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America now accuses Iran of 9/11

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Two defectors from Iran’s intelligence service have testified that Iranian officials knew in advance about the attacks of September 11, 2001, says a US court filing that seeks damages for Iran’s ”direct support for, and sponsorship of, the most deadly act of terrorism in American history”.

One of the defectors also claimed that Iran was involved in designing the attacks, the filing said. The defectors’ identities and testimony were not revealed in the filing but were being submitted to a judge under seal, said lawyers who brought the original suit against Iran on behalf of families of dozens of September 11 victims.

The suit says Iran and Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group with close ties to Tehran, helped al-Qaeda with planning the attacks and with the hijackers’ training and travel. After the attacks, the suit says, Iran and Hezbollah helped al-Qaeda operatives and their families to escape, in some cases providing them with a safe haven in Iran.
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The question of an Iranian connection to the attacks was raised by the national September 11 commission and has long been debated. Al-Qaeda, which adheres to a radical Sunni theology, routinely denounces the Shiite branch of Islam that holds power in Iran, and the terrorist network’s branch in Iraq has often made Shiites targets of bombings. But intelligence officials have long believed there has been limited, wary co-operation between al-Qaeda and Iran against the US as a common enemy.

The lawsuit also names as defendants Iranian officials and ministries, as well as Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and the Taliban, among others. The families’ lawyers have asked for a default judgment against the defendants, which have not responded to the suit. Even if there were such a judgment, legal experts say it would not be easy to collect monetary damages.

In their court papers, the lawyers assert that Imad Mugniyah, as the military chief of Hezbollah, was a terrorist agent for Iran, and that he travelled to Saudi Arabia in 2000 to help with preparations for the September 11 attacks.

Mugniyah, killed in 2008, had been accused by US officials of planning a series of terrorist attacks and kidnappings, including the bombings of the US embassy and marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983.

The September 11 commission report said there was ”strong evidence Iran facilitated the transit of al-Qaeda members into and out of Afghanistan before [the attacks], and that some of these were future [September 11] hijackers”.

But the commission said it had ”found no evidence that Iran or Hezbollah was aware of the planning for what later became” the September 11 attacks and that the ”topic requires further investigation by the US government”.

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9 Responses to " America now accuses Iran of 9/11 "

  1. JanB says:

    No wonder that OBL had to be fed to sharks “officially”: he was the major witness who had been on the CIA’s payroll in the war to “liberate” Afghanistan from Russia long enough to incriminate many US officials, several of whom also have shaken hands with “ally” Saddam Hussein – with a history of being on the CIA’s payroll too. He also would have denied any connection with Iran’s ayatollahs or with Iraq.

    Who needs ayatollahs or any other governmental support when (supposedly!) able to lead an event like 911 with a walkie talkie from a cave in the Tora Bora mountains?

    In order to “liberate” all oil in the Middle East, it’s Washington’s turn to accuse the Iranian govt of harming civilians next, and subsequently wage another undeclared war on civilians while diverting the humanitarian upheaval to the EU and of course at the cost of the taxpayer who also has been asked to pay fo the economic damage wrought by Washington’s approved bankster gang (because without deregulation the financial scams would have been impossible).

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  2. Ivan the Terrible says:

    I am convinced, that it was Ahmadinedjad who piloted the first plane. It was Khomeini in the second and Khamenei in the third ( in that one, that hit WTC 7 ).
    And in the fourth, that hit White House was Rafsandjani.
    Holocaust or 9/11 Fairy Tales-which one do you prefer?
    Personally, I like the Exodus tales most.

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  3. Ser Korz says:

    The boy who cried wolf also saying the sky is falling. After bombing China and then Russia for 911 ,one can apologize to them and bomb Saudi Arabia for 911 and get the oil for free and sell it ( The Hijackers where Saudi Arabian after all ) $$$$$$$$$ . Oh!~ But before that Pakistan who worked with the Saudis .

    It was not the devils fault but Eve’s , The Devil only entrapped them ; that’s legal !

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  4. Rhythm Stick says:

    Never met a single person who claims to have seen with their own eyes these planes flying into buildings.

    Never met a single person who claims to know a person who saw them with their own eyes.

    Never read of a person asserting either of those claims.

    There may or may not have been any eyewitnessess other than dancing Israeli.

    Even Mr Bush may not have witnessed planes flying into buildings with his own eyes.

    Where were the citizens with Geiger counters,that’s what i would like to have read about.

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  5. Rhythm Stick says:

    If we look at the Jewish Broadcasting Corporation we find several instances of Jews utilising their foreknowledge for political and/or financial gain.

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  6. nonamer says:

    Iran was also involved in Kennedy’s assassination and the Oklahoma City Bombing. These are indisputable facts.

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  7. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    Who programmed the U.S. cruise missile that pierced the Pentagon? Al Qaeda? Israel? Bush Himself? Top secret!
    A very long-term strategy exist to justify that the U.S. military is now positioned on the left (Iraq), on the right (Afghanistan) and on the south (Persian Gulf, U.S. aircraft carriers) of the “oil corridor” Iran !
    Google in pictures: oil corridor: do you see the issue?
    The next lies ahead will justify the invasion of Iran, unmentionable purpose of this whole strategy! Arab countries are now undergoing many revolutions. So they will be unable to fight when Israel will bomb Iran! (Of course, Iran will have started the next war…)

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  8. John says:

    Of course Iran did it. Remember the Israeli Jewish Mossad agents that were arrested by the New York police on September Eleven? You do remember that several of them were arrested for driving, parking, and Exploding White Vans that were completely filled with military grade explosives. Well these Israeli Jewish Mossad agents that were planting and exploding car bombs all over New York city on the morning of September Elven were obviously all hired by Iran! I am sure that will show up somewhere in the Lawsuit also.

    The Architects of 911

    Lies Which Justify War Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm4tSJnYXCM

    9/11 George Washington Bridge

    Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9 -11 (With Truckload of Explosives!)

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  9. freewill says:

    Video Israelis celebrating when World Trade Center Towers fell, was pulled and now shifted to Iran.

    So what about them Israeli’s eh? Powerful Rich “Elite” who own land in Israel refuses to allow blacks to live there. Nice huh.

    Time to shift the finger point to someone else….. YES IRAN…. no wait… it was the CHINESE! Yes! It was the Chinese with the help of Sudan and the Somali Pirates of Russia and Alabama who orchestrated 9/11! Its time to attack Mexico Then! and then Canada next for the assault on Pearl Harbor back in 1997.

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