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Arkansas storms and floods kill 5

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It seems like our planet has gone mad or like someone is messing with our planet’s nature. The last few years were full of storms, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, cyclones, tornadoes, ocean vortexes, earthquakes and other anomalies like never before. This time the US state Arkansas is under siege by massive storms which caused deadly floods. CBS News reports that 5 people have already died and thousands have been evacuated:

“Violent storms carved out a swatch of damage three miles wide Monday night in central Arkansas, leaving at least two residents of a small town dead, authorities said.

Three others were killed when floodwaters swept their vehicles off the road in the northwest corner of the state, authorities said.

The National Weather Service said it was extremely likely a tornado swept through Vilonia, where at least two people died, according to Arkansas Department of Emergency Management spokesman Tommy Jackson.

“The town’s gone,” Vilonia resident Sheldon Brock said outside a gas station a few miles outside of town.

Brock told The Associated Press he was standing in his front yard and watched storms pass over his home, leaving him and his family unscathed, while strong winds and a possible tornado destroyed homes and businesses and yanked down power lines. Heavy rains sent water from nearby creeks washing over their borders.

“We got lucky,” Brock said.

Storms have ripped through parts of middle America for weeks, and they were followed Monday by heavy rain that pelted an area from northeast Texas to Kentucky. It could be a particularly long week of waiting for the rain to stop in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and other river towns in the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys.

Murky water from the Black River flowed over the levee at more than three dozen spots Monday and crept toward homes in the Poplar Bluff flood plain. Some had already flooded. If the levee broke — and forecasters said it was in imminent danger of doing so — some 7,000 residents in and around Poplar Bluff would be displaced.

One thousand homes were evacuated earlier in the day.”


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  1. April says:

    Just to let you all know this is in Poplar Bluff,Missouri, not Pine Bluff Arkansas.

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