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Russian Warning Issued Over “Controlled” Comet Headed Towards Earth

A chilling report prepared for President Medvedev by Minister Serdyukov of the Russian Defense Ministry on the building of an additional 5,000 underground ‘bomb’ shelters in Moscow warns that even though progress is being made, the appearance of the new Comet Elenin [photo right] in our Solar System means “additional resources” will have to be added “immediately” as the 2012 timeline for completion “may not be soon enough”.

Sparking the fears of Minister Serdyukov, he says in this report, is that based upon the new orbit calculations for Comet Elenin, it appears in “all likelihood” that this celestial object is under some type of “intelligent control” and will approach our Earth “much closer” than originally thought this coming fall season.

Comet Elenin was discovered by Doctor-Scientist Leonid Elenin on 10 December 2010 from his research facility in Lyubertsy utilizing images acquired from the 18-inch (45-cm) telescope at the ISON-NM Observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico and confirmed by Doctor-Scientists Aleksei Sergeyev and Artem Novichenko from the Maidanak Observatory in Uzbekistan.

Doctor-Scientist Leonid Elenin.

Upon its discovery Comet Elenin was traveling very near the ecliptic plane at more than 4 Astronomical Units (375 million miles) from the Sun and headed inbound towards it. Its original perihelion [point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid or comet where it is nearest to the Sun] was calculated to occur well inside Earth’s orbit at about 0.45 Astronomical Units (42 million miles) from the Sun to occur on or about 5 September 2011 making it visible to the naked eye in the pre-dawn skies in the Constellation of Leo.

Most ominous in Minister Serdyukov’s report is his assertion that Comet Elenin appears to be in “direct contact” with the mysterious Jupiter-sized planet discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto that is, also, headed inbound towards our Sun.

American scientists Daniel Whitmire and John Matese from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have named this mysterious planet Tyche, but as we had previously stated in our 18 February report, “Russian Leader Confirms To Pope New Planet Arrival In 2012”, the ancient peoples of our Earth new it by other names as well.

Interesting to note about Comet Elenin is that even though the American space agency NASA has said “Because of the possibility that the comet’s orbit slightly deviate from, there is no guarantee that Earth will be missed”, they have, also, in contradiction, stated that “…Comet Elenin will come nowhere near the Earth. At its closest (on 10 September 2011) it will be more than 25 million km from our planet.”

To the identity of those extraterrestrial forces controlling Comet Elenin our world had been forewarned about by the former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, who stated about them: “Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after.”

As to those “visitors from other planets” referred to by Minister Hellyer we can further glean from the memo sent to President Franklin Roosevelt (1882-1945) by his Army Chief of Staff George Marshall (1880-1959) [reprinted below in its entirety] about what is now referred to as “The Battle of Los Angeles” where American Forces fired upon a UFO fleet shortly after their countries entrance into World War II.

From the United States initial firing upon these UFO’s in “The Battle of Los Angeles” they continued to appear over both the European and Pacific Theaters of Operation during World War II and were dubbed as “Foo Fighters” by the US Army Air Forces 415th Night Fighter Squadron.

The most famous modern historical account of these UFO/Foo Fighters occurred in the summer of 1947 when at least one of them was shot down, or crashed near the Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico which was home to the US Army Air Forces 509th Bomb Group that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, and is known today as the “Roswell Incident”.

Though initially reported to the American public by their government that a “flying saucer” had, indeed, been captured, the US Military almost immediately contradicted themselves by denying what just 24-yours earlier they had admitted.

Most important to note about the Roswell Incident, however, was that its investigation was headed by the first US Air Force Secretary, and close personal friend of then President Harry Truman (1884-1972), Stuart Symington (1901-1988) who reported his findings to the first US Defense Secretary James Forrestal (1892-1949).

Throughout 1948, and into 1949, Secretary’s Forrestal and Symington repeated clashed leading President Truman to replace Forrestal on 28 March 1949. Within two months (22 May 1949) Forrestal was reported dead by suicide after having jumped out the window of Bethesda Naval Hospital where he had been forcibly detained.

More interesting, however, is the report of the last meeting between Forrestal and Symington on the Roswell Incident, and as, in part, we can read:

“Forrestal accused Clark of having the FBI shadow him, which Clark denied, but which according to all of Forrestal’s biographers could well have been true. Forrestal finally left office in a formal ceremony on March 28th, his last public appearance.

What followed after the ceremony remains mysterious. “There is something I would like to talk to you about,” Symington told Forrestal, and accompanied him privately during the ride back to the Pentagon. What Symington said is not known, but Forrestal emerged from the ride deeply upset, even traumatized, upon arrival at his office. Friends of Forrestal implied that Symington said something that “shattered Forrestal’s last remaining defenses.” When someone entered Forrestal’s office several hours later, the former Secretary of Defense did not notice. Instead, he sat rigidly at his desk, staring at the bare wall, incoherent, repeating the sentence, “you are a loyal fellow,” for several hours.”

As we have attempted to detail in many recent reports, including “Greenland Sunrise Shocks World As Superstorms Pound Planet”, “Poisonous Space Clouds Slamming Into Earth Cause Mass Bird And Fish Deaths”, “New Superstorms Warned Have ‘Doomed’ World Food Production” and “Pole Shift Blamed For Russian Air Disaster, Closure Of US Airport”, the greatest fears Forrestal had after Symington’s final Roswell report was given to him are, indeed coming true in our times today.

Though the masses of the American people are still not being told the truth about the dire state of our world, the same cannot be said about their elite masters, who according to new evidence gathered by independent researchers are building for themselves vast underground bunkers to protect themselves when the times of trouble come.

One such company building these underground survival bunkers for the US elite is the American Reassurance Communities (ARC), and who describe their efforts as follows:

“Each ARC Bunker Complex consists of a 300,000 sq ft subterranean self-contained community survival shelter complex designed to accommodate 2500 people for up to 60 months in military grade bunkers complete with schools, medical/dental, greenhouses, theater, recreation, everything needed for a large group of people to live in a safe, comfortable environment and survive almost any disaster.

ARC Bunkers are manufactured to withstand a direct nuclear hit, EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attacks, biological attacks, hurricanes, tornados, volcanos, earthquakes, floods, solar flares, meteorites, and ground assaults.”

For anyone thinking they can order such protection for themselves (even allowing that they have the hundreds of thousands of dollars it would cost) an ARC spokesman said in a recently released conversation (listen to audio here) that it would take over a year for them to be able to build anything because of the tremendous backorders they are now filling due to what he says is because “everyone is freaked out about something”. And this is aside from the US government’s recent purchase of over $1 Billion in survival food to protect America’s leaders.

To what those in the knowing are so “freaked about” it is in our knowing too, but is, also, so complex and shrouded in shadows as to make it nearly indecipherable to all but the most informed, and which, most assuredly, the masses of people today aren’t even close to.

The complete story, and the knowledge you have a right to know, is only going to be gained by yourself as those who rule over you will tell you nothing, even to the point of disparaging those, like us, who believe not only in your right to know the truth, but how simple it can really be to protect yourself and your families from the many horrors yet to come.

This report, therefore, like all the others before it, is but another “puzzle piece” to be put into place so that when added to the many others to come will show you the shattering truth being kept from you.

Our efforts to keep you informed, also, come at great cost, but which you are able to help out with by going to this Link.

The great German romantic writer Jean Paul Richter (1763-1825) once said, “A timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a courageous person afterward.” And these are, indeed, the times one has to choose which they are, we hope you are courageous, they will be the only ones to survive.


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  • http://4realinf.wordpress.com/ Pitocco

    Interesting article, but there are no evidence and any reference. It could be written by any science fiction writer

    • garry

      Your comment ,Im sure gives great joy to the masters
      of manipulation.Their biggest hope is that people will remain uninformed,in disbelief,and utterly dependent upon them when they pull the plug and the rug out from under everyone.Humanity’s survival
      depends solely on the people who see beyond the viel,what is planned for us,and what is about to unfold,and Gods will.If you cannot percieve this mechanism,its purpose,plan,timeline,then there is no hope to gather together enough strength to stop them.The
      Bible warn us of this,and many prophets,ancient texts,clay tablets,etc.When you say there is no evidence,then you have not cared enough to find it,
      because it is very abundent.The evidence could fill
      a library.There any multiple points made in the article.For you to make a blanket statement,refuting all of it has zero validity.The
      truth is there for those who seek it.God tells us the same in luke 12;56 ye hypocrites,ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth,but how is it
      ye cannot discern this time?The lord himself is asking why in the world we cannot figure this out.
      Truth is much stanger than fiction could ever be.
      The biggest disappointment for anyone would be if
      we did not or do not recognize the truth when it is
      literally slapping us in the face.Sceptics are those who have made no effort for support or refute of any information gleaned.

      • nutbag

        Wow, you’re crazy.

      • http://pompousparadigm.wordpress.com/ Lazarus

        :) well said man, you beat me too it

    • Brian

      This information is verifiable in so many ways that to say it is not only shows that ONE does not do it’s due diligence before posting opinions.

      Opinions are just that..opinions..Facts are Facts and this is a true story with much much more to come…

    • Ann

      Leonid Elenin himself does not say it is “controlled” (bad translation from Russian I suppose) and the comet will be 35.000.000 kms away from the Earth. Why don’t you verify – Here’s Leonid’s site: http://spaceobs.org/en/asteroids-comets/faq/

  • Brian

    Sir aren’t we passed the evidence thing now. We can’t because we would need a Infrared telescope. If you have one go ahead and snap us a few good pics. Until then we can pray that Nasa wakes up and actually tell the population the truth about the up coming events.

    The evidence for now are what’s happening on the Earth. It is being Pulled and it creates massive Tectonic movement on the entire Earth crust therefore creating massive Earthquakes and also causing Eruptions of Volcano’s around the World and all this at a never before seen rate.

    I won’t hold my breath on the NASA releasing of truths but i would look up into the sky starting mid March until May. Then i would look some more until next year.


  • duvexy

    Clouds always slam into the earth.

  • duvexy

    The document is like in 1942??

    • Barrett Man

      The document is a fake. Back in the 40’s the military still put the day before the month on all documents i.e. > 27/04/42 (27th of April 1942).

      • garry

        The fact is ,it still happened.All you have to do is check the newspaper articles that day in L.A.
        There is actual video you can find of this easily.The so called battle of L.A. happened.Roswell happened.Extreterrestrial life is a reality.Period .If anyone cant see this,that
        is a huge part of the problem,because of the manipulation.

  • Manufactured 2012

    Manufacture 2012- for gullible people.

    UFO distraction is really a “great war” on religion

    I’m sure there will be many casualties of faith

    • hunter_hunted

      ya u r right dude. these kabalists have waged a war on faithful people

  • Sandyknows

    @Manufactured 2012 – I’d say that religion is the ‘great war’ on the evidence of Extraterrestrials!

  • Pax

    Do not believe UFO can save us. Only Jesus can.

    • A blood-type

      What if Jesus comes in UFO?

    • d

      God is the lie that keeps you a slave.

    • richie

      😀 lol

  • Damien

    What is Jesus was sent by ET’s? What if they are the ones kick started life on earth? Could our anchient encestors misinterpret them as Gods?

    • jOseph


  • Radical

    If you are all looking for a references kindly watch and study this video.


    • Kathy Hardman

      It says “video removed by user”… ? suspicious.
      but if true somebody fix it.

    • richie

      video has been removed mate

  • Just Sayin

    If you are thinking that this is something biblical, try this–
    Mark 13:32
    “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”
    And why does it have to be something bad? If it is “controlled, couldn’t it just as well be something good?

  • Kathy

    There are ET’s. But some are good, and some are not. The corrupt leaders have aligned themselves with negative ET’s. Neverless, be healthfully skeptical of any presentation of “good”(or bad for that matter) ET’s by our Gov’t. They could be using Holograms to pursuade people. We will have to become very good at discerning truth.

    • noemi

      En la biblia dice jesus que muchos serán engañados, la mentira ya salio a la luz. Los extraterrestres son del inframundo ,osea dimensiones mas bajas que nosotros , los seres de luz vendrán en merkabas que son esferas de luz,los seres de inframundo vendrán en naves metálicas. Ojo no se dejen engañar.


  • noemi

    En la biblia Jesus dice que muchos serán engañados.Los que vengan en platillos metálicos son seres del inframundo,los seres espirituales como Jesus y los ángeles,vendrán en sus merkabas(bolas de luz).No se dejen engañar. No va a ver rincón en donde refugiarse ,los rayos solares entraran hasta 10 kilómetros por debajo de la superficie terrestre o mas.

  • SpyDr_ByTe

    I believe there is aliens. Think about how far space goes?Infinity? What are the odds of during the theory of the “Big Bang” that planets, galaxies, billions of light years away have ended up similiar to earth like conditions.

    Would it not feel weird/odd, if there was another earth like planet out there with human beings or other types of life depending on enviromental factors really and evolution. Interesting

    If want news how it is meant to be….uncensored, than go to

  • Greece (Hellas)

    Everyone is in a hurry!
    (There is not just one.(I hope not.))
    They search for solutions to the upcoming 21/12/2012 event.

    For instance:
    CERN can “produce” anti-matter which “exists” for a few nano-seconds or less.

    put the EVENTS in the right ORDER and “PREDICT” what HAPPENS next.”HISTORY” which has been CORRUPTED,MISINTERPRETED or MISGUIDED…..shows you what has INTENTIONALLY been KEPT SECRET from YOU.YOU have been MANIPULATED up to this DAY.

  • Brenda

    I believe the article the physists out of the Kremlin predicted the Sendai mega quake and gave warnings before it happened that the entire pacific plate was adjusting.

  • ibridus

    il figlio arriva dal padre dopo ben 23 anni, la lingua è conosciuta da tt.
    ma l’aspetto dei 2 ( umano e alieno ) fara riflettere tutti.
    extraterrestri compresi.
    il figlio, umanoide, incontrera il suo stesso padre e la somiglianza tra i 2 sara talmente eguale che spaventera parecchio.
    in quanto.
    human animal e alien, the soon and animal and alien the father.
    ci sono famiglie che hanno figli ibridi e neanche lo sanno.
    l’avvento del messia è prossimo.
    ossia il messia d’israele
    ” il principe dell’assemblea “

  • http://www.joebaptista.com/ Joe Baptista

    Aliens are the least f our concerns. Government secrecy is the problem. A problem government genocide solution exists to fix this accountability problem.

    • garry

      The govt secrecy of the highest order is the ufo
      enigma.Aliens are of the highest concern for govt and have the highest classification of secrecy on the planet.The fact is there is an ongoing human/
      alien hybridisation program underway,which has been determined by the top experts in the ufo field,.This is no fluke.The future of humanity is at stake.To think we have similar defense abilities
      to protect us ,from those malevolent forces is
      ridiculous.They have mastered anti grav propulsion and molecular transfiguration,and the manipulation of time and space.We are not of similar capabilities.This is the greatest secret and the most massive deceit upon the human race.The first step is to recognise this truth and then possibly find a way out through the grid ,and on towards a
      future ,free of the manipulations of wars,and our
      own pchycosis.Anything less than a global realisation of this mechanism will likely result in the demise of the human species when a likely invasion occurs,which is at hand,and unless God plays a premptive role in favor of humanity,our hope will be vanquished.The giants of old,the ancient men of renown in genesis were destroted by flood previously ,and just like in the days of Noe(noah),so shall be the days of a near future for the human race,be.For those who see thru the grid,I
      salute you,for you are the new patriots.If you read the book of revelation (wormwood rev 8.11)in the
      context of an invasion,it becomes more understandable.These words I have spoken do not come from some fanciful,whimsical idea,rather years of research and corroberation by some of the planets most brilliant leaders of their fields,and oftentimes comes at a great cost,and a great sacrifice in order to expose the truth,beyond all the pre conditioned, agreed upon ,hypocricies,which the establishment pedals for truth.I personally discovered a secret time code in the bible ,that has a relationship to the Mayan information,time frame that matches as follows.First daniel 8.14=
      2300 days.The Iraq war sterted on 3.20.03 .Add 2300 days ,goes to 7.06.09,which was also G Bush’s 63rd birthday.Next rev 11.3=1260 days,goes from 7.06.09 to 12.17.12.Next rev 11.9=3.5 days,goes from 12.17.2012,to 12.21.2012.next daniel 12.12=1335 days,goes from 7.06.09 to 3.5.13(1335 days)On 3.6.2013 G Bush jr will be 66.66 yrs of age.As a decimal this date is 2013.18(13.18,66.66) There is also another uncanny timeframe in relation to Bush
      Jr and Bush Sr birthdates,are 7.06(july 6)and 6.12
      (june 12) So add them up 7.06+6.12= 13.18 From
      7.06.09 (706)+6.12(612 days)=3.11.11(japan quake day)then add back in 706 days to date 3.11.11= feb13,2013(1,318 days from 7.06.09)On this day GBush jr is 66.6 yrs,and G Bush sr is 88.666,same day.So there is a connection to 12.21.12 and the numbers 666,rev.13.18, and 9.11 and Bush sr and jr.
      The roswell incident,The dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima,and G Bush jr birthdate,average time elapsed for all 3 events,until the date as a decimal,2013.18,is 66.6 yrs exactly.What does this tell you?

  • Daniel

    This is the first time I have heard of a comet coming this way for 2012 and seems like a distraction, remember that the people who control the world control Russa too. (same bloodlines). Russian people don’t realy take on the western storys so they make their own.

    We need to stop looking over there and start looking within as we are a “projection” of ourselves and in a collective can manifest things out of nothing. thats why the elete try to get the masses to believe somthing is true and reality because we create it.

    This is the biggest secret they don’t wan’t us to know.

    We are Infinate Awareness experiancing this Holigraphic world!!!

  • Devlin

    We all can regurgitate rhetoric on our truth in one form or another, yet it seems as though people just want to either cause panic or pain. Allowing such information into the public domain does beg the question “Is it what it seems?” further investigative measures may yield some truth but even that is still questionable! We are being played like violins and singing the tune as we go; the elites know this all too well. It isn’t a question of discernment, as this just perpetuates their regimen, we simply need to accept one another for who we are, stand firm and live each day without the knowledge of government. Completely ignore them and live as we should en masse’ so to speak, our truth will be the only truth from that day on and leave the war mongers to destroy each other.

  • David Adams

    It seems that there are some people who want us to be afraid of the future. They ignore facts so that they can stay immersed in drama. The comet won’t hit us or affect us, the ‘aliens’ are not our friends or our gods and we have both the brain power and the fire power to bloody their little cosmic noses if they try to stick in our business and our destiny.

    • garry

      You sir ,are the one ignoring the facts,or more concisely,ignorant of the facts.The facts are these;
      It has been proven by Cornell Physicist M Omerbascich,by his new georesonater measuring applications,have proven that object C2010X1(elenin)
      has since 2007,added to the robustness of the 6+,7,8,9+ mag quakes,and has a provable and matching
      factual corrolation to the alighnment dates of 2010X1,and all recent large quake activity including New Zealand,Chile ,and Japan Quakes.I am
      immersed in the facts .The comet is not suposed to hit us,but the damage from the pull of this object
      on the earth will continue to worsen and its effects on sept 25,2011 and mid oct will likely be cata- strophic,as the object will be 20 times closer to us and we will be in its debris field.You are wrong about this and opinions are a dime a dozen,Facts are facts.Do the damn work before you spout ,to reveal your ignorance.Aliens ,obviously has masterded gravity,interdimensional travel,transfiguration,traveling beyond the speed of light,and apparently are smart enough ,to have lulled you,into complete obliviousness about the facts.I am astonished at the ignorance with which you ,and so many others who lack in due dilligence of the research,which disproves evertything that your OPINIONS ,STATE.In addition to all this ,what is headed our way,is extra-terestrial in nature,and it looks like they have a specific plan that matches very specific info left,and found on planet earth ,dug up ,from the past.Wakew up!!!!1


        Gary, the comet is just a comet. but its trajectory is Weird because it is likely being pulled by, or orbiting a very large dark object of exceeding mass. there are even times when Elenin cannot be seen, and in my opinion it is being blocked by that large mass.
        Its that mass that is causing the quakes. Not a little comet.

        • garry

          To Verakienen,I believe you are correct in your
          statement.In terms of “little Comet”a comet with
          a coma of only 3 or 4 miles across,can have a tail of charged particles millions of miles long.According to author Zecheria Sitchin,who
          wrote the brilliant books about those,who from
          the heavens came,Niburu and the Annunaki,wrote
          that Niburu likely had 6 or 7 moons circling it,and it is believed that one of those moons,
          gave Uranus a big whack,a chevron shaped scar
          lies on the surface and Uranus literally lies on it’s side now because of this collision.
          Apparently Niburu orbited for 120 sars(3600 yrs per sar)over a period of 432,000 years.Each sar was considered a jubilee year.Likewise ,there
          will be a 120th jubilee year in 2017,in the last 6000 earth years(1 jubilee =50 earth yrs
          for earthlings.Know this:Niburu was last in Earth’s vicinity on 555 bc.With a slightly perturbed orbit of 3567 yrs,it would be re-ariving 1000 years early.This is not conjecture .The years are accurate.There is
          evidence that Niburu has been in our area at times when it’s normal orbital period was not
          due however.The name Elenin I researched.The
          annunaki originally came here to mine for gold.They first came 432,k yrs ago+ or -They
          first came to Iraq .The square miles of Iraq is also 432,k.The name Elenin has a Hebrew numerical value of 150.Strongs # 150 is of persian origin meaning dracma/adarkon ,a measure of gold ,being 4.32 grams!Same number.
          Here is the capper;In Gematria ,Barack Obama’s name equals 432 ! same number…I believe Elenin is likely shrouding Niburu and it’s moons.It seems so surreal that beginning sept 25,2011,or so
          there might be cataclsmic devestation,and in to oct and nov,2011,as the so called comet comes
          close to us…..


      Holy Ignorance Batman. back under your rock with you mate, go on, shew.

  • RFStinger

    So You/We do nothing? Are You/We let this murderers take them plans go forward, and You/We, despite are more than them, do nothing like microchiped stupid sheaps, accepting a unfortunate future and for future generations? Only if You/We let them…

  • Rod

    Well, let’s see now…
    7 billion people on Earth and no-one seems to have used a telescope to verify (disprove) this drivel.
    The independently verifiable FACT of the matter is that this isn’t real. Also demonstrably untrue is 21/12/2012 (Mayan calendar end of days B.S.), Nibiru, Planet-X, galactic center, planetary alignment, pole reversal etc.
    All are products of silly little schoolkids minds and can and have ALL been disproven scientifically AND are verifiable by the layperson.
    Believe in aliens and all the crap you want but you’ll die without any of it coming true.
    I don’t know what drugs old Garry above is on but kiddies – don’t take drugs ok !!
    Reality:1, Garbage theories:0
    The most plausible explanation so far is the 2012 solar max causing planetary technology shutdowns for extended periods with the inevitable catastrophic effects on this technology-dependent society.


      Wow Rod. Clueless as Well as speaking out of yer ass before doing even a shred of investigation. Typical of one who thinks they already have the answer so why go looking for or challenging facts that one has already internally set in stone.
      None of these theories has been DISS-proven mate.
      If yer gonna talk outcher arse, at least dont out right Lie about it. Back under yer rock with you too mate. go on, Shew now. good boy.

  • chiller

    Our guberments don’t want us to know what’s going on to prevent us from panicking. This strategy is not for the greater good of the people, no. It is to ensure safe passage for them to scurry into their posh, underground bunkers without harassment or delay from those of us being set up to deal with whatever the future has to hold. These cowards hope some of us will survive though. Since they have no means of providing for themselves upon emerging from their taxpayer funded burrows, their REX84 plan is to round up all remaining people in order to turn them into farmers/foragers to feed the emerging elite as part of their plan to reestablish their despicable selves among us as so called “leaders”. I for one am no one’s farmer, I am a fighter. I will consider anyone emerging from below ground an infiltrator into the world they surrendered to me and deal with them with the same compassion they afforded us when they quietly slipped underground to leave me and my family and friends above ground to die.

  • Chris Pierre

    Look, i’m new at this and know not many statistics or knowledge on the matter. But what I do know is that instead of arguing we should come together. The greatest force in the universe is unity and love. The spirit controlls everything, and through our spirituality we can unlock the secrets of humanity and the universe. Humanity has lost its way because we have strayed from our true potential as a people and we let corrupt government controll the fate of our planet and realities. No one has the answer, but collectively I think we can come up with something.

  • Xenus

    When you start putting pieces together, something smells like fish, like all the bunkers they building and the seed bank they build in the poles, and giving away all their money to charities and a bunch of other alarming signs, i hope its just paranoia but in the remote possibility that its not what can we non ” elite ” people do to enhance our chances of survival ?

  • flip

    Who would want to survive if all this is really suppose to happen. The elite will force you to be their slaves and I for one am tired of working for the man.

  • Damien

    Flip, exactely!! I’m tired of working for them too. All I can do is to make sure that they will not control my kids. I will give them no more slaves. We’ll depart this world when the time comes and do it with a smile on our faces.

  • Pierre

    There is no such thing as death so when we die we move to another dimensional lifetime. We are here to help the earth, seed other planets and positivity. The advancements of the soul and of science. Big changes will happen soon and money has nothing to do with it. Money is material, the spirit is eternal.

  • Rod

    VARAKIENEN – I guess you’re the typical low-IQ yank then.
    You obviously don’t understand the simple concept that there are a large number of astronomers, universities etc that can PROVE (and have done so) this isn’t going to hit Earth and land on your trailer park. My other statements have been PROVEN to be true and are verifiable, so YOU are in the position of not being able to substantiate your claim that I haven’t done any research.
    That’s just your opinion…obviously..DUH.
    Perhaps YOU should actually talk from experience and research like I have (and not out of YOUR arse like you claim I am).
    I’ve done my research and can back it with statements from highly credible organisations.
    No doubt you can’t but if you think you can then do so.
    Oh but of course your paranoid little brain thinks any reputable source is under government control feeding disinformation to the mindless masses…
    Wait until it passes us by and nothing happens and we can all come back to this thread and laugh at you.
    Dumbarse trailer trash fuckers : 0, Realists : 1

  • brian francis

    the lines on your hands pre-tell the year that you discard the carbon-based hologram,or die,with accuracy of 12 months,just look at your hands and interpret them.it’s not difficult.you cannot die before your time.

    • http://goto.glocalnet.net/pdn/ Perdavid Nygren

      So if one interpret my hand-lines today and they are saying to me that I will die in year 2035. Then I shoot my brains out tonight in 2011, the lines would be wrong. I don´t believe in a fixed future, the future is always changing.

  • astrid

    Hermanos ya no se martiricen “TODOS SOMOS UNO” mejor despierten conciencia meditando.
    Un abrazo en la Luz.

  • noemi castro

    Dejen de discutir y mejor estén al tanto de los trabajos que estan haciendo los Astrónomos tanto de la nasa como de rusia.Hay una nueva información de los astrónomos de la nasa.Ellos han descubierto el primer asteroide Troyano que órbita el Sol a lo largo de la Tierra.ver:


  • dmackpain

    there are so many theories and so much speculation of whats going to happen in the future that it really puts a strain on a guys mind and will.Who knows what will happen, but for today, lets be happy.

  • Astrid

    Estoy de acuerdo en que debemos de tratar de ser felices a pesar de tantos acontecimientos que estamos viendo en el planeta y fuera de el.Debemos mantener la calma ante todo.Tenemos trabajos que debemos realizar en nosotros mismos.Sanarnos debe ser una prioridad y para ello están viniendo grandes maestros espirituales,Grandes Almas que nos guiaran para lograrlo.

  • Damien

    Perdavid Nygren,
    One argument to that would be, you can’t actually shoot yourself today. Just cant. you dont’ have the ability to do that. I know you won’t do it just to prove me wrong, or for any other reason. Future is predetermined and there’s nothing you can do to change it, including shoting yourself in the head.

  • http://astrid-iluminandoelcamino.blogspot.com astrid

    Sanandonos nosotros sanamos al planeta y nos conectamos con el universo.


  • John Caelan

    It distracts from the truth you present when you get suckered into using a bad source…this still gets googled alot–perhaps you can post this, as a lesson in due diligence and critical thinking….regards…

    “It seems like hyperbole to call it a “Great Deception”, when even those searching for truth are so easily fooled. In fact, it would appear that a “Mediocre Deception” is more than adequate to keep the “enlightened” masses spending and chasing their tails.

    Take the extraordinary number of references to “American Reassurance Communities”, including a nonsensical telephone call used as “proof” of the incoming ELE celestial body. There is absolutely no record of ARC in any D&B, Hoovers, Lexis Nexus, or other database, an impossibility for any company that boast the sales, mandate, and profile of this one. It does not exist. Their website is hosted on an Intuit Webserver, built with Intuit SiteBuilder, as if they were a home business with little funding. Not a single legal disclaimer on their small and uninformative site. Not even a copyright. In fact, all the information on the site appears to be general history of bunker development overall, with some pictures that are clearly related to other projects.

    The contact information includes a phone number that has only been in use since January: 800-3813454 “In Use since 2011 for a customer of Qwest “. This hardly appears to be the hallmark of a long-standing enterprise with millions of dollars of sales and a backlog of orders.

    The email address returns to ‘acaigen.com’ and immediately forwards to [link to http://www.macarosea.com which hustles some sort of health product, and is also an intuit-generated do-it-yourself website. Neither site has secured .org, .net, or any of the other standards typically registered to protect a name brand. This site also lacks copyrights, legal disclaimers, etc.

    A Federal Tax ID number has never been issued for any of these companies. This a scam, a ridiculous one at that, and that it would be cited by so many earnest searchers of clarity as evidence related to government operations concerning an ELE event really reflects how low our collective threshold has dropped when it comes to recognizing the face of the lie. By citing obvious hustlers, you discredit any useful evidence that may surface—an essential tactic of psyops, as it is easier to take a potentially recognized truth and redirect the perception than it is to eliminate the truth.

    Pretty silly, people. Honestly, you’ve got to spend more time seeking the truth instead of proving your own internally generated religions. I’ve seen this referenced in thousands of ELININ searches. Lies do not counter lies–in fact, they ably assist them. For those who are intelligent enough to escape the filters, be prepared to stand alone. It’s thin-pickings for the critical mind out there.”

    archbunkers.com (not arcbunkers) is also used. Feel free to call the infamous “Mr. Lawhorne” and see if he will sell you a bunker…or perhaps a bridge…

    LAWHORNE, JAIME Jlawhorne@bellsouth.net
    149 Harris lane
    Lynchburg, Tennessee 37352
    United States
    (931) 759-6505 Fax — (931) 759-6505

    • Planet x

      Ok, that’s just funny. Here’s a mind bender for those interested. Your hearing is processed at something like 23ms, your sight at 123ms(something like that) by your brain. Start snapping your fingers, and note the delay in the visual acuity from the perception of the sound. The sound arrives first, always. This means everything you see and perceive with your mind visually is stale data by about 23ms(I might have the actual times incorrect, there are phd’s writing thesis’ on this.

      But knowing everything you see is stale data makes you wonder what’s going on in that time gap. Way to much to post here on string theory, multidimensional time, etc but it makes a great parlor trick.

      And for the record, as a prior astrophysicist(there’s no money in it, but it fascinates me to this day), I do tend to think the prevailing theory about a jupitor sized planet x out in the Oort cloud periodically sending waves of comets down to earth, and populating our oceans as probable. Dark planets are hard to see in an ocean of sand that is the Oort cloud, since they don’t give off light.

      Nice post John, cracked me up on a sat morn. So many people with so much anger about their theories, reminds me of the witch hunts in the dark ages. Didn’t we make it to the information age, it’s one thing to be opinionated, but attacking the personality does not address the ‘facts’, imho

  • dany

    TIME WILL SHOW ……………

  • http://www.reikimerida.blogspot.com noemi

    Vean las 7 profecías de los mayas están en mi blog.Así aclararán algunas dudas.

    Un abrazo en la luz

  • richie
  • Al Izzy

    Well, if there is aliens coming to earth and the elitists move underground, I hope that the aliens turn out to be friends. This way, they can pour cement down the underground bunker Ventilation tubes and also cover the entrance and exits with concrete cement too. This way, the elitists can keep there @ss down there and never come out. LOL

  • sergio

    en mi opinion elenin es un agujero negro artificial, una especie de aspirador que libera el camino orbital a lo que verdaderamente importa NIBURU, que es lo que vendria detras , a un mes de distancia temporal , 0,33 UA

  • Incontinentia

    Ve are here.
    Ve haff ze plans for you Earthy types.

    Ze Alien

    • me

      yeah, we still have guns in america. shoot to kill the aliens

  • http://www.reikimerida.blogspot.com noemi

    Hermanos no se pierdan esta excelente oportunidad en el día 11-11-11 para conectarse con el planeta y con el universo, vayan a mi blog ahi hay una excelente meditación dada por el Dr. Deepak Chopra.

    Un abrazo lleno de Luz y de Amor, todos somos UNO.

  • Raymond e ovalle

    Not much to say just lock and load?

  • SnYpEr

    You all Lose. It’s now late 2012.. and we are still here. No comet, no hiding in bunkers.. Proof of nutjobbery abounds.

    • who

      so….now they say its here! you loose. the object will be seen in the daytime, be 10 times brighter than the moon . now what?

  • in the know

    ….and now they are claiming something is coming….a comet, a dwarf star….NIBIRU is coming

  • neilAlien

    “we’re all ‘stardust!'” :D/
    -neilAlien :-8

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