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Human Face Discovered on Mars

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Wow this is some find! It was sent to us from Matteo Ianneo in Italy. Bravo. Sure looks like a face to me. The coordinates, Latitude 33°12’29.82″N, Longitude 12°55’51.21″W, are confirmed and are found in the Google map of Mars.

Forty-six year old Ianneo says he is passionate about the riddles of Mars. He is from from the Puglia Region and the town of Cerignola (FG).

Ianneo says he discovered the new face on Mars by examining pictures sent back to Earth from an ESA probe orbiting the Red Planet and worked into Google’s map of Mars. He presents the photos below. He is unsure if the photos are optical illusions or a real sculptured face but feels the images will never-the-less cause a sensation around the world.

BIN thanks Matteo Ianneo for the contribution of these fascinating images.

Here’s a link to download Google Earth which also contains Google’s map of Mars, if you wish to confirm the images for yourself.

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    Life has some very weird twists

  • jim

    :-x They’re Gone now!

  • Jeroen

    if you look it up on google earth, there is a second face very close to it!

  • Andion

    It’s just a crater, the shadows are creating the illusion.


  • What is Matt Dillahuntys face doing on Mars?

  • Aki

    “He is unsure if the photos are optical illusions or a real sculptured face…”

    Wow, way to clear all other options – like a few stone formations or craters in an area of ~150 million km2 resembling a face when Mars is in position to create shadows like that. Especially when the picture is grainy and not really focused. And maybe if you squint your eyes a bit.

    Or maybe Matt Dillahunty is truly an alien space lord from Mars trying to conquer Earth, I dunno.

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