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Obama to recognise Palestinian state with 1967 borders in UN vote

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A reported willingness by the White House to vote for the creation of a Palestinian state in the UN signals unprecedented trust issues with Netanyahu’s government and will likely exacerbate US-Israeli relations.

US President Barack Obama announced a decision to recognise the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, adding that the US will vote as such in the United Nations, reported the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot.

One of the newspaper’s head commentators, Nahum Barnea, stated that “senior” US officials attribute the president’s latest stance to “the revolutions storming the Arab world.” This coupled with resentment at Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu for failing to take genuine steps towards a settlement with the Palestinians reportedly inspired the president to adopt his latest position.

Barnea expects relations between Washington and Tel Aviv to head down a rather dangerous road, wherein “a US approval for the declaration of a Palestinian state would cause confusion and extreme embarrassment for Israel.”

Obama, according to Barnea’s sources, has “completely lost his trust in Netanyahu” and has not replied to the prime minister’s correspondence which stressed that approval of the latest peace proposal would lead to the collapse of Tel Aviv’s ruling coalition. It also noted that Israel cannot make any “geographical” compromises as this is its strongest playing card.

Obama proposed that Netanyahu provide him with a secret pledge showing the latter’s willingness to withdraw from the West Bank, but Netanyahu refused thereby exacerbating their crisis, Barnea explained.

Israeli security sources reportedly stated that “a UN decision to recognise a state of Palestine would turn the Jewish settlers in the West Bank into outlaws” with regard to international law. Nevertheless, the presence of the Israeli army in the West Bank has been and will continue to be considered a breach of UN resolutions.


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  • Let’s face it, the United Nations scam is also nothing but a luciferian communist front to allow the bankers to enslave all mankind in their hellish control grid. Do some research and you’ll see. The U.N. was created by the very same Rothschild bankers who paid Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. Communism is simply Weishaupt’s illuminism codified for the common man, the workers. Compare the two creeds, they are identical. They intend to take over the world and are in the process of doing so. Look around, it is nearly accomplished. Every plank of the illuminist/communist manifesto is already in place in America today.

    In light of all this, the real question for us is whether we, as Americans, will continue to be duped by these luciferians and aid in our own demise or will we wake up and throw off the chains of bondage and declare ourselves free from the illegal, unConstitutional Rothschild Federal Reserve criminal banking system and the imperial aspirations of the devil worshipers at the U.N? Our opportunity to throw off the chains upon us dwindles each day as the control grid is strengthened about us. This opportunity will not last forever.

    So this is our moment in time. History stands ready to record what we choose to do. Will we courageously stand and fight for our freedom or collapse complacently into slavery with their new world order boot kicking us in our face each day and be relegated to the dustbin of history? The choice is ours.


  • Leugner

    We recognise Palestine,the British Mandate.

  • alon melon

    1. There is not and there never has been, in the history of mankind a “state of Palestine.” Palestine and Jordan are one and the same.
    2. Until 1967 the “Palestinians” were occupied by Jordan and no one claimed a statehood. Why? Because there is no such thing as “Palestine.” It’s a coined name given by the Romans to hurt the Jews whom they (tried) to kick out of their homeland
    3. The “Palestinian problem” is the smallest problem in the middle east. Arabs are killing more Arabs in a matter of a month than Arabs killed in all of wars against Israel – combined. the Arab problem is much bigger and the oppression of Arab governments against their own people is a much greater problem than the Israeli-Arab conflict.
    4. Let the Arabs of Israel join their Palestinian brethren in Jordan. THAT is their natural home

  • Leugner

    Ignoramus much?

  • Mbh

    This fits This Bible perfectly. Do not divide God’s land or pay the price. The peace treaty of which I am willing to bet it will be for 7 years will mark the beginning of the 70th and final week of Daniel. Christians are prepared.

    • Kim

      Amen and again I say amen!! Beam us up Jesus!!

  • Stan Anderson

    Mbh, I appreciate what you are saying, but please check your Bible. Revelation 13 plainly gives the length of the Tribulation as 42 months, not 7 years. As for Daniel’s 70 weeks of years, Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A. D., which fulfilled that prophecy. The unscriptural idea to take the 70th week and incorporate it into the final Tribulation was the brainchild of a monk named Francisco Ribera in 1590.
    Also, while the Bible teaches the Tribulation and Second Coming of Christ, the authentic King James Version makes no mention of a Rapture. That doctrine came from the “vision” of an occultist named Margaret Macdonald in Scotland in 1830. Don’t take my word for it, though. There is plenty of researchable material on both subjects.

    • Kim

      The 42 months is first half of the tribulation. The second is the next 42 months. Thus, 84 months, which equals 7 years. The second part of the tribulation is where the world will be in real trouble. There will a rapture of the beleivers in Christ. I have studied this for many years. The facts are in the orginal Greek writings. Christ will return after the 7 years with the believers in Him and He will set up His millium reign. This words are faithful and true.

  • 247FREEIRAN365




    • shannogh

      can I have some of the drugs you’re taking because they’re obviously mind blowing! :roll:

  • shannogh

    why do all you “Christian fanatics” have to keep commenting on things like this? Why don’t you go somewhere else and argue with each other says and maybe kill each other over who’d interpretation of “The word of God” is correct


    alon melon correction to your study of history look in any BIBLE prior 1948 and you will find biblical maps of the Holy Land and you will find a map of Palestine

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