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Donald Trump Would be a Tough President

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Donald Trump gets tough on China, Iran, and Iraq. He would take all Iraq’s oil so the US would get something in return for spending more than $1 trillion in the war and for having thousands of US soldiers killed in the war. He said he would share the oil with other NATO members who participated in the war against the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Like most candidates, Mr. Trump would also stop Iran from meddling in Iraq and from ever building a nuclear weapon. Donald also criticized China and the way it has been acting lately, saying that he would impose a 25% tax on all Chinese products so that US companies which import from China or manufacture their products aboard (in China) get discouraged from further doing business with China.

He also talked about abortions, gay marriage, Obama’s birth certificate and religion controversy and acknowledged a Muslim problem in the world. Shortly put, he’s against abortions but wouldn’t outlaw them, he’s against gay marriages and he would like to stop them, he wants to see Obama’s birth certificate and said that there is a Muslim problem in the world, furthermore adding that “you don’t see the Swedes taking down the World Trade Center”. He has also talked about illegal immigration and the Obamacare. He said he supports the current healthcare system and he would like to stop illegal immigration from Mexico by militarizing the border with US soldiers, he would even go as far as to deport the current bad illegal immigrants who brought drugs in the US or committed other crimes but would let those good working illegal immigrants stay, if elected president in 2012.

He says that America needs a strong President, and that he’s that person. He sounds like a nationalist in some ways; a man who puts his country before the other countries of the world, and why not? Why should America bow down to other countries in the world? Perhaps to gain their favor? If that was possible, then all countries in the world would favor America now with all of the bowing down that President Obama’s been doing.

He has rapidly gained sympathy, and he is wanted to run for the republican nomination by noticeable percentage of Americans. He could add greatly to the debate. He will keep Romney on his toes and make the other candidates answer questions that they would not have to answer otherwise.

Donald Trump is somewhat similar to Ron Paul, which one would you choose?

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