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Americans protest tax hikes to fund wars

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Protesters in several cities across the United States have gathered on tax day to demand an end to US-led wars abroad which have put a heavy burden on taxpayers.

Protesters were especially angry after hearing that some of America’s biggest corporations like General Electric are paying no taxes this year, a Press TV correspondent in Washington reported on Friday.

They were also angry with President Barack Obama’s announcement that he wants to raise taxes to cut the country’s huge budget deficit.

The US president rolled out a wide-ranging deficit reduction plan on Wednesday to slash the country’s budget shortfall by USD 4 trillion within 12 years.

In Michigan, hundreds of protesters held signs and complained that taxes in the United States are way too high.

“We have to go in the other direction and we need to rely on consumption tax and eliminated income tax,” one of the protesters told Press TV.

There were also rallies in California with protesters saying that the tax burden on Americans is keeping the economic recovery back and is robbing those who income they need to survive.

A related protest was held at the headquarters of the Federal Reserve in Washington DC by a group that wants citizen ownership of the bank.

“We are here to give a message to [the Fed] Chairman [Ben] Bernanke to wake up that the Federal Reserve System needs a radical overhaul… The idea is every citizen can become an owner… as a fundamental right of citizenship,” Norman Kurland with the Center for Economic and Social Justice said.

Many US citizens are procrastinating paying their taxes this year because of the economic recession.

Some taxpayers expressed their opposition to paying taxes to support US-led wars such as Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya.

“It’s fair to say I’d like to see the money go to some other cause than the wars,” a US citizen said.

“My feeling is that we are losing a lot of young men in the war and it is very sad [and I don’t like to pay taxes to do that],” said another.

Many blame Obama for bringing about the country’s bloated budget deficit by continuing the wars and his excessive spending to save the economy.

The US budget shortage hit a record USD 1.65 trillion this year, or 10.9 percent of GDP, according to figures in Obama’s 2012 budget.


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