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Boy, 9, saves 2-year-old sister from drowning by giving CPR

Hero: Tristin Saghin sits in his grandmother's back yard where he saved his two-year-old sister's life when she was found floating in the pool.

‘I would do anything for her’: Boy, 9, saves two-year-old sister from drowning by giving CPR.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

And though pint-sized hero Tristin Saghin is still small, his quick-thinking actions that saved his sister’s life were bigger than anyone could have imagined.

The nine-year-old boy from Las Vegas came to the rescue when his two-year-old sister Brooke fell into his grandmother’s pool.

Tristin’s mother found the toddler floating in the pool after she was able to slide the screen door open.

Her mother quickly pulled her out but she was unconscious and not breathing.

Tristin was playing a video game when he heard his mother call out to him.

Sister: Brooke fell in to the pool after sliding the back door open.

With she and his grandmother in hysterics and unsure of what to do except call an ambulance, Tristin sprang into action.

He began giving her CPR, something he said he learned from television.

Speaking to Fox News he said: ‘My grandma said where is the baby and my mom went running out here and saw my sister floating.

‘I think she like dropped her stroller as it was also in the pool and was trying to reach for it and fell in… her shoe too.’

After a stressful two minutes performing chest compressions and giving her mouth to mouth, his sister started to breathe again.

He said: ‘I told my grandma to call an ambulance, the neighbour came over, I did CPR on her and she was starting to breathe a little bit.

‘I knew what I was doing.’

She is now recovering in hospital but is expected to be fine, thanks to her brother.

None of the other adults knew how to do CPR.

He said he would do anything for his sister: ‘She’s really beautiful and I love her very much.’

Praise: Mesa Fire Department spokesman Captain Forrest Smith commended the boy for his courage, bravery and quick thinking.

Mesa Fire Department spokesman Captain Forrest Smith told KNXV-TV: ‘I couldn’t imagine what was going through his mind. Here he is, in a situation where most of us, if we had a family member in that position, as parents we tend to really panic and be concerned. I tell you, we really give kudos out to him.’

Officials say it is the third drowning call they have had in the area recently.

On Saturday, a three-year-old girl died after she was found in a family swimming pool around 3:30pm in Mesa.

A few hours later, a seven-year-old girl was pronounced dead after she was found in an above-ground swimming pool in south Phoenix.

According to Fox, there have been 28 drowning calls in Maricopa County so far this year. Of the 28 water related incidents reported, 14 people have died; nine adults and five children.


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