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Obama administration urges Congress not to protect American's email with Forth Amendment

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The Obama administration is urging Congress not to adopt legislation that would impose constitutional safeguards on Americans’ e-mail stored in the cloud.

As the law stands now, the authorities may obtain cloud e-mail without a warrant if it is older than 180 days, thanks to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act adopted in 1986. At that time, e-mail left on a third-party server for six months was considered to be abandoned, and thus enjoyed less privacy protection. However, the law demands warrants for the authorities to seize e-mail from a person’s hard drive.

A coalition of internet service providers and other groups, known as Digital Due Process, has lobbied for an update to the law to treat both cloud- and home-stored e-mail the same, and thus require a probable-cause warrant for access. The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on that topic Tuesday.

The companies maintain that the law should be changed to reflect that consumers increasingly access their e-mail on servers, instead of downloading it to their hard drives, as a matter of course.

But the Obama administration testified that imposing constitutional safeguards on e-mail stored in the cloud would be an unnecessary burden on the government. Probable-cause warrants would only get in the government’s way.


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5 Responses to " Obama administration urges Congress not to protect American's email with Forth Amendment "

  1. Robert Laity says:

    Obama would do away with the Bill of Rights if he could.

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  2. John Taurus says:

    The Jews have destroyed America. The Jews have enslaved all of the citizens of America and Europe. In America, citizens have part of their salary withheld from their pay for taxes. This is about 33% of the paycheck. When a citizen buys something, an additional 7% is charged as a state tax. Buy gasoline?? Fuel tax. Own property? You pay a property tax. Own a vehicle? Pay a vehicle tax to get a tag! By the time all taxes have been paid, a citizen is left with less than 25 cents out of every dollar he/she earns to live on.

    Northern US Slaves were allowed to keep 50 cents of every dollar they earned in the hope they could earn enough to buy their freedom. Today, we are all slaves. Our United States government is not controlled by the citizens, it is controlled by Israel, a country hell-bent on eliminating White people as a threat to Jews and the enslavement of all the people of the world.

    The economic collapse was engineered to destroy America and to steal the Social Security the baby boomers have paid into for the last 90 years. Now that the baby boomer generation is set to retire, these greedy Jews have stolen all this wealth and it now sits in Israel. There will be no retirement for the baby boomers. That money is gone, stolen by the Jews.

    How does a slave owner keep his slaves from revolting? First, never, ever let the slave realize that he/she is a slave. Indoctrinate your slaves. From the moment of the slaves birth you must convince your slave that he/she is “free” and that the slave lives in the “land of the free”. When fighting Israel’s wars, remind your slaves that they are “fighting for freedom” and that the enemy “hates us for our freedom”. Tell the slaves they are “doing this for the children” or to “protect our women” or to “protect the Arab citizens from a cruel dictator”.

    The media is an arm of our government that is used to set public opinion. Bad old Mel Gibson is trashed at every opportunity by the press because he dared to expose the devil Jew and the lies. Invade Libya? It is for the good of the citizens of Libya who are being mistreated.

    Whatever news is released by the government, it is sure to be a lie. The evil, demon, Zionist, mouthpieces are trying to steer the sheeple into the slaughter pen.

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    • Keinichn says:

      “The Jews”? I’m sorry, you’re in the wrong decade to spread Nazi propaganda.

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  3. John Taurus says:

    Your indoctrination is showing, you are attacking anyone who dares to expose the devil Jew for the evil being he/she is. Learn to think for yourself. Printing the truth is not being a Nazi, KKK’er, or anti-semite. Your programming has taken over your weak mind. The Nazis have nothing to do with my writing what I see. The Nazis are gone, this is a new generation of people who also observe what these vampire Jews are doing to the world.

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