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China raps US meddling

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China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Hong Lei gestures for questions at a press briefing in China's capital Beijing.

China has called on the United States to stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of human rights issues.

China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei urged Washington to focus on improving its own human rights conditions, saying, “We advise the US side to reflect on its own human rights issues and not to position itself as a preacher of human rights,” the state-funded BBC reports.

China called the US-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the explicit examples of America’s violation of human rights.

“[The US should] stop using the issue of human rights reports to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs,” the Chinese politician added.

Hong says China welcomes talks about rights on the basis of equality and mutual respect. However, he added that Beijing resolutely opposes meddling in other countries’ affairs, and that it also opposes US interference in China’s internal affairs.

The development comes following the annual release of US State Department’s report on human rights, which criticized China for rights abuses.

The American report, considered by many observers as more of a political document against countries not in good terms with the US, accused Beijing of stepping up restrictions on lawyers and journalists.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also claimed on Friday that Beijing’s record on human rights was worsening.

“We remain deeply concerned about reports that since February, dozens of people including public-interest lawyers, writers, artists, intellectuals and activists have been arbitrarily detained and arrested,” Clinton said.

The Asian country has also been accused by the US of tightening controls on civil liberties and imposing more restraints over the press and internet access.


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  • JanB

    Good to see that the Chinese govt no longer tolerates US propaganda on human rights: the US is human rights violator number one, with illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and now Libya. Then there’s the issue of torturing people who haven’t even had a fair trial. But it could be expected, financial analysts knew for over a decade that the US is a banana republic with corrupt govts:

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  • All Asians United! Let us form the United States of Asia to stop Europe’s and America’s intimidation, interference and meddling into our sovereign states’ internal security to wage cyber war prior to launching attacks as they had done and are still doing in Vietnams, Iraq, Afghan, Middle East, Africa, Koreas, and now even China and India!

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  • tediam

    Has anyone looked at our US government lately?

    Many of the key advisory, staff, and wage grade

    positions, going back who knows how long now, are

    held by either zionist jews, or crypto-jews. I suppose that’s

    one of the vulnerabilities of a Democracy: Shadow

    governements. Sad but true.

    Michelle Obama’s longtime friend and one of

    Barrack’s closest White House advisors (in fact, his

    “senior” advisor), Valerie ‘Bowman’ Jarrett, recently

    outed herself at an AIPAC (American Israel Public

    Affairs Commitee) event and finally admitted
    that she is jewish. For decades the Obama’s thought
    she was Muslim, having been born in Iran


    I read about that little tidbit in this, The European Journal, first!).
    Look up ‘crypto-jew’ to understand just one of the many tactics

    used to infiltrate their way into a societies power

    infrastructure. Check this out:



    BTW – you can interpret AIPAC as: American

    “Political Action Committee”. AIPAC took over for the

    ‘American Zionist Council’ after the US government

    investigated them. Check out the decades-old US

    Senate Investigations on them here:






    There you can read how they’ve plotted (and

    succeeded in) the overthrow of our media outlets,

    etc. Google: ‘Palestine’, to read how they’ve treated

    Palestinians since 1948, and at the same time, you’ll

    get a glimpse into your children’s childrens’ future to

    see how, one day when they are powerful enough,

    these self-professed ‘chosen peple’ will treat all

    Gentiles – a.k.a. the Goyim. The Palestinian plight is

    every Gentile’s plight, believe it or not (if you don’t believe
    it then you’re likely a pseudo-patriot who doesn’t know
    diddly about what the US Constitution means and the uniform you

    wore may as well have been adorned with

    swastikas because you don’t at all understand what

    we fought ‘for’).
    Check out ‘Palestine’ on YouTube and

    you’ll ‘see’ the truth. That is, of course, if they

    haven’t commandeered ‘that’ media resource as





    Once the jews got their christianity into the roman

    empire in 313 CE, they went on a terroristic killing

    spree throughout Europe, lasting over a millenium
    (The Dark Ages), using the empire’s soldiers (with their own

    ‘circumsized ones’ intermingled in high positions

    throughout) to convert everyone to their new

    religion. They forced them (likely your own ancestry,

    as mine) to raise their babies, one generation after the next,
    and teach them to ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘give the
    shirt off their back’, and that “vengence is mine,
    sayeth the . . .” etc. etc., while they went on
    with their brutal, ‘chosen people’ ways.

    Google: ‘The Bloody Verdict of Verden”, or “Charlemagne at
    the River Aller”, or ‘the history of the Saxons in 780’s
    CE if your want to know what happens to the those
    who resisted. Or, click here to see what charlemange
    did to terrorize and convert the Saxons:


    BTW – the over 4,500 executions were beheadings

    and the River Aller ran red that day.

    Most people have no clue as to how christianity gained its
    foothold in The Roman Empire and Europe.
    If it was 312 CE and you were a power -hungry king about
    to engage in warfare for the singular title of ‘Emperor of
    All of Rome’, and you were less than 100% sure to be
    the victor, and someone came to you and offered up their
    warriors to fight alongside yours and virtually guarantee
    you the victory – would you do it? And when you asked the
    price, they tell you they want their new religion, christianity,
    to be the Empire’s lone religion – replacing polytheism, a
    horizontal and Democratic power structure. By this you
    become a ruler, second-only to a singular god, in a vertical
    power structure (virtually making ‘you’ god, since god isn’t
    known to interrupt a public forum and dispute a liar),
    would you do it? You can claim ‘your’ words were god’s words.
    You essentially became god. Would you do it then?
    The last thing the kings who succumbed thought was that
    they would be usurped and replaced as the highest power
    ever . . . that of course being the ‘vatican’. The vatican is
    the richest bank in the world. Did you know that? And did you
    know that, besides being in cahoots with the jews (oxymoron?),
    the vatican stole a lot of Europe from our ancestors using forgery?
    It was called ‘Constantine’s Gift’, or ‘The Donation of constantine’
    and wasn’t found out until the second millenium. Check this out:


    Then, look up moses and read, even in the bible, how

    he was a terroristic mass-murderer, no different than

    saddam heussein, pol-pot, or ceaușescu. If you

    weren’t 100% obedient – you died. Quite the incentive

    for obedience, don’t you think?

    Interpolate that with the last

    If you’re not sure what “the chosen people” means,

    get the video, “My Father, My Lord”. About 30 minutes
    in, you’ll learn what it means when the rabbi teaches

    his class ‘The Lesson of the Cat’. And when you

    know where you satnd in their eyes, you’ll

    understand why they’ve been hated the world over –

    since their beginnings. (BTW – the error of this film is

    that the jew is taught the concept of its place

    amongst Gentiles at the earliest age, not as depicted

    by the age of the rabbi’s students).

    Check this out:


    And if you confront a ‘true’ jew on this issue, he’ll
    unapologetically tell you he ‘is’ one of a ‘chosen people’.

    You might be under the misconception that the

    church was anti-semitic. BS! The church gave sole

    right to jews the priveledge of engaging in banking

    practices and usury, while forbidding the christian

    Gentile (Goy) from that post since “money was a

    filthy thing and only the lowly jew should manage it”.

    Money is power.

    Millions of European farmers ‘lost-it-all’
    in foreclosure to jew banks (something unheard of
    until now) and ended up in inner-city ghettos. Meanwhile,
    jews continued to supplant Europe’s farming population.
    Many of them, finding no employment, thought
    converting to judaism would somehow afford them
    the luxuries of the jew lifestlye (a common practice most
    everywhere) – but that was never to be. It might
    seem incredible, but by 1928 the jews owned 98%
    of Germany’s banks, amongst other things:



    Look up ‘Martin Luther’ and read his 75,000-word

    thesis, “The Jews and Their Lies” to understand

    why Luther hated them and advocated the killing of

    them. This was the reason why he eventually broke
    away from the ‘jew-owned church’ and created the
    eponymous branch religion of Lutheranism. Sadly,
    today they’ve managed the complete silencing of
    ML’s thesis. And for those who do encounter
    it (?) – they’re told he was old and senile when he
    wrote it. The truth is – he knew about what

    the jews were doing to his country long before he

    was an old man.

    No one, in any country, is safe. They’ve infiltrated all

    governments; local, state, federal, foreign, et al. If

    you think you’re safe because you may be Asian –

    think again. They marry their young into existing

    power infrastructures planetwide, introducing their

    bloodlines, and then raise their babies in the jewish,

    ‘chosen people’ traditions. They’ve been doing so for

    thousands of years. Look up: ‘Beta jews’. They are

    Ethiopean jews.

    If a true American believes in, and abides, the

    Constitution of the United States of America . . . . but

    The torah teaches the jew they are the ‘chosen

    people’, which means they are the only species on

    the planet that ‘God’ (their ‘god’) personally looks

    after (personal providence), then how can a jew be

    an American? They don’t believe in the concept that

    we are all equal, both in creation and in the eyes of

    the law, etc, as written in our constitution and in
    The Gettysberg Address. History proves they are
    above the laws as written by the Gentile.
    They abide no law outside their own.
    They conform only to mosaic (moses’) law, and, as

    we know, moses was a mass-murderer.

    If they are
    not running a shadow government here, then how
    could these incidents be possible without retribution?:



    How many do we ‘not’ know about? ….Gulf of
    Tonkin, maybe??? Or the USS Maine in Cuba???
    If you’re a curious type then do some history research,
    (which, BTW, is ridiculously easy since the advent of
    the internet. It’s the greatest tool of Democracy ever!
    Jumping from link to link you can learn things like
    how the jews infiltrated the Roman Empire in 313 CE.
    You can find out how it then evolved into the
    “HOLY” Roman Empire, and today – why there is
    no longer a Roman empire. It has morphed and
    is now known as the vatican. You see, when Rome’s
    soldiers were no longer needed, Rome just stopped

    resupplying them and, without their wine
    and other rations, they abandoned their outpost and
    melded into the framework of society in whatever
    locale they were stationed. Outposts generally
    became monestaries. Many, if not the majority of
    monestaries, were vineyards, where they produced
    and sold ‘blood of Jesus’ (a.k.a. wine) since it was
    mandatory for christians to drink and buy it.
    And if you think about it – the empire became

    unrecognizable without its legions of soldiers.
    That’s why there is no longer a Roman
    Empire. . . it’s now the vatican. If you ever get tired of the
    surrogate religion we all seem to be stuck with, you

    know “the bible”, which is the heritage of the jew
    (up to a point), and are curious of what your true
    heritage is, from say – a thousand years ago, or
    pre-dark ages, then it might be in the archives
    of the vatican, But you won’t get in there – ever.

    So there is no Roman Empire anymore. It has gone

    the way of our European heritage – stolen by the jews.
    One has to wonder how much longer there will even
    be a USA too given how our government is infiltrated
    to the point that most of the world recognizes us as
    being one with the jews. And we’re hated likewise,
    as well. We even consistently vote in-favor
    of the criminal actions of israel in the UN. The

    government doesn’t vote the way of ‘the people’
    much anymore, especially when it comes to
    foreign policy issues.

    It’s funny, the republicans thought they owned FOX

    News. Not so! FOX is owned by Rupe Murdoch. He
    owns a huge part of the world’s media
    sources… including the republican agenda of
    The FOX News Network.
    He got his start because the jews who backed him

    financilly thought he was not likely to be recognized
    as one. But, his mother was jewish.

    And, given the way he conducts business,
    logically has no alternative but to deem him a ‘true jew’.

    The bottom line is that ‘we’, the majority people of

    planet Earth, are all human. We all want the same

    things for ourselves and our loved ones; Life, liberty,

    the pursuit of happiness, and peace and security. Sadly –

    the jew doesn’t abide Gentile wants in his quest to

    dominate, since god built this entire universe solely

    for him (but only in their minds). And
    if the jew is

    anything at all – – – he is a traditionalist. BEWARE!

    Yang Changshi, really???
    They pray for, and incite, racism. Then they prey on what they can get while we’re too busy to notice. If we ‘all’ don’t ‘get it’ soon, they win. If there should be any uniting, it should be ‘all’ of ‘us’, racism w/o standing.
    Even with all the supposed ‘self-hating’ jews seemingly on our side – they still gain by algebraic sum. But there are good jews who seem to be more christian-like than jew. I believe they had ancestors who converted to judaism long ago but they don’t even know it and have never been indoctrinated into the true judaism religion. Or, I sometimes wonder if the self-haters are just plants to mitigate and dilute our resolve. They are that devious. They do claim to have the greatest intel assets in the world. And they did create the church ‘confessional’. Think about it! They didn’t get as far into the power infrastructuers of the world by not trying. They own The Federal Reserve and dictate economies worldwide. They create poverty, wars, hatred, you name it. If it gets them ahead in their goal to be kings (masters) of all nations they’ll do it. You can’t disprove it. . . . . try!

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