in the first place. if you would think about it you’ll get the answer, if we would have given the soviet a passage to warm waters then the scenario would have been very different from today.
    another thing it is not funding or weapons that win war but the spirit and morale of the people that wins it. if funding and financing would win wars then how does it happens that US the world largest and strongest economy fought them for 10yrs , a bunch of ragged but tough warriors of afghanistan, who wear no kevlar jackets, have obsolete weapons, have no education, and no strategy in place, but there is one thing that they have is spirit to fight till death. that is something that the west would never understood and never will.
    if you give me an explaination of how they have withstood the force of America’s air sea and ground forces might for 10yrs, then i would stop this speard of “BS” that i am doing as you claimed above.
    i think i am very right in my statements because i think i know my neighbour very well.
    it was the pakistani people who opened their houses for 3.3 million afghan people. we protected these people in pakistan when they migraed to find peace from the 100,000 soviet troops, it wasn’t italy that housed this burden.
    it is not our mess but your friends at US intelligence and indian intelliigence and isreali intelligence that are doing it for there ulterior motives.

    • ali hassan

      @get real. this is a war for sale of weapons. US spends 698 bn$ in this industry, hell someone has to purchase all that produce arms. if the world would be at peace then who would by all that weapon, and how the owners of these factories going to make a living, that is food for thought,
      let be give an example, all the arab countries had frozen assets just 3 decades back, at that time the arm industries were becoming stagnated as there were no sales. someone came up with the idea of gulf war. and with a lot of mediahype and fear inducing antics the arab’s sheikhs were made realized the importance of weapons and an army. fearful sheikhs quickly did what they were being told they liquidified these frozen assets. and ordered massive orders for equipment. so now you know… that there are many people who make things happen in this world……… :-D :-D

  • rehman shah

    behn chodo indians…fuck all indian and americans…pakistan zinda bad…long live pakistan..go to hell india and america.mother fuckers

  • wajahat

    fuck u americans, israeli and indian pigs…. u don’t have guts to attack on pakistan… a big ponka to u…. _|_

  • Funny

    The Americans very quickly and easily destroyed both Iraq’s and Afghanistan’s army. What they are fighting now are gurilla forces, something occupying countries have had to deal with since forever, and something that is impossible to fully stop. Trust me if America were to invade Pakistan, they would destroy your pathetic army in a few days, but the problem is that they can’t just kill all your citizens and so will always face random attacks from them.

  • colobus

    let me make something clear to all you americans out there. if you think that you can invade our country and succeed in doing so in just 10 days then trust me you are no more competent than my shit. You think that we are alone? HEllO? havn’t you read the above stated post. not only Pakistanis, but chinese and irani forces are going to hump your battleships. It wont just end there..oh no sir…we are going to throw you out of Asia then come to Washington, rape your mothers and sister, and kill all of you. However, That’s something which i personally dont want to happen. i believe that American people are really good natured. They dont want the world to rage wars. Its your government and media who has mislead you. gave you a wrong impression of us…just like our media does so for your image. they show you people as fucking idiots who dont know why they are spending everything they have for the sake of fighting a war that they simply cannot win at all.
    my suggestion to all of you…indian pakistani or american…stop with the hate people before it comes to haunt you at your doorsteps.

    • mnkfdfdf

      Dont be so quick to judge America. Your country has some issues with our, and the other way around. I dont agree with the US pressuring Pakistan to fight a war that it doesnt want to, but you also have to see our point of view. If there was a country that Pakistan was at war with, and another country provided safe haven for Pakistan’s enemy, would you be happy with them? No way. There is way to much hate in the world, and the last thing a world needs is another war.

      By the way, China and Iran “humping” our battleships would never happen. Do you forget about NATO and all of our allies throughout the world? As a fact, the US has a larger Navy than the next 13 largest COMBINED. (And the majority are our allies)

      P.s: the US doesnt use battleships anymore, the last was retired after the 1st gulf war. We use frigates, destroyers, aircraft carriers, missle cruisers, and submarines.

      • dahszil


        Innocence is the mother of imperialism. You are a perfect example of sheep believing in the US’s corporate/covert ops/military complex perpetrates exploitation, destruction and death for “democracy” or for security. You need to to go to the FOIA, National Security Archives, William Blum Page, Ron Paul, etc to find the truth. That truth is the US complex post ww2 has perpetrated exploitation, destruction and death for the benefit of the wealthy elites, not the American people.

        male(of european descent)

  • mnkfdfdf

    To all of the Pakistanis claiming that Pakistan would win a war with the US, you are sorely mistaken. I am of the opinion that Pakistan clearly doesn’t like America, but needs our money and military aid. I personally think that the US should just leave the middle east, and stop wasting our time there. Muslims are cowards and will do anything to avoid a straight up fight. (The Taliban are a classic example. They shoot at us, then drop their guns and try to blend in with the general public.)

    If Pakistan’s military is so powerful, then why do they need aid from the US? And why do they allow the US to use drone attacks on their soil, all while doing nothing about it? Its simple, they cant do anything about it. If we can fly 4 helicopters into the middle of the country and kill bin laden (whom they were clearly harboring) without being noticed, you think Pakistan could stop an all out air campaign? The United States could literally sit back and launch cruise missiles and conventional air strikes, and Pakistan could do nothing about it. The US has been in quite a few wars over the past few years, so I am pretty sure we have a good grasp of how to conduct a war.

    All that being said, I definatly do not support a war with Pakistan, because it is a waste of our time. If they hate us, fine. We’ll bring our money and technology somewhere else. (India perhaps?)There is no need for a war between our countries, because neither has much to gain from it.

    As a further note, why do Pakistani’s hate the US so much? We bomb Taliban members in remote regions, and captured the most wanted terrorist in the world within a couple miles of your main military academy. Does that really cause that much damage to your country? The taliban have killed over 3,000 Pakistanis; where is the outrage? Oh wait, because we are “infidels”, and they are “good muslims” so its ok for them to kill Pakistani civilians, but not us.

    Any if Pakistanis wonder why the US is upset with them, its simple: the Pakistani government and ISI allow our enemies to live in your country, and likely harbor them. (You mean to tell me bin laden is living less than a mile from the main Pakistani army military academy, and the country knew nothing about it? Give me a break) Do I think every Pakistani is a bad person? Absolutely not. Do I think they get a skewed perception of America? Absolutely. The US government has been very patient with Pakistan, considering they literally harbor our enemies. Let us hope the situation cools down and cool heads prevail.

    But lets make one thing clear, if the US wanted to dedicate all of our military resources and manpower towards a war with Pakistan, it would end badly for Pakistan. Hopefully it never came to war, but in that event I would pray that Pakistan would not be stupid enough to try and use its nuclear weapons. If that were to occur, Pakistan would be a smoking hole in the ground.

  • Blah blah blah! stop your lecture plxxxx no one hearing you…mnkfdfdf XD but always remember that you have only the superpower of this earth and we have superpower of the whole universe with us “ALLAH”!and my personal message to all my muslim brothers and sisters that is ” 1 Muslim is greater than 10 NON-MUSLIMS!!!”…When GOD is with us,no need to worry………. STUPID AMERICANS!=P LOLxxx


    war cant put end to conflict. All the country have power a better way to human kind, we want to live a peacefull with justice. terroirism and violation must come to an end and people shouldfree from useless weapon. pakistan and afganistan should stop terrorism and all terrorist must to find a peaceful way to lead a happy life, america like powerful nation should not influence any nation due to there power. all has stomach and all has hunger. so people want to lead a peaceful life.leave terrorism, power superiotiy, all the nation should think our country man should lead happy and peaceful life. Every one should think.

    I do no whether all our human kind will change or not. but if not change i am telling we are the fool also i born between fools. god made this earth not for america pakis, russia, isreal for all living thing. War end will be loss for all. bull shit…. ass hole. we all need to lead a peaceful life… god bless you all…………………


    war cant put end to conflict. All the country have power a better way to human kind, we want to live a peacefull with justice. terroirism and violation must come to an end and people shouldfree from useless weapon. pakistan and afganistan should stop terrorism and all terrorist must to find a peaceful way to lead a happy life, america like powerful nation should not influence any nation due to there power. all has stomach and all has hunger. so people want to lead a peaceful life.leave terrorism, power superiotiy, all the nation should think our country man should lead happy and peaceful life. Every one should think.

    I do no whether all our human kind will change or not. but if not change i am telling we are the fool also i born between fools. god made this earth not for america pakis, russia, isreal for all living thing. War end will be loss for all. bull shit…. ass hole. we all need to lead a peaceful life… god bless you all…………………


    war cant put end to conflict. All the country have power a better way to human kind, we want to live a peacefull with justice. terroirism and violation must come to an end and people shouldfree from useless weapon. pakistan and afganistan should stop terrorism and all terrorist must to find a peaceful way to lead a happy life, america like powerful nation should not influence any nation due to there power. all has stomach and all has hunger. so people want to lead a peaceful life.leave terrorism, power superiotiy, all the nation should think our country man should lead happy and peaceful life. Every one should think.

    I do no whether all our human kind will change or not. but if not change i am telling we are the fool also i born between fools. god made this earth not for america pakis, russia, isreal for all living thing. War end will be loss for all. bull shit…. ass hole. we all need to lead a peaceful life… god bless you all…………………

  • Deepan

    Please my friends it not hindu muslim christianity budhish, janisim. All are equal, no one superior to anyone. It not mean america, indi, pakis, isral, china every where good and bad people will be there.We born hear to lead a peaceful and happy life. We all should lead a life which should not give pain to others. We all are human, as i seen the above comments i worried each of them scolding india, china, pak america, As i am indian expecting peace i respect pak, muslim, As i am a hindu even though i have a lovable muslim friend, it not cast or creed. Our useles ancestor made this separation. As you all please think what you going to give future generation. whether weapon or peace and love. use less fighting. No body is perfect. Better change you man. Peace Peace is the only thing we want. Nothing i am first human then only hindu or muslim christian. All should leave fight.. Totally waste

  • khan

    Dear mnkfdfdf…………. three things are very famous in world. …1..claw of tiger ..2.. venom of cobra….3…Revenge of Afghan…….
    thank you for your lovely comments above but remember with all of your technology and army…. afghan will destroy you..just count how much body bags went to US and how much in the way and how much are in Bagram Air base ready to go…..Afghan can loss a battle but they never lost a war and not they will till the End of world…..plz go and study the history.. Afghanistan is called as graveyard of Superpowers like Alexander the great, Genghis khan, British empire, USSR, and now my dear US will be Destroyed…. Be ready for 52 new countries on New world Map……….Coming soon……and plz remember hallbrock (may he rest in hell) last world…..Afghanistan Killed me………lol……kill us as much you can but in End you will loss Inshallah……..becux we never learn to loss and we will never loss it is God promise……..

  • khan

    mnkfdfdf……….you Americans are very brave you fight with Afghan which have only AK47 and land mine some anti-tanks (oldest in the world) and you have all the technology available in this world for fighting……………if you are born of one mother and can tell your father name or your mother can tell you his name then come and fight Afghan with only ground force no Air force backing you up……..you coward American you cant fight Afghan, you father could not, nor your forefathers. you send young solders which even shit in their pants while hear the firing faraway in town. just don,t use Air force and fight us then you will know how much you brave and how much you know about the skill of fighting…you cowards you left KUNAR province ask you generals y they lift the KUNAr province?…. you are just a baby boy just eat lollipop and go sleep in arms of you mother…..you don,t even know about courage and bravery.. if you believe that a person set in airplane and boom the civilians or set in ship in sea and lunch a missile then you people are really brave…….go to you tube and hear the cry of your soldiers and see how they cry in Afghanistan…………..Afghanistan can only rule by Afghan

  • abhi

    shameless pakistani mother fuckers , u guys just bark like dogs

  • abhi

    u people just bark like mad dogs !! your country have a support only from china but for we[india] have support of japan, america, russia whos is big superpower nation in our mother earth. even after 100 years your country cant defeat america and india. u cant even get a single stone of kashmir mind it u mother fuckers asshole , shameless people. jai hind [india rocks , pakistan sucks]

  • dahszil

    Terrorism is more of an effect not a cause. It goes without saying that 911 was a horrible act. But compared to the misery,poverty,exploitation, and death the US lead western corporate/military complex has wrought on resource rich countries in the world prior to and especially USA post ww2, 911 is an ant next to an elephant. 911 was correctly termed “blowback” by the cia(for all the terrible things the corporate/military complex has been doing in the middle east and elsewhere).

    I am a second generation,of european descent, American and proud of our constitution and our once republic. But I despise USA the empire(our founding fathers must be turning in their graves for they never wanted USA to become an empire). And the empire since Reagan(including Clinton and Obama)has gradually been pushing the working and middle classes right here in the USA too, back to the 19th century. Soon “the 1%” will have American children working for slave labor wages once the oil runs out and we can’t ship goods from the sweat shops across the world, our and the foreign 1% exploit their workers to misery and an early grave.

    Is it any wonder the protests are finally occurring in the USA? God bless the occupy and 99% protesters.

    If the government does not go back on the road to social democracy that was reversed by the 1%(they run the military, not the government “by the people, for the people”)revolution will break out. And civil war. You laugh. Fact is their are deep divisions in the military and police establishments. And if the police or military start killing people, a significant percentage of the military/police will fight for the 99%. God have mercy on all of us Americans then.

    If there is any shining light in the world it is the Scandinavian and South American countries that have social democracies:corporations and government are in the service of the citizens, not the other way around as in this despicable neo-liberal economic system that prevails in the rest of the world.


  • ignorance kills the soul

    in my eyes bin laden wasnt a terrible man for what he did seeing the united states has spread its empire into lands not wanted. how would the united states feel if a middle eastern country put a huge fortress in our country we would feel the same way. we shouldn’t be in other countrys spreading evil and fuck the media they sittin there telling us lies and making us believe that muslims are evil. on the other hand im still a proud american i love the people just hate the government…well and some of the ignorant foolish people who put blind faith in mainstream media… anyways im sorry that i put humanity before patriotaism. But if the united states did happened to invade yet another country and it was paki the united states would win. big time win. you see the untied states has such a stong foothold if u study the map and look at the map and see where our military is we have iran and paki and a few other countrys literally surrounded by our forces. not only that china could not defeat the united states military, espically if it was in the united states. and our government is full of pigs and evil men so i would guess the us would probly nuke china or something like they did to the innocent citizens of japan. god bless

  • king khan

    :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
    Pakistan + China vs India+ USA
    all country’s destroyed in secssss…bczz all r atomic power…
    and different between usa and china is…second and third …ok
    and when pak + china atomic power =1 position ….and USA + india atomic power = 3 POSITION HAHA…bczz india atomic power always not operational….haha
    but usa is with india how dude…i listen it first time..
    Hillary Clinton..is always dating with Shah Mahmood Qureshi..
    and u r saying usa is with india.haha such a fishhhh

    India doesn’t have to beg. The people living in slums in India have to beg. Shame on you India. First fix your poverty rate (a whopping 80%!), then go declare yourself as a superpower.

    answer my question…..
    why jf17 appears on indian navy ad….why any answer….
    it shows the development of india….
    ok..hahaha…..give answer….

    . 911 Pakistan did it Mumbai attack Pakistan did it afghan,,,Pakistan did it who Fuk me Pakistan did it

    Titanic sink….why…..Pakistan did it

  • Jo

    Please check this blog regarding the manipulation of the country to claim the disputed islands.


    Enjoy and share! Thanks!

  • Ihsankhan

    Who is this mother fucker indian (abhi)did you forget the sentence(Indian and dogs are not allowed)

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