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Canadian Prime Minister Candidate Confronted About Bilderberg Group

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Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal party of Canada gets confronted about the Bilderberg group, the North American Union, and Fluoride. At a stop in Hamilton Ontario. For his part, Ignatieff answered the question about his opponent Harper’s Bilderberg visits and officially denounced secrecy.

Among Ignatieff’s sappy speech lines is that “It is time for a change.” Somehow, I think I’ve heard that before.

Terry Wilson and Frankie Gotz confront the NWO puppet Micheal Ignatieff in Hamilton Ontario. Although the event was promoted to be Michael answering any questions asked by the public, he did not like being asked about the Bilderberg group, fluoride and the North American Union.

The whole contempt of parliament and buying war machines (by Harper) is all scripted. its all done to manipulate your mind to hate harper and to vote in this new guy. much like wat they did with bush and Obama. they are all puppets and all serve the same corporate agenda!


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  • rob


  • Anatoli Axelrod

    Rob I vote for green, all country wants Michael Ignatieff.

  • I changed my position, I will vote only for Liberal Party of Canada. I support Michael Ignatieff and his party!

  • bob

    im glad we have some one like him to explain all that “fancy talk” on parliament hillfor us stupid canadian peasants. what a dick head. he still thinks hes in the u.s.a.

  • Denis

    You got to be kidding. Vote for this guy.Not on my life let alone any one else’s life. Take this term and remember it “LYING LIBERAL” This man is so desperate to be Prime Minister of Canada he will say anything promise anything to get elected. Remember Cretien’s I will get rid of the GST and McGuinty’s promise of no tax increases. Ignatief is just another member of the Dishonourable LYING LIBERALS

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