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Biofuel pushes millions of people towards poverty

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The growing production of bioethanol increases the shortage of food. Corn, sugar, other types of farm crops are required for the production of the biofuel. In addition, the growth of sowing for the green fuel reduces the square of lands designated for food cultures, which leads to smaller harvest and higher prices on food.

FAO’s food prices index gained 2.2 percent in February, which marked the highest point since the analysis of the prices in 1990. The index embraces the fluctuations of prices on 55 sorts of food products.

FAO’s crops prices index in March (includes wheat, rice and corn) increased by 3.7 percent. The prices on corn doubled last year, whereas wheat gained 65 percent.

The index of prices on vegetable oil and fats increased insignificantly. It is currently staying at the level of a bit lower than the peak point of June 2008. The index of prices on meat in February increased by two percent. The index of prices on sugar went 16 percent higher than it was a year ago.

A report from the World Bank confirmed that prices on food products continued to grow. WB’s index of food prices increased by 15 percent from October 2010 to January 2011.

According to experts’ estimates, the number of undernourished people in the world will exceed the level of one billion people already in near future. According to the UN, there were not more than 925 million of such people last year. The growing prices on food push people towards poverty and puts pressure on most vulnerable layers of the population – those who spend over 50 percent of their income on food. As a result, when prices increased by 15 percent from October to January, as many as 44 million more people found themselves below the poverty line, WB specialists said.

FAO’s index dropped for the first time in eight months in March – by 2.9 percent. The growing prices on food and fuel push farmers and other agricultural productions towards growing most lucrative “fuel” cultures, which can only add more fuel to the fire.

Neither Europe, nor the USA intend to revise their standards which stipulate the constant increase of the share of natural fuel in their consumption. In the USA, the use of biofuel by 2022 is expected to reach 36 billion gallons a year (more than 160 billion liters). In the EU, ten percent of car fuel is to be produced from plants by 2020. China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries already have their biofuel programs, The New York Times said.

China banned the growth of crops for the production of fuel ten years ago after the country faced a strong increase of prices on corn. The sudden growth of quotations on corn at Chicago Mercantile Exchange occurred due to the development of the bioethanol production in the USA. The latter uses up to 40 percent of its croppage for this purpose.

Nowadays, the Chinese produce ethanol from manioc root crop, which they also import from other countries. The prices on manioc started to grow, and the programs connected with the production of biological fuel in neighboring Asian states began to decline. Manioc is also used as cattle forage, which creates certain problems for the cattle breeding industry. Thus, the production of bioethanol from manioc results in more expensive food products for people.


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One Response to " Biofuel pushes millions of people towards poverty "

  1. William Tell says:

    You poor dumb morons. It isn’t the growing production of Biofuel that is the major cause of the problem. This is just a way of Governments covering up the REAL cause of food shortages, because to actually publish the real cause would be “politically incorrect”.

    The problem began on 3 February 1960, when Harold Macmillan made his famous “Winds of Change” speech. Then on 12 December 1963, Kenya was given Independence and the bloodthirsty terrorist (double-speak = Freedom Fighter) was made President.

    Immediately after Independence, thousands upon thousands of hectares of farmland, which had provided food, not only for Kenya, but for other countries also, was ploughed up and destroyed by savages, and the land was ‘redistributed’. Gone were all the productive farms and they were replaced by goats and tiny little plots with a few bits of maize. Trees were used for firewood and the land became unproductive.

    Soon after, like dominoes, country after country in Africa was given Independence and as each country fell to the African despots like Idi Amin, came the redistribution of land, the murdering of White farmers and the destruction of productive farms which had fed their own people and helped feed other countries as well.

    Recently, Rhodesia went to Robert Mugabe. White farmers have been murdered and the once productive farms have now been laid to waste. Soon after Rhodesia (Zimbabwe to the bleeding hearts), went South West Africa (Namibia to the idiots) and the huge German farms there are also being systematically destroyed and the White farmers murdered.

    Mozambique, home of thousands of acres of cashew nuts and prawn fishing, sold it’s prawns to Russia, who sucked them from the seabed with giant trawlers equipped with the equivalent of vacuum cleaners. What did they get in return? A couple of Russian attack helicopters, to keep them safe from the South African Mirages and missiles. Yeah, right! Then they ploughed up all the cashew nut plantations and killed the Portuguese that farmed them and replaced them with – DESERT!

    The huge Mainly German and Portuguese farms in Angola, were all destroyed and laid waste and now produce nothing of value to Angola, the rest of Africa, or the world.

    The last bastion of food production in Africa was South Africa and people screamed with joy when the murderer Mandela became the new leader. It was pretty obvious that South Africa would go the same way as the rest of Africa and it was just a matter of time before the White farmers were either driven out or murdered. This is taking place even as we speak, but the genocide of the White South Africans is carefully ignored, whilst the plight of the poor oppressed (armed to the teeth) Libyan (al-qaeda) civilians, now gives the starving British and Europeans another ’cause’ and yet another war that they can spend YOUR money on.

    Those who voted for “one man, one vote” should be pleased to know that after this great achievement, a huge portion of land, once used to feed, not only the population of Africa, but also people in Europe and the USA, is now lying fallow.

    It doesn’t matter how much of YOUR money is pumped into Africa, it doesn’t matter how much equipment and education is sent out, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. The truth is that Africa is tribal and populated by people who would rather drink, smoke, have sex, rape and murder than work. WORK is the reason that Africa demanded “Uhuru (freedom)”. What they wanted was the freedom to sit on their lazy Black arses and drink and screw themselves into oblivion. Ever since the White man set foot into Africa, it was his DUTY to feed, house and clothe them, but the White man himself and his farms and the fact that he expected his workers to actually WORK was a terrible social injustice.

    Now the Black people of Africa are FREE. So what do they do? Now they sit on their Black arses with the begging bowl outstretched. The land has been ‘redistributed’. Each Black man has his own private bit of land. He can have his couple of cows for ‘Lobola’. (The bride price that he pays for his ‘polygamous family’). He has his couple of goats that eat the roots of the grass and crops and turn the land into desert, and he has his few pieces of maize that he plants, without bothering to fertilize it or water it. After all, why should he, the hated White Honkey will send him his food from Europe and America? All he has to do is show off his 10 skeletal kids, from one of his multiple Black wives, with flies crawling on its eyeballs and tears will flow from the idiot White Honkey bitches and they will empty their hardworking money into the ever-outstretched begging bowl.

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    The White man’s stupidity can be seen when in the UK this year, Red Nose Day (well actually week, month or even year) raised £74,360,207! 95% of this will be sent to Africa, India, Pakistan and the children of the same. Children who are being brought up to hate you and demand that your country also be ruled by Black despots and Sharia Law.

    The mind boggles! A country which has massive “austerity measures”, rampant inflation, millions unemployed, starving WHITE families and children, massive fuel taxation and elderly people being allowed to die with neglect (by mainly Black and Muslim nurses and doctors), can afford to dip into their purses, deprive their kids of food and give money to foreigners who actually hate them and are determined to take over their country.

    It truly beggars belief!

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