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Libyan bombing campaign causes acid rain near Romanian border

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An acid rain burned the leaves of trees in Bulgaria, near the border with Romania. Bulgarian weather experts say this might be the result of the bombing campaign in Libya! A very high acidity level (pH 4.9) was registered near Vidin (north-west, on the border with Romania), Lovech (north) and Karnobat (south-east). An even higher acidity (pH 4.5) was reported at Plevna, Dobrich, Montana, Shumen in northern Bulgaria, and at Sliven and Burgas, in the south-east of the country.

The experts of the National Weather Institute in Sofia are convinced that acid rains have nothing to do with the nuclear incident in Japan and, most likely, are provoked by the pollution caused by war in Libya, according to Novinar. The rain clouds formed in the region of the Mediterranean where planes take off to bomb Libya, reads the newspaper, which reminds that a large amount of acid rain also hit Bulgaria in 1999, when NATO bombed Yugoslavia.

A rain becomes acid if its pH falls under 5.6, which affects plants and water. “People too may be in danger if they inhale slightly acid vapors, which damage throat and lungs, while rain drops can irritate the skin,” dermatologist Gabriela Ionescu explained for Click tabloid.

“A cyclone was formed in the Mediterranean, descending from Southern Alps, and in Italy, which now heads towards the Near East. This wave of warm and wet air might, indeed, bring the pollution to the Balkans,” said Dumitru Balta, weather expert with ANM.

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