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Russian Official Fired Over ‘White Race’ Remarks

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Konstantin Poltoranin

A spokesman for the Federal Migration Service was fired Wednesday hours after he declared that uncontrolled migration threatens “the survival of the white race.”

Konstantin Poltoranin, speaking in an interview with the Russian BBC Service, criticized the EU’s immigration policy for accepting migrants from the Middle East and North Africa who, he said, have largely failed to integrate into European society.

“Relations must be built differently to ensure blood is mixed in the right regime,” he added, when speaking about why Russia does not accept migrants from these regions.

The country needs primarily “people of the Slavic group” to compensate for a natural decline in the population, Poltoranin said.

Poltoranin, a lawyer by education who had served as spokesman since 2005, explicitly denied being a racist in a later interview with Rusnovosti.ru.

Nevertheless, he was fired shortly afterward for making “unacceptable” media statements, said Federal Migration Service head Konstantin Romodanovsky, Interfax reported.


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3 Responses to " Russian Official Fired Over ‘White Race’ Remarks "

  1. Krystal says:

    Why do we keep putting up with this? We are welcoming our own genocide! Europeans only account for 8% of the ENTIRE planet. We need to start defending our race and civilization with no apologizes!

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  2. fed up says:

    Russia at least has some sense and will not be devoured by immigrants in the near future. I can no longer respect the USA and europe for the multicultural cess pits they have become.

    But its not exactly easy to fight when our governments are corrupt to the core and fantasize about selling our beautiful children to non whites.

    This world disgusts me.

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  3. KELLI2L says:

    He’s not being racist in my opinion,
    He’s just using Common Sense. Something our politicians are in great deficit of. . . It’s a GOOD THING to preserve race purity….Just because our govenments would like to see everyone mix, doesn’t mean they should have the final say! This is OUR lives they are messing with! :-x

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