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Iran wants to Ban Dogs from Society because they are "unclean"

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Not long ago, Iranian authorities have banned all advertisements for pets, pet food and other pet products but now it seems that they want to take it even further, as far as bannings dogs from society.

Dogs are “unclean” and should be banned from society. That is what 39 Iranian legislators have proposed to the country’s 290-member parliament, known as the Majlis.

Iran’s official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported that the parliamentarians suggesting the ban on dogs and other pets deemed as “unclean” want the proposed statute to be part the country’s general Islamic law.

If the law passes, dog owners will be banned from taking their pets out into public spaces and into vehicles. First-time offenders will be fined five million riyals (approximately $4800); they will be given 10 days to get rid of the dog. If they fail to do so, health authorities will be called in to take the dog away from its owner. It is unclear what would be done to the dog.

The health ministry has been asked to enforce the rules, as have city councils around the Islamic republic as well as the parliament’s culture committee, according to IRNA.

The 39 MPs say that other than canines being “unclean,” keeping dogs as pets goes against Iranian values. The practice, they said indicated the influence of Western culture.

The campaign against dogs isn’t new, however. In June 2010, Iran’s Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi sent a message that the practice of keeping dogs as domestic pets must stop. He issued a fatwa (religious edict) stating that “Friendship with dogs is a blind imitation of the West.” The Grand Ayatollah added: “There are lots of people in the West who love their dogs more than their wives and children.” He did not elaborate on that statement.

He acknowledged, however, that the Quran does not explicitly prohibit contact with dogs. Rather, the Grand Ayatollah said, such forbidding of contact with dogs was in keeping with Islamic tradition. “We have lots of narrations in Islam that say dogs are unclean,” he said.

In October 2010, Hojatolislam Hassani, cleric and leader of the Friday prayer in the northwestern city of Orumiyeh, went a step further and called for the arrest of all dogs and their owners.

“I demand the judiciary arrest all dogs with long, medium or short legs—together with their long-legged owners,” he said.

Dog ownership has been on the rise in recent years in Iran, a country of around 72.9 million people, especially among Iranians in the affluent neighborhoods of north Tehran.

Hard-line judiciary agents and police have intermittently fined owners and confiscated their pets from streets and parks. Guard dogs and sheep dogs are however considered acceptable. No standards have been apparently set for their cleanliness.


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6 Responses to " Iran wants to Ban Dogs from Society because they are "unclean" "

  1. William Tell says:

    Yes, ban dogs, guns, knives, forks, garden utensils and anything which might conceivably be used as a weapon!

    The next country to follow will be the UK. They demonize dogs as often as possible. A lot of Brits are too spineless to own a dog. They drool over it and pretend that it’s actually a hairy little human, whose sole object in life is to please, and all you have to do is shower it with love.

    British kids are hooligans, they have never been taught discipline of any kind. Dogs on the other hand look for a leader and if they don’t find one, they take over that position themselves. That’s why so many children and people in the UK are being bitten by their own dogs.

    The response will be to ban dogs. It’s just a matter of time. SOMEONE had to lead the way, so Iran will be seen in the UK as a ‘shining example’. Once Britain, the proving ground of the Mad Morons, has done the deed and the sheeple accept it (as they will, because they lost their balls years ago), it will spread across Europe as well and then on to the USA.

    You can’t own a gun in the UK and you can’t buy a sharp knife, take away the dogs and … wait a minute… BAN CRICKET. Cricket bats are ‘DANGEROUS’ you could put someone’s eye out with one of them!

    In a few more years the Brits will be such a spineless, drooling bunch of half-men and half-women who sit glued to their ‘Haunted Fish Tanks’, believing every word and lie that it spews out 24 x 7, that the Government will be able to issue them with sharp knives and tell them to cut their own throats.

    Just think of the time it will save the Muslims when Britain becomes an Islamic Caliphate in a few years.

    The USA Govt has been trying to ban guns now for decades. Sooner or later they will manage it, not that it matters very much because the USA like the UK and most of Europe is bankrupt and the last few remaining dollars will get spent on yet another war.

    Let;s hope that Russia and Chine don’t follow the “Democratic” example of the morons.

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  2. Hockney says:

    They should ban Jews first.

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  3. JanB says:

    Indirectly this is an attack on Sufis (minority in Islam that existed long before Islam existed) as Sufis have a special relationship with dogs:


    Dogs have been bred for properties like faithfulness, guarding, companionship so for a good reason earned the title of “man’s best friend”. Clerics and politicians most certainly are not.

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  4. darren says:

    not true its just the beginning of the programming of the public!! trust me you will be seeing all the media slowly build up to an arguement to go to war with iran as they are definately next on the hit list!!!

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  5. fred says:

    i think this the most stupid article, the mollas are idiots! They are sooooooo ignorant.Dogs are more intelligent than all the mollas in Iran.

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  6. Tommy Atkins says:

    Spineless are we William tell? Coming from a frog, that’s a bit rich. It is our Prime minister and his cronies that are spineless, not our people, you cheese eating surrender monkey.

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