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Body of 'dead alien' is found in frozen wastes of Siberia after claims of UFO hurtling to Earth

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Alien life? This strange 'body' was discovered in Russia.

A bizarre video claiming to show alien remains in a Russian UFO hotspot has become a massive worldwide hit with hundreds of thousands of followers.

The movie – made by two walkers in Irkutsk in Russia’s remote Siberia – shows what appears to be the badly damaged corpse of a two foot high ET half buried in the snow.

Part of the right leg is missing and there are deep holes for eyes and a mouth in a skull-like head.

UFO fans believe the body could have been left behind by ET visitors after an accident, or missed by Russian military alien experts clearing up after a crash, according to reports.

The area is a known UFO hotspot with dozens of sightings reported every year.

It follows reports of a UFO hurtling towards earth in the nearby Irkutsk region of Siberia one month ago.

‘We couldn’t believe it when we saw it. And what was spooky is that there was no sign of the spaceship. Perhaps that was taken away and the body overlooked,’ said Igor Molovic, one of the pair that uploaded the video.

The clip has now been seen by nearly 700,000 people within a few days.

Cynics claim the video is a fake using a carefully staged model for the ET’s body.

But one fan wrote’: ‘It’s so lame how people always get thrilled by having another excuse to shout “Fake! fake!” every time something weird shows up. Unless proven otherwise, this is in fact plausible.’

‘If this is fake – then they are masters at models/puppets. I think it’s real – one of the very few, great vid.,’ said another.

The alien-like body was found after reports of a UFO landing.


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4 Responses to " Body of 'dead alien' is found in frozen wastes of Siberia after claims of UFO hurtling to Earth "

  1. Lorne Johnson. says:

    Iam a Ufologist & researcher for the last 39 years in Sudbury Ontario Canada, i personly think this is fake do to it being a copy of a gray; if it were real then it wood of not been left behind as all beings will viberat at different rates.
    There are many different race’es of ET’s yet the Little grays are the most reported as in the movie Fire in the Sky!!!. yet here is some information that is going to happen in October of 2011, there will be showing up in skys over majour Citys worldwide a three mile long Light ship.. yes a Light ship and thousands of Humans will be seeing this and yes taking photos as well;and this sighting will not be a fake.

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    • smith says:

      UFOlogist huh?? was it difficult making that title up yourself?
      double check your spelling the next time you wish to be taken seriously. “wood?? it’s would.”

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  2. Damien says:


    Can you give us some links to where this information is available about the October landing? How do you know? Why October? Any information would be appreciated.

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  3. aaa says:

    The head helmet is unique, the body upper wear a thin
    suit can be seen on the video, very original, the hands
    are missing, sometimes is the truth unusal

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