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Deadly HAARP Attack Caught On Screen!

The above screen capture was done on April, 15th 2011 - 20:02 UTC (4:02PM EDT).

Death toll at 22; 130 injured in NC storms. These two shocking screen captures were provided by this website directly to to us.
Twenty-two people were killed and more than 130 injured by tornadoes and severe storms that struck at least 20 counties in North Carolina Saturday, state officials said Sunday. Source

The full CONUS image [3400x1600-2.7MB] of National Loop is below:
Enlarge the image and scroll to the EAST and watch North Carolina! [Much bigger than ground-based radar signatures..Zen]

Click on the image to enlarge it. You can clearly see the HAARP attack in America's East coast.

This US HAARP event is very similar to the Australian HAARP event which happened in 2010 and caused massive floods.

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6 Responses to " Deadly HAARP Attack Caught On Screen! "

  1. stimoceiver United States says:

    if you like this information, theres a few diehard souls who have been researching this for the last decade or two… heres a link to an old tripod site on the topic of anomalous “radar flashes” visible on weather radars around the USA, sometimes corresponding with abrupt changes to weather patterns:


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  2. Mike Delaney United States says:

    Strange I was almost living dead on bull’s eye to the center of that ordeal in eastern NC up until yesterday….

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  3. LeebytheSea United States says:

    I live near Raleigh, and was driving through Eastern NC the day of the Tornado Outbreak. To say that the weather was eerie would be an understatement. There were numerous “Dust Devils” in the fields mere hours before the worst of the tornadoes struck. The local weather radar was showing *multiple* tornadoes on the ground at the same time in a very small area. Such events are beyond rare in NC – they are unheard of.

    Stranger still, the wind and surf on Cape Hatteras was as strong as it is during major storms and the lighning was incredible, while dropping very little precipitation (see also historic rainfall in Hatteras, NC).

    I’m still a HAARP skeptic, but I’m coming around…

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  4. robert United States says:

    i believe the good lord god is punishing this great nation. look how weve took his name out of our every day lives. then these dumb asses vote a muslim in to the oval office. obama has been letting sleeper cell muslims into our country so they can attack us. we need to pray to god he heals this nation before its to late if it isnt already. wake up people quit listenen to that muslim who is hell bent on destroying the usa. one world government and one world religion are not to far off unless people do something about it now. we cant let our great nation fall to the muslims. watch jack vanimpi on sunday morning at 6.30 a.m. central time he tells you whats goin on. if you dont believe me look up the fema camps, fema trains, un veichiles in the us all on utube. there getting ready to declair martial law. the mark of the beast also on utube. wake up smell the coffee dont let this happen to america. god said these problems would be like a women haveing labor pains they would come faster and stronger as time goes by. so if we want to keep this country a free one then start praying if not sit back and let the muslims take over then we can live like muslims under martial law good day and may god have mercy on all of us.

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  5. Anoushka New Zealand says:

    It snowed for the First time on the 15th of August 2011 in Palmerston North, New Zealand could this be caused by such an event?

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  6. Kevin United States says:

    What I find most interesting is another attack which has been caught on radar. This supposed attack occurred in the midwest and was centered somewhere around Kansas City. The exact location may be different, this is just the best estimate of the center I have.

    It’s not the attack itself which I find interesting, but the location. The attack was caught awhile back. I showed my wife the screen shot of the radar image about a month ago and explained to her what it was.

    Last week I was doing some grocery shopping. At the checkout counter I will usually stand and read the headlines of the magazines. One jumped out at me, the EXACT location that the HAARP attack took place was depicted in an image appearing on the SUN with the headline: Secret Government Death Map.

    Having viewed the SUN as an entertainment publication, I dismissed it for a few days. However, curiosity eventually got the better of me and I ened up buying the rag.

    It’s amazing how accurate they can predict the weather when they are the ones causing it.

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