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80% of Babies Born in British Hospital Are Foreign

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More than 80% of babies born in Ealing Hospital, West London, have a foreign mother, new figures have revealed. Of the 3,289 children born at the NHS hospital in the past year, a remarkable 2,655 were to foreign nationals.

The total includes 537 babies born to Indian mothers – the largest “minority” ethnic group – 389 Poles, 270 Sri Lankans, 260 Somalians, 208 Pakistanis and 200 Afghans. The figures show that 634 babies were born to British mothers, with no indication of their race.

The statistics, gathered from a Freedom of Information request, also show that the maternity unit dealt with a total of 104 different nationalities in the twelve months up to February 2011.

As well as mass immigration, a key factor for the increase of foreign births is that foreign women have more babies than British women – an average of 2.5 compared with 1.84 for UK nationals. Nationally, one baby in four is born to a foreign mother, twice the level of just fifteen years ago.

Maternity services at Ealing Hospital have come under increasing pressure, with a twenty-per-cent rise in births over the past five years, almost double the national average. The hospital has had to take on 32 extra midwives to cope with the increase, which saw 500 more babies delivered there last year than in 2006.

The Royal College of Midwives recently warned that maternity units across the country were “teetering on the brink” under the pressure of rising birth rates.

Ealing Hospital denies that its maternity services are under strain, yet some mothers have complained about being left alone during labour, and a team of translators are needed to help foreign mothers communicate with staff.

Some of the Polish women who gave birth at the hospital have said they would have received better treatment in Poland.

On current levels of immigration and immigrant reproduction rates, indigenous schoolchildren are set to be a minority in Britain by 2021, just ten years away, according to official government figures.

The British National Party is the only party that is committed to both halting and reversing immigration, as it is the only way to stop the ethnic cleansing of the native British population.


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  2. BG says:

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