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Russia Reports France Threat Against Obama Brought US Into Libya War

A shocking report written by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the meetings held between President Medvedev and US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates this past week says that America’s war on Libya was “forced” onto it after French President Nicolas Sarkozy [photo top right with Libyan leader Gaddafi] threatened President Barack Obama with “total exposure” if the US didn’t attack.

Upon hearing Gates shocking admission of why the US began its war on Libya, this report says, Medvedev issued a warning that should too many civilians be killed America could expect Russian forces to move into the region to protect them, a warning that fell on deaf ears as Gates walked out of the meeting saying that he found Russia’s arguments “difficult to comprehend.”

Especially upsetting to Gates, this report continues, was Prime Minister Putin stating that United Nations resolution authorizing military action in Libya resembled the “medieval calls for crusades,”, a statement quickly rebutted by Medvedev as “unacceptable,” and who further warned that comments such as Putin’s could “lead to a clash of civilizations.”

The “total exposure” threatened by Sarkozy unless the US attacked Libya regards the American President’s most senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, who, according to this report, is the Iranian born “handler” of Obama for the “Moon Cult” factions of the Islamic World seeking to bring about the return of the prophesied redeemer of Islam known as the Mehdi.

Important to note about Sarkozy’s threatening to expose Jarrett for her extensive ties to the Persian Nation was her stunning revelation a fortnight ago before the Jewish Council for Public Affairs in Washington that she is of Jewish heritage herself, and not a Muslim as those in the US elite power structure had believed.

Though Jarrett’s Jewish background may have taken Washington by surprise, this report says it was long known to Sarkozy, who, according to the French daily Le Figaro, has long been a spy for Israel’s MOSSAD intelligence agency, and as we can, in part, read:

“A report reveals that French President Nicolas Sarkozy worked for Israeli intelligence for a long time before he was elected president. French daily Le Figaro has revealed the French leader once worked for the Zionist regime as a sayan, Hebrew for ‘collaborator’.

Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky says sayans, who perform many roles, are Jewish citizens of other nationalities assisting Mossad. Le Figaro claimed that French police officials managed to keep secret a letter, which exposed Sarkozy’s past participation in espionage activities for Mossad.

The letter fixed Sarkozy’s alleged spying activities as far back as 1983.”

The reason for Sarkozy wanting the complete and total destruction of Libya lies in the threats made against him last week by the Libyan leader’s son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who threatened to reveal a “grave secret” that would bring down the embattled French President.

The “grave secret” feared by Sarkozy we can further read about as reported London’s Guardian News Service, and which, in part, says:

“Muammar Gaddafi’s son has claimed that Libya helped finance Nicolas Sarkozy’s successful election campaign in 2007, and demanded that the French president return the money to “the Libyan people”.

In an interview with the Euronews TV channel, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi said Libya had details of bank transfers and was ready to make them public in a move designed to punish Sarkozy for throwing his weight behind opposition forces.”

Important to note about France’s relationship with Libya is that should it win this war it will have secured its energy security for the rest of this century as this North African Nation holds the largest oil reserves on the continent estimated at over 41 Billion barrels. Even more critical to note about Libya’s oil is that is the lightest, sweetest and easiest-to-extract black gold left on Earth and costs just $1.00 to extract.

Equally critical to note about France’s relationship with Libya was its having signed over $27 Billion in agreements with this North African country this past January, all of which is endangering the collapse of the French economy should they be cancelled.

As we had, also, noted in our March 8th report Global Resource War Warned Has Begun Between East-West, the vast water reserves of Libya (the largest ever discovered on the African continent) make this country a “prize” the West must have, and its military might will seek to ensure it gets.

Most appalling of the West’s war upon Libya is that it is coming at the expense of the African Nation of Ivory Coast where the UN estimates today over 1 million have fled their homes as civil war fears grow.

Most unfortunate for the hundreds of thousands of innocents set to die in the Ivory Coast is that their Nation has no massive oil or water resources for the West to attack them for, and leaving one to wonder if these Westerners have, indeed, lost what little moral conscious they had left.

To the outcome of the battle between the United States and France over the fate of Libya it is not in our knowing, other than to note the obvious that with each passing day this World of ours grows more dangerous by the hour.


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4 Responses to " Russia Reports France Threat Against Obama Brought US Into Libya War "

  1. A R Thompson United Kingdom says:

    There is always ulterior motives and this Crusade had the support of outside influences and was well stage manage to draw Gaddafi’s to the bait,then the World dominators cried Brutalisation, and the peoples were yet again tricked,and a civil war broke out due to there underhanded ways of Western Governments & the USA together with Nato have committed the most appalling crimes against the Human Race.

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  2. I Am the Very Model of a Democratic President

    With apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan, authors of I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General

    I am the very model of a Democratic president,
    Who stumbled into office on a wave of massive discontent.
    I’ve organized communities and burdened our state governments,
    With help from union activists and other roguish elements.
    I’ve found a way to give you unemployment at plus ten percent,
    And rammed through legislation that the population does resent,
    With stimulus and bailouts that our politicians should prevent,
    Increasing sovereign debt to cover all the cash that I have spent.

    I’ve made my mark with policies where spending transcends revenue,
    And finding businesses that government can stick its mitts into.
    In matters that ensure the currency is on a fast descent,
    I am the very model of a Democratic president.

    I’m very good at hiding in the White House from the fawning press,
    Who might ask questions relative to budget or the HHS;
    And lacking teleprompter it is darned hard for me to express,
    Coherent ways to show our actions have resulted in success.
    The Democratic Congress voters all came out to dispossess,
    And left me with a GOP Tea Party out in battle dress.
    Which puts me in an awkward situation that I must redress,
    By threatening to shutter government to rescue PBS.

    I’m at my best when making sure that Congress stifles all debate,
    And passes measures in the night that guarantee a small growth rate.
    In matters that ensure the very height of social discontent,
    I am the very model of a Democratic president.

    I’m having major problems working out my foreign policy:
    My allies are unable to respect my clever repartee;
    My country seems upset I bow to every potentate I see;
    My enemies seem not content with my constant apology.
    I dither and I hesitate for everything’s a quandary,
    Until I get pushed in a corner by my dear friend Hillary,
    Who teamed up with a rabid Bonaparte with surname Sarkozy,
    And forced me to engage in war with Muammar al-Gaddafi.

    By knowing absolutely nothing in relation to defense,
    I gather coalitions of unwilling states when wars commence;
    In matters that determine where our military men are sent,
    I am the very model of a Democratic president.


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  3. Mik Canada says:

    This is typical of the preposterous unfounded nutso pseudoreporting one comes to expect from Russia. One has to remember they are the same people who generated the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion a hundred years ago.

    Russia is still a poor country with a rapidly declining military capability. So they have to resort to this level of absurd agitpropaganda to maintain some semblance of still be significant participants in the world.

    Pathetic. The completely ignorant, paranoids, American haters, Jew haters, will buy into it, of course.

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  4. nepa Canada says:

    People, please….. the author of this nonsense is none other than Sorcha Faal a very well known BS artist and hoaxer.. Just do a search for other “articles” writen by this author.

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