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Russia Orders Missile Alert After Mysterious ‘Vortex’ Slams Into Germany

A shocking ‘top-secret’ report prepared Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) on their meeting this past week with Prime Minister Putin, in Novgorod region, warns that our planet Earth is ‘under attack’ by an as yet unnamed ‘extraterrestrial entity’ to which President Medvedev has responded by ordering a second regiment of S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft missile system to protect Moscow from low-Earth orbiting ‘targets’.

According to this report, the extraordinary gamma-ray explosion [photo right] first observed in deep space on March 28 by NASA’s Swift satellite, and that has so far lasted an unprecedented 12 days, appears to be ‘communicating’ with the massive Asteroid 2010 SO16 , the largest space rock ever discovered so close to Earth, and Asteroid 2005 YU55, a round mini-world that is about 400 meters (1,300 feet) in diameter and which in early November will approach our planet within a scant 0.85 lunar distances.

Though Russian scientists have as yet been unable to identify what these ‘communications’ mean, this report continues, the effects upon our planet are being widely observed due to these two Asteroid’s shooting of ‘blue beams’ into our Earth’s upper atmosphere [photo 2nd right] that have been captured on video in Russia, New Zealand and by the International Space Station. [See videos here.]

This EMERCOM report further states that one of these ‘blue beams’ created a massive ‘vortex’ that opened over northern Germany this Friday past hurling nearly 100 vehicles into total chaos killing 8 people and wounding over 41 more.

Even more alarming is this report stating that as these two massive Asteroid’s have moved closer to our Earth over the past two-decades, the winds on our planet have been mysteriously increasing too, a shock finding further confirmed by Vice-Chancellor Ian Young, of the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, who has found that our world has gotten stormier the past 20 years, winds have picked up around 5 percent on average, and extremely strong winds caused by storms have increased even faster, jumping 10%.

Equally alarming is this report stating that our Earth’s ozone layer has suffered a record loss this spring over the Arctic due to these ‘blue beams’ disrupting our planet’s magnetic shielding, a finding further confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization who report that observations from the ground, balloons and satellites show that this region has suffered an ozone column loss of about 40% from the beginning of the winter to late March.

This EMERCOM report, also, reports that these two massive Asteroids are responsible for the many reports around the world of two suns appearing in the sky, such as in China this past month where one such episode was aired on their national news programme. [See video here.]

Important to note in this report, too, is it stating that another danger to our Earth from the presence of these massive Asteroids is their gravitational fields directing towards our planet fireballs every Spring season, such as the one that exploded in the skies this past week over the US State of Tennessee, but which Bill Cooke, of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Center, in a statement said “For reasons we don’t fully understand, the rate of bright meteors climbs during the weeks around the vernal (Spring) equinox.”

To what, and/or whom, lies behind these shocking assaults upon our planet Earth we were given a ‘clue’ this past week when the United States domestic spying agency called the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released to the public one of their most top-secret memos [photo bottom] confirming that aliens had landed in the US in what is now referred to as the Roswell UFO Incident.

According to this FBI document, a memo titled ‘Flying Saucers’ to the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover from Guy Hottel, the special agent in charge of the Washington field office in 1950, stated “three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico” by the US Military in 1947 that he described as being “circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall, dressed in a metallic cloth of a very fine texture and with each body bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyers and test pilots”.

To the reason(s) behind the FBI releasing this top-secret document at a time when our entire world is continuing to be pushed towards the abyss, and admitting what the US Military and past American regimes have spent hundreds of millions trying to hide from their own people; it is not in our knowing.

What is in our knowing, at least as far as the Americans are concerned, is their CNN News Service reporting this past week that the sales of bomb/survival-shelters in the US have risen an astounding 4,000% this past year showing a growing fear among these people of what is soon to come, and which many believe is related to the ancient Hopi Indian prophecies relating to the ending of this present age.

In our March 1 report ‘Russian Warning Issued Over “Controlled” Comet Headed Towards Earth’ we further documented that the Americans aren’t alone in their fears as Russia is building an additional 5,000 bomb shelters by 2012 too, but unlike the US will protect ordinary peoples and not just the elite classes whose wealth has been gained by wholesale theft.

Though many in the West continue to shun the ancient prophecies related to these times, and which the Sorcha Faal has well documented in her seminal works “The Masks Of The Dark Gods: The Coming Destruction Of Planet Earth” and “Battle Begins For Throne of This World: The Return of the Einherjar Warriors”, it is well worth noting, that with each passing day, the headlines of world’s most mainstream newspapers, more and more are beginning to resemble titles to reports we could have very well written ourselves.

After all, there is truly nothing new under the Sun, what has happened before will happen again, as it is now as our world blindly stumbles to its end of this age.


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  • thewatcher

    are you ready? or are we being prepared by a hoax for the real thing to come in 2012? hmmm

  • America777

    we will be inundated by thousands of phoney UFO sightings and strange things in the sky to mellow us into thinking this is the norm and to make us afraid. Then the big bad wolf governments of the world will offer to protect us from these invaders but we will have to give up all our rights (Marshal Law)so they can protect us from something that does not exist…yet… then the real thing comes and we will be defenseless. Check news, mega media, internet, they all have hopped on the band wagon now when before it was a no,no, WHY now? This news blitz is world wide so you know that the NWO has something to do with it. Are we being preparred for something??
    Do your own research before you laugh it off. Only fools laugh at what they do not understand.

    • The Magic M

      > Marshal Law

      Yeah, who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk?

      Who is Marshall Law and what does he have to declare?

      > This news blitz is world wide

      Yes, on crank and conspiracy websites.

      > Only fools laugh at what they do not understand.

      And only fools fear everything they don’t understand or can’t control. That’s why they invent conspiracy theories.

      • sirjefferson

        >crank and conspiracy websites
        alternative news and investigation…
        the only thing by which you could judge it is whether it is ‘officially sanctioned’
        handling conspiracy theories as generally unlikely to be true makes no sense except for covering up conspiracies, far more so the general discrediting/denouncing of people by which/places where they are spoken out

        >invent conspiracy theories
        they believe the theories because they seem plausible and likely to be true

  • Andrew

    If the world is coming to an end what good does it do to charge 29.95 for a book, what goos id money gonna be when the dark warriors come for us,, sorcha faal?? who the fuck is sorcha faal, why is she or him charging money for books if they are supposedly intended to save people for imminent collapse??

  • doru

    I’m interested to find out more about this event. I did a websearch with out succes.

  • come out of babylon 2011

    Folks, this is a bunch of hogwash. No such thing as aliens 3ft tall…whatever. What we do have is spiritual wickedness in high places of governments that are about to unleash hell upon this planet with the so-called NWO. Not to worry though, because that rock that will smash the image into pieces will set up HIS kingdom, which will last forever and ever and ever! Amen!

  • kim

    The blue glow has also been seen all over the world including Jerusalem and at the nuclear plant in Japan.It is the sign’s of a scalar weapon being used known as a Tesla howitzer!!!

  • http://www.realistnews.net Joe

    After rading the words “Sorcha Faal”, I have seen enough. Her website has been a disinfo site since as far back as I found it back in 2007. Nothing but made up story after story comes from her.

  • No

    I Lol’d with this bullshit. All of your ‘references’ are to completely unrelated events that you somehow manage to weave, giving them made up significance, into this absurd story.


  • http://vault.fbi.gov Superman

    Known Disinfo, stirring the pot of your Mind towards paranoia for the sake of engendering FEAR! Kudos on the Attempt. Kernals of truth within the diatribe, “bluebeam”/”communications”… Salam

  • Kadishi

    Are you all insane? who knows whats going on, the truth will show it self at some point in the future until then just relax. what will be will be!

  • -max-

    Cleve? Are you there…?

  • Freedom is fragile

    Hmm intresting stuff but the ET thing is really old and we all know the excist ( we cant be the only living things in the Universe ) As for the vortex and such I would do some reasear in to H.A.R.R.P. it defentaly excists and is quit cappable of what is mentiond. And is not denied by the US goverment.

  • Friend

    The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.
    – Buddha

  • oscar milton azuara

    los coterrianos norteamericanos y todos aquellos que roban el petroleo tierras seran exterminados por fuerzas universales de las galaxias por ser una amenaza a otras rasas del universo proximamente lo van ha ver lo que va ha ocurrir del desastre de estados unidos de norteamerica ojala cambien su forma depredadora de ser hacia todas las especies de existencia en el universo que la respeten…

  • katesisco

    Well, the double sun phenomena is related to the plasma rivers circling the Earth at roughly 30 degree N & S. See the Electric U.
    I don’t know what to think about the info; is it real?

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