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Australia bans some live cattle exports to Indonesia

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Australia has suspended exports of live cattle to a number of killing facilities in Indonesia following exposure of brutal practices in some of the country’s abattoirs.

Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig said the decision was based on footage collected by Animals Australia that showed cattle being mistreated before slaughter.

“I have decided to halt the trade of live animals to the facilities identified by the footage,” he said in a statement today.

He said he had asked Australian officials to prepare orders that would enforce the complete suspension of live animal exports to the facilities identified by Animals Australia.

“These orders will strengthen the decision I took yesterday to conduct a full investigation into the footage provided,” Senator Ludwig said.

The government also has appointed an independent reviewer to investigate the complete supply chain for live exports up to and including the point of slaughter.

Senator Ludwig said he reserved the right to add further Indonesian abattoirs to the banned list, if required.

ABC’s Four Corners program showed animals dying prolonged deaths and being beaten and gouged.

About 80 per cent of Australia’s live cattle exports go to Indonesia, with the broader live animal industry worth about $2 billion a year and employing 13,000 Australians.

The Australian Greens and independent MPs have called on the government to ban immediately all live exports to Indonesia.

The Coalition has offered bipartisan support for a review of the live cattle export industry, but stopped short of advocating a complete ban.

Mr Ludwig earlier said he was shocked by the footage.

“The practices depicted in the footage are unacceptable to the Australian community, that’s clear,’’ he told ABC Radio today.

The minister said he had asked his department to provide him with options that would allow him to ban exports to sub-standard facilities in Indonesia.

“The government takes animal welfare issues seriously”, Senator Ludwig said, adding that Australian officials were responding in “a considered manner”.


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  • Bull

    there is hundreds and hundreds of animal abuse videos from that particular region.. it is very sad to see the lack of respect for the animals but it probably just reflect how bad the people are treated by there government…

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  • Wendy Harmer

    I plead with the Australia Government and other western countries to stop sending our cattle to Indonesia and other middle east countries that kill these animals in this deplorable way. This is CRUELTY AT THE HIGHEST.
    I watched the video and cried and cried at such cruelty to these animals before they were finally dead. The last cow in particular was so scared it was trembling, it knew what was happening and watched the slow painful death before its eyes of the other cows.

    Please please stop this cruelty.

    On a personal note I would love to reciprocate the same to those men in that slaughterhouse and watch them suffer the pain and agony in having their backs broken, faces and bodies kicked and eyes gouged.

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    • ali

      Iwould like to state that like these people should not and do not deserve to be human our god gave us minds to think and the right but why like this

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