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Russian journalist: 'USA is the real empire of evil'

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A year ago, the community of reporters of The New York Times launched a website the purpose of which was to let people share their stories about the real Russia. The website contains all sorts of compromising materials, scandals and other negative things which may and may not exist in Russia. One could find a piece of positive news on the website – about the Americans taking part in the Victory Parade on Red Square.

This is the image of Russia that is being formed in the United States. This is how our country is seen by many Americans. Which technologies do they use to create a negative image of the Russian Federation? How do they create the media image in Afghanistan, for instance? Russia’s well-known journalist Arkady Mamontov shared his thoughts about it with Pravda.Ru.

“What is the real Russia, which they try not to show to American readers and viewers ?”

“The real Russia is you and me. It is the people, who wake up early in the morning or late in the morning and go to work. It’s the people who raise their children, who go to churches or mosques. This is our Russia – the real Russia, the best and most wonderful country in the world. And the people who live here are the best and most beautiful people in the world.”

“Why did the Americans create that website about the real Russia?”

“It brings up the story with Emperor Alexander III, whose words, which he said at a session of the State Council, made him immortal. He said that Russia had no friends and no enemies. Russia’s only ally and friend is her army and navy, he said.

“That’s why I am not surprised when American citizens, who call themselves journalists, pick up the dirty laundry and say that this is the real Russia. For them we are like a burr in the saddle. For them, we are such a large, huge country, which still thinks that the most important question of human existence is “Why to live?” rather than “How to live?”

“That’s why they don’t like the Russians, they don’t like Russia. They understand that there’s a lot of wealth here, a lot of oil, fresh water and all sorts of mineral deposits. We are a country of the white population, and their children, the children of those Russians, should be taken away and moved to America, because they have homosexuality and pedophilia prospering there, unfortunately.”

“What do you mean – to take them away and move to America. To have their organs harvested?”

“Well, including that too.”

“What is it like, the real America?”

“I know a lot about the real America, I’ve been there twice. The first time I studied there for a month, and then visited it again when we were shooting a spy film there. I know what kind of people the Americans are, what kind of elite they have, and what American freedom really is. There is no need for me to tell anything about them, I know those people well. The American people are not bad, really. People in general can never be bad.”

“So it means that it’s all about the elite?”

“The elite who make decisions and who deal with international issues, who follow the development of their country – those people hate Russia. We will never be friends with them. They have different philosophy, and different attitude to life. Thank God, we are different. We used to be called the empire of evil, but we are not the empire of evil. We are the empire of good, we are semi-destroyed and semi-choked, but we remain the empire of good and faith. The true empire of evil is America.”

“What kind of army do they have there?”

“We decided to make a film. We picked up many video files on the net, which US soldiers made in Afghanistan, and we made the film titled “The American Afghan.” The film has not been released yet. We just edited the footage from the Internet and translated what those soldiers were saying there.”

“And what were they saying?”

“Scene one. A group of children, who don’t speak English, come up to an American soldier. He tells them: “I am going to teach you English.” And then he says: “I am a pig.” And he tells the child: “Repeat.” And the child repeats. “Have a candy, you’re an ass, take a candy,” the soldier says. This is what the American soldier is all about. This is not the Soviet soldier, who didn’t behave like that. This is a completely different attitude. This is a form of Anglo-Saxon disdain to the rest of the world. White fascism.”

“But those are private videos.”

“They are, but they characterize those people. The mental understanding, the attitude to other people, to nations, to men, women, children and so on.”

“When the war was going on in Afghanistan, we received many emails from Americans who were reacting to what they were reading on the English version of Pravda.Ru. Many of them were writing things like “there’s nothing more precious than the life of an American soldier.”

“There’s nothing more precious that the life of a Russian soldier.”

“Our English-speaking readers once sent us a closed directive for CNN journalists, in which they described the events in Afghanistan. It was stated there clearly that images of blood and dead bodies and demolished buildings must not be displayed. It could probably be correct, but people were writing to us saying that if there had been destruction in Afghanistan they would have shown it on TV. We wondered what channels they watched. They responded that they watched CNN, but CNN was not showing anything like that. We gave them a piece of advice to watch alternative sources of news. In respond we received this: “I watch alternative sources – the BBC, but they are not showing anything like that either.” Everything is fine in Afghanistan.”

“This is a propaganda machine. But we are propagandizing as well. If hard times for my country come, the propaganda machine will work to the max, if needed. In America, this machine is working to the maximum. It’s working in a very sophisticated and thought-out way. But a snake always bites its own tail when there’s nothing to eat. Hillary Clinton has recently said that the Russians who broadcast for America have left US channels behind. In Russia, there is still this notion in journalism – the soul. There’s little of it, but it is still left. They don’t have it. All they have is business, professionalism and a lot of lies.”


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  • Leugner

    They suffered from upwardly mobile bootleggers,they never recovered and were not meant to.

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  • JanB

    One only has to consider the 1 MILLION people killed in Iraq in the act of bringing “freedom and democracy” while spreading toxic DU as if it were fertilizer. But the same goes on in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, to be followed by Syria and Iran.

    When even a former head of the Pentagon’s Depleted Uranium Project lectures on the dangers of DU, what more proof is required that the US indeed is the empire of evil?


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  • April

    What so many sheltered and sheilded Americans do not know because they do not travel abroad unless it is as a tourist for short periods, is that most of the world looks on at us Evil and calls The U.S. & Israel, Big Satan and little Satan. They are not far from the truth. We have been infiltrated and corrupted by fake Jew Zionists that are slowly but surely and insidiously destroying both countries from the inside out and moving the entire world towards Armegeddon. We are no longer the country that all the world admires and wants to be like. I admire the fact that Russia has refused to allow these snakes to do the same to them and their country.

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  • Peace

    What is democracy? Its American propaganda to make chaos in third country like afghan or iraq. They are not ready for democracy! Let them decide how they will run their country. American absolutely have no right to insist some country to adopt democracy. World would be more peaceful if the super power country is not USA! USA is evil! Please wake up people! Dont receive news on television as a true story of what happen in this world! Most of news CNN, BBC, even Al-Jazeera was controlled by USA! Its their propaganda!

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  • Love to all

    The questions have been asked and…43% of the American people do not want trouble they want to be at peace. The other 57% do not want trouble but they have been brain washed by main stream media and have been conditioned to follow whatever program there told to it’s so sad. But the good news is many people are awake and waking up others every day with useful and helpful information for pro life. With the help of the internet people are reaching out to there brothers and sisters from all around the world. Most U.S. military men and women do not have a clue why they are fighting one war after another they assume it’s for freedom. Look back at the time of slavery in the united states, the civil war was not to free the slaves’ the north “government” had all the money why didn’t they just buy them and set them free? and furthermore the ships that went and picked up the African slaves were owned by the Queen of England… The south had no such ships as they were poor dirt farmers. That war was all about controlling the lower twenty something states to set up a tax revenue that would bring in billions to the ones in power and still does to this day. American people are starting to demand social security money be privatized in an effort to stop greed oil and other resource wars. The world must join hands and work through every lie told by world leaders and’ mainstream media if we plan to save whats left of all nations. In the name of all that’s good there is no shortage of love people of the world do the right thing and start thinking for your self. The world does not need New World Order it needs less power hungry figures and more understanding people with good will at heart we can do this if we just try.

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