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New Yorkers protest US policies

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Protesters gather at a large anti-war rally in Union Square on April 9, 2011 in New York City.

Thousands of Americans have staged a protest rally in New York City to voice concerns over US war and foreign policies as well as the economy and the persisting reduction of social programs.

Scores of peace, labor and community activists took to the streets of the major commercial city on Saturday to call for peace and solidarity with Muslims and an end to US wars abroad, a Press TV correspondent reported.

“I am sick and tired of the elite trying to rule the country, the elite that is only one percent (of the society), ruling the country and getting us into wars that we do not need. Not paying their fair share of taxes while we suffer cutbacks in social programs,” a demonstrator said.

The protesters called on Washington to create more job opportunities in a bid to revive the fragile US economy.

More than 500 organizations also came together from communities across the US to call for an end to government harassment of Muslim immigrants and people of color.

They also called for the restoration of peace and democracy.

Demonstrators shouted “Intifada, Intifada,” an Arabic word meaning uprising and resistance. It is most commonly used as a term for popular resistance against oppression.

During the event, keynote speakers stressed that it was time to end US support for the illegal occupation of Palestine and the war in Libya.

“We are one with the people of Egypt, of Yemen, of Palestine. We are one in opposing the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We are one with the five million people of Libya…” said Vinie Burrows, an American activist.

The participants in the event stressed that the march was about building unity between the antiwar movement and the Muslim community and to challenge Islamophobia.


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8 Responses to " New Yorkers protest US policies "

  1. Dennis says:

    The breaking point has been reached…people are extremely angry and frustrated. The Zionist lobby in America, through AIPAC and other pressure groups has turned the American army into a branch of the Israeli army. We wage wars against Islamic peoples with whom we have no quarrel at the behest of Zionists both in Israel and the US. We all know 9/11 was a staged event to usher in the “war on terror”…not a war with any specific country as has always been the case, but a war on “terror”…What is “terror”? Who are the terrorists? Why are they angry? Could it have anything to do with millions of Palestinians being herded into concentration camps and walled in? Could denying access to Muslims to the second most holy city in Islam have anything to do with it? When you perpetrate genocide on a people you are going to create enemies…to dub them “terrorists” doesn’t make the injustice inflicted upon them any less inhuman, it just serves as a more palatable word to justify even more inhuman treatment. The majority of the American people are decent Christians who desire only peace and harmony in the world. We need to rid ourselves of the cancer of Zionism in our midst which has caused untold misery in the world and has drained our treasury and impoverished our people.

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    • Dan says:

      Are you an idiot? The people are extremely angry and frustrated by the Muslims and the socalist that are ruining the US and the world. Both are like a “Virus”. They go too a beautiful country and destroy it. Than they move to another host. Man get a grip and stop blaming Israel for all of the world problems. They are not that big and powerful. At lease they are not as worst than the Muslim fuck head idiots!

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      • Dillonsmom says:

        Look at whom the majority of protestors are……….what about the millions of $$$$ illegals cost us? This is America, like the United States of America…..we’re supposed to be law abiding people, stand up for people who have come here and become citizens legally……stand up for our constitution…our military……if you don’t like our country the way…it was! GO back home……..if you love your country that much..why are all you unhappy people here? Ohh I know, to destroy this country……well, thanks to the present admin….and even past…….it’s pretty much ruined!

        NOPE 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • JanB says:

      On a global scale the vast majority of people is against war and the influence of AIPAC is a familiar issue:


      To counter the influence of bloggers and alternative news sites, the US army now uses sock-puppets to spew propaganda with the aim to influence readers – with foul language.

      Long before that, the “megaphone project” was launched to counter ant-zionist activists.

      It would be a good thing if Americans do the math about the cost of the oil wars, discover who benefit from those wars, and compare that with the activities of Chinese companies which trade instead of waging war.

      But as the US army now can be used on the “own” population just like it is used in Iraq or Afghanistan on “terrorists”, ousting the violators of the constitution and bringing them to justice won’t be possible without rebellion.

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  2. Leugner says:

    Do they plan Atomic demolition of many more?

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  3. Witness says:

    Mortgage, Banking & Money SCAM of the Federal Reserve System!!- SHOCKING info

    Jordan Maxwell – Maritime Law & How it’s Used to ENSLAVE US – Full Video

    FREEDOM TO FASCISM (16th Amendment, Taxes, Tyranny) by Aaron Russo – 1/2

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  4. R says:

    There is NO common ground between a Democratic Nation and Islam. Islam is Anathema. People fall for the “Religion of Peace” guano. Islam is the anti-religion.
    Social services in the USA are being INVREASED in the USA,to the xetent that it is bankrupting the US Treasury. In the meantime,Obama,a fraud and a traitor goes about his agenda to rule the Earth.

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    • Robert Laity says:

      “R” is Robert Laity.

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