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Canadian Boy Blackmails School Secretary to Keep Quiet about her Past

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School secretary Julie Gagnon (stage name Samantha Ardente) explaining to a reporter her case.

The 14-year-old pupil who outed a school secretary for leading a secret double-life as a adult film star demanded sex from the woman to keep quiet, her legal team has claimed.

The Canadian boy was suspended from school in March for creating a fake Facebook page in her name with a racy profile picture of the secretary in her underwear, after she allegedly refused the boy’s request for an autograph.

But school secretary Julie Gagnon who goes by the stage name of Samantha Ardente now claims the boy, who cannot be named, asked her to perform a sex act on him in return for his silence.

The woman was finally sacked from her job at Etchemins High School near Quebec City last week after news of her starring role in adult films reached school management.

But the star’s lawyer, Franco Schiro, claims the teenager, whose mother is a teacher at another school, tried to coerce Miss Ardente into a trade for sex.

He said his client became alarmed when the pupil asked her about her young daughter.

According to Mr Schiro, in an online conversation the pupil ‘basically asked her for oral sex in order to stop what was going to be happening to the daughter of my client’, he told the Sun News Network.

Miss Ardente, who has launched unspecified legal action after losing her job, said she tried to start a police investigation, but was told by officers it wasn’t a criminal matter.

Although Miss Ardente agreed to stop making adult films to keep her job, the school board terminated her position last week, claiming her film career ‘was not compatible’ with her day job.

Board chairman Leopold Castonguay said: ‘We believe the actions that led to this incident are inappropriate, unacceptable and incompatible with not only our mission but also with the values we wish to convey to our young students.’

Inappropriate profession? The Canadian school where a pupil discovered a staff member had a secret life.

Nicolas Lafleur, the owner of Pegas Productions, which makes the films Miss Ardente has starred in, has condemned the reaction.

He said: ‘She (Miss Ardente) was very nervous. She didn’t want to lose her job and I don’t think she told everyone, so it wasn’t easy for her.’

Mr Pegas’s website had so much traffic in March it had to restrict access to paying members and he was concerned about students from the school getting into the site.

The boy said he was threatened with legal action by the school if he didn’t take down the Facebook page.

But he claims he couldn’t close it as it was created under another name and he no longer has administrative rights.

The boy’s school has confirmed the suspension although a spokesperson denied that they had threatened legal action.

Etchemins High School has 1,400 students. Miss Ardente had worked at the school for the past two years.


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