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Gene Simmons from Kiss blasts Israel music boycott

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Gene Simmons condemned musicians who boycott Israel as ‘fools’.

Kiss’ Israeli-born singer-musician Gene Simmons is shouting out loud at the string of musicians who refuse to perform in his homeland.

“They’re fools,” the legendary bassist said in an interview on his first return to Israel since leaving the country as a child more than 50 years ago.

Simmons described the visit as a “homecoming” and offered a description of himself that might shock his legions of fans who know him as an American icon prone to spitting fake blood and sticking out his exceptionally long tongue.

“I’m Israeli. I’m a stranger in America. I’m an outsider,” he said, speaking in a hotel lobby across a valley from the walls of Jerusalem’s historic Old City. “I was born here and I’m proud of it.”

Simmons had harsh words for musicians like Elvis Costello and the Pixies who have recently cancelled concerts to protest Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians. Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has gone further, joining an organised movement dedicated to boycotting Israel and its exports, though he appeared in Israel in 2006.

“The countries they should be boycotting are the same countries that the populations are rebelling,” he said. “People long to be free … And they sure as hell don’t want somebody who’s a ruler who hasn’t been elected by them.”

Simmons, 61, is visiting Israel as part of his reality show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, which follows the adventures and musings of the rocker, his long-time girlfriend, Shannon Tweed, and their two children.

While situations on the show are generally light-hearted, he said his stop in Israel has deep personal significance. “Coming back to Israel is a homecoming,” he said.

Simmons was born Chaim Witz and spent his early childhood in northern Israel before moving to America with his mother when he was eight.

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6 Responses to " Gene Simmons from Kiss blasts Israel music boycott "

  1. Hector says:

    Yes Gene, people long to be free, and Palestinians are some of those people. They live in a huge open air prison with illegal occupiers. Just another wealthy Zionist Jew with stronger links to Israel than America.

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  2. Lloyd Douglas says:

    Boycotting institutions makes sense. Boycotting free exchange of art between cultures is lame. Jello Biafra just decided to play Tel Aviv. I’m backing him http://kck.st/j4Dopv

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  3. Mr. Nation says:

    oooooooooo looks of a devil, Aha what a tongue with contrast and tattoo on face

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  4. Greg M says:

    If Israel is a “homecoming” and he’s a “stranger in America”, why doesn’t he live in Israel rather than in the US? Simmons is just another parasite.

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  5. John Taurus says:

    He is a Zionist Jew with no loyalty to the United States. His own words. The evil Israelis are taking over the world. THese invasions of Libya and other Arab countries are to expand the borders of Israel. Americans are animals to be used as Israel sees fit. The fact that people refuse to be awakened shows that they deserve their fate. Speak out against the evil Israelis and our own countrymen are the first to attack the messenger.

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  6. Philip L says:

    Dressed like that and had his tongue lenthened and Simmons is going to call someone else a “fool”?

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