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Alessandra Mussolini tells Carla Bruni to house Libyan immigrants 'in her chateaux'

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Ms Mussonlini's stinging comments will cause further controversy around EU immigration policy.

Mussolini’s granddaughter has lashed out at France’s ‘socialist’ First Lady Carla Bruni for not doing enough for illegal immigrants.

Alessandra Mussolini, an Italian MP and granddaughter of the country’s Second World War fascist leader, said Ms Bruni should welcome Africans displaced by revolutions in Tunisia and Libya into her numerous ‘chateaux’.

Mocking Ms Bruni as a Marie-Antoinette-style Leftist, Ms Mussolini said she should have ‘protested against the shutting of French borders to illegal immigrants decided by her husband’, President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Ms Mussolini, who like Ms Bruni has worked as a model and actress, is angry that the French have not accepted thousands of refugees arriving on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

‘Why doesn’t the first lady welcome immigrants who want to come to France in her chateaux?’ Miss Mussolini told Le Figaro newspaper.

French riot police have turned back many of the immigrants as they try to enter France to claim asylums.

Many are massing in the town of Ventimiglia, which the French media has already likened to Sangatte – the Red Cross Centre in Calais which acted as a magnet to thousands of migrants hoping to reach Britain before being closed in 2002.

Franco Frattini, Italy’s Foreign Minister has already attacked France’s ‘absence of solidarity’ while the EU has said France had no right to ‘send migrants back to Italy’.

Ms Mussolini’s mocking attack on Ms Bruni will add to the controversy, while also illustrating the increasingly chaotic nature of Europe’s immigration policy.

Since the start of the Arab Spring in January, some 20,000 illegal migrants have arrived on Lampedusa, roughly midway between Sicily and Tunisia.

Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi, who is a friend and political ally of Ms Mussolini, has sent ferries to clear the island.

But Ms Bruni, who was born in Italy, dislikes him intensely, saying in 2008 that Mr Berlosconi made her ‘very happy that I have become French’.

Ironically, Ms Bruni’s mutli-millionaire industrialist family had close links with the wartime regime of Benito Mussolini as it built up its fortune.

The family moved to France in the 1970s because of death threats by terrorist groups in post-war Italy.

Despite remaining fabulously rich, Ms Bruni has styled herself as a champagne socialist in the past, although becoming Mr Sarkozy’s third wife three years ago has drawn her further to the right.


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Alessandra Mussolini tells Carla Bruni to house Libyan immigrants 'in her chateaux', 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


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  • John Smith the 42nd.

    This lady should house them in her house. I am sure she will be pleased with the campfire in the living room and the human waste in her kitchen sink. When she does get raped, she should enjoy it. After all, she asked for it, right?

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  • Baron Gifilte

    Ah Mr Burlesquoni,publically styles himself a womaniser and yet privately it’s the young boys who need to be kept away.

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  • naim

    She is a brave lady.Her forefathers ruled libya and the surrounding world.They also used the resouces of these colonies to the fullest of their benefits.Where as all others are now turning their backs to whom they looted for many centuries, at least this lady has the courage to welcome these home less people who have no shelter over their heads.We must stop double standerds.Well done lady :-D

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    • m.m.

      Speaking of double standards…

      Muslims stole Pakistan from India.

      Muslims invaded Europe and occupied it for 800 years, much longer than Europeans were in Africa and elsewhere.

      Muslims were the biggest pirates (barbary) and slave-traders ever, and the cruelest. They liked the white women even then, raided European towns and took probably at least a million whites as slaves during these raids. The women were to be filthy muslims’ sex slaves. Because mohammed pretended the moongod said so.

      And don’t give me any drivel about America, Afghanistan and Iraq. All this crap about killing ‘infidels’ started long before America even existed.

      You Pakistanis love invading places like the UK where you live off whites’ taxes (you call it jizya) and rape the white women.

      Don’t pretend that you respect the “lady”; we all know you consider your women to be equal to domestic animals. Take your kitman & taqiyyah (‘holy’ deception / hypocrisy / double standards) elsewhere.

      And last but definitely not least, you seem to have failed your comprehension test where this article is concerned, not to mention that your spelling is atrocious.

      So stop pretending to be all nice. And stop drooling over her.

      Muslims are responsible for 270 million deaths over its 1,400 years, much worse than anyone else. In fact, I think we should all start expecting stacks of money, affirmative action and reparations from muslims.

      How’s that for fixing double standards?

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      • m.m.

        And perhaps I should mention how muslims fell all over themselves to volunteer their service to the National Socialist Labour Party of Germany, aka the Nazis?

        And the remarkable similarities between Mein Kampf and the koran?

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