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Another Zimbabwean man raped as notorious female rapists strike again

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THE women rapists alleged to be behind a spat of sexual attacks on men around the country struck again last Wednesday when they picked up a man in Harare and took turns to rape him near Chegutu, police have said.

Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara, told the state-run Herald newspaper that a report regarding the alleged attack, which occurred just before 5am last Wednesday, had been made adding investigations were continuing.

He said a group of three women travelling in a black Mercedes ML vehicle targeted 32 year-old Munyaradzi Mushowe as he tried to get a lift at the Harare Show grounds to travel to Zvishavane having got off an overnight train from Mutare.

Mushowe told police that a woman claiming to be also waiting for transport to travel to Bulawayo approached him and struck a conversation at a pick-up point next to the show grounds.

While they were talking the Mercedes vehicle is said to have stopped in front of them and the women went to talk to the lone female driver.

“(Mushowe’s) new acquaintance came (back) and told him that the driver had indicated that she was going to Bulawayo and could give them a lift,” Inspector Mabgweazara said. “She then persuaded (Mushowe) to board the vehicle as she claimed that she was also going in the same direction and he complied.”

The vehicle then drove off but stopped at Marimba Shopping Centre, just before the National Sports Stadium, where they picked up another woman.

Mushowe then realized that the three were acquaintances when they started talking and asking him if he was married. One of them bluntly told him that they wanted to be intimate with him and to collect his semen. He was also promised cash if he complied.

“Then one of the women suddenly took out a 300ml bottle of what looked like water and gave him to drink but he refused. She went on to drink half of the water before putting some into her hands and splashed it into his face,” Inspector Mabgweazara said. “He (Mushowe) suddenly felt dizzy and weak and tried to remove his spectacles.”

Mushowe claims one of the assailants then took out a syringe with an unknown substance and injected him on the left shoulder and his jaws went numb. The women flanking him in the back seat then started caressing his private parts.

The vehicle then turned into a dirt side-road off the Harare-Bulawayo highway and drove for about 2km before stopping.

The women then stripped and took turns to rape Mushowe and collected his semen in the condoms they used.

“After finishing the women would remove the condom, tie it up and placed it in a small box that was in the dashboard before the other two did the same thing,” Inspector Mabgweazara said. “They then dumped Mushowe by the side of the road before taking away his valuables.”

Mushowe later made a report at Chegutu Police Station.

Similar attacks have previously been reported in Karoi, Beatrice and other parts of the country.

The assailants have yet to be arrested and police say investigations are continuing.


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