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China Takes Up Key British National Party Energy Policy

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FLiBe, a molten salt reactor coolant.

Far-sighted economic super-power China has announced that it is going to address the looming global energy shortfall by building a safer, cleaner, and ultimately cheaper network of nuclear reactors based on thorium molten salt technology.

The extensive development and use of this ultra-safe alternative to uranium-based nuclear power was adopted as British National Party policy more than five years ago, following an energy policy review we conducted in connection with our grasp of the Peak Oil problem.

China’s much more recent decision was noted by well-informed Telegraph analyst Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on 20th March 2011. Explaining concisely how the well-established but hitherto unused technology works, the journalist commented that:

“It may mark the passage of strategic leadership in energy policy from an inert and status-quo West to a rising technological power willing to break the mould.

“If China’s dash for thorium power succeeds, it will vastly alter the global energy landscape and may avert a calamitous conflict over resources as Asia’s industrial revolutions clash head-on with the West’s entrenched consumption.”

Explaining the decision of China’s Academy of Sciences to use a thorium-based molten salt reactor system, Chinese scientists pointed out that hazardous waste will be a thousand times less than with uranium. The system is inherently less prone to disaster.

Thorium is a silvery metal named after the Norse god of thunder. According to Professor Robert Cywinski from Huddersfield University, thorium must be bombarded with neutrons to drive the fission process. “There is no chain reaction. Fission dies the moment you switch off the photon beam. There are not enough neutrons for it continue of its own accord,” he said, explaining why the technology is so inherently safe.

Dr Cywinski, who heads a UK-wide thorium team, said the residual heat left behind in a crisis would be “orders of magnitude less” than in a uranium reactor.

A further huge advantage of thorium is that, while an expansion of uranium-based nuclear power would rapidly exhaust the Earth’s limited supplies of uranium, thorium is as common as lead. America has buried tons as a waste product of rare earth metals mining. Norway has so much that thorium is already envisaged powering the country in the Post-Oil Age. Britain has seams in Wales and Cornwall. Almost all the mineral is usable as fuel, compared to only 0.7pc of uranium. There is enough to power civilization for thousands of years.

The UK team based at Huddersfield University has been developing an accelerator-driven sub-critical reactor for thorium. This world-leading cutting-edge project needs £300m of public money for the next phase, and £1.5bn of commercial investment to produce the first working plant. Thereafter, economies of scale kick in fast, with completely practical plans in place to build. The idea is to make pint-size 600MW reactors.

Yet while the ConDem Coalition can afford wars in Afghanistan and Libya, and a huge increase in the foreign aid budget, there is no money for this project.

So, as is so often the case, China will develop British technology and, in due course, sell it back to us – if bankrupt Britain has got any money left with which to buy it. Yet again, the visionary British National Party has been ahead of the game, only to be ignored by the criminally incompetent political elite. Yet again, they are wrong, and we are right.


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  • JanB

    Patents on thorium reactors ran out some 30 years ago, so private corporations cannot make huge profits thanks to monopolies.

    For Chinese state-owned corporations the absence of such patents is irrelevant: their mission is to get the job done (serving the people instead of CEOs and shareholders).

    Considering the amount of scientists and engineers in China (as compared to the EU, Russia or the US), China will take the lead, soon.


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  • Leugner

    What about those who wreck nations to make bombs?

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    • JanB

      The US made the first nuclear bomb and dropped it on Japanese civilians, then repeated the procedure on another city, although surrender had been offered already by Japan.

      That started the global proliferation and the inseparable pollution.

      “No country without an atom bomb could properly consider itself independent.”
      Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970), French statesman, soldier. Quoted in: New York Times Magazine (12 May 1968).

      Bomb owners:

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  • Leugner

    What do they say about British taxation funding an international organised crime terror network,namely the Northern American Terrorist Organisation?

    Those people have no future?

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    • JanB

      NATO should have been dismantled when the Warsaw Pact was ended, because there no longer was a threat. But instead, NATO expanded as to include former Soviet republics and that process continues.

      The present agenda is to attain winnable first strike nuclear capability via the anti-missile shield that is being constructed around Russia and then to bring “freedom and democracy” to that country, so rich in resources (oil, gas, gold, other minerals and all that arable land).

      In Africa it regards attainment of complete control which implies ousting the number one competitor for resources, China.

      NATO is but a fig leaf of legality for US neo-colonialism, just look at the military budgets of its members.

      One can only guess what kind of blackmail is used to force cooperation of EU countries in order to give those resource wars the semblance of “legal” and “humanitarian”.

      Looting resources invariably leads to the collapse of the colonizer, the Roman, Spanish and British empire are a few examples.

      When resources are depleting, that ought to be a sign to start looking for (more) sustainable alternatives, instead of looting them from other countries for continuation of “business as usual”.

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  • Leugner

    They are certainly cut from the same cloth as ‘dissident republicans’.

    Throw the buggers in jail.

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  • When nuclear power was first thought about, there were two strands of research. One was the use of Uranium as a nuclear fuel, the other was Thorium. Uranium won the day and the reasons are simple. Because Uranium is scarce, and the elites (Rothschild, every governments master), control the mining companies. Thorium is plentiful and widely distributed across the planet, even the sea. Thorium reactors are safer, run at low pressure and produce less higher-isotope material which have to be dealt with afterwards. But most importantly for the elites, Uranium is weaponisable, Thorium isn’t, so Uranium was chosen so that bombs could be made. In the interests of a few (governments Masters again) yet again.

    Which brings us on to SSTAR.

    SSTAR is designed to be a self-contained reactor in a tamper resistant container. The goal is to provide reliable and cost-effective electricity, heat and freshwater. Whereas a typical conventional uranium nuclear power station will generate in the region of 1 GigaWatt of electricity, this Thorium reactor will be available as a 500 ton, 100 Megawatts version, enough for 100,000 homes (in the UK at least), or a 200 ton, 10 Megawatts version. All with no requirement for any particular weather to make it work. It is a completely sealed unit – designed to be set down and operate without maintenance for 30 years until it’s fuel is spent and then replaced with another unit or refuelled onsite if appropriate. SSTAR make power generation convenient in two ways; decreasing staffing costs by dropping them close to zero and eliminating the bulky infrastructure required for larger plants. The design can be adapted to produce hydrogen for use as an alternative fuel for cars, buses, taxis etc. A thought. There are almost 10,000 petrol stations in the UK. Our present generating capacity is 80 GigaWatts. What if we replaced those 10,000 petrol stations with 10,000 10MW versions of this reactor; sealed and safe generating electricity and producing hydrogen. We would produce more than enough electricity to meet our needs and fuel our cars – the only by-product from cars etc. would be water. The benefits of SSTAR
    SSTAR could be the answer for nuclear power

    More detailed information about SSTAR available here.

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