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Ron Paul believes Libya intervention an ‘impeachable’ offense

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Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul will be co-sponsoring an amendment announced Tuesday by Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich that would defund the American military intervention in Libya.

Kucinich suggested during a Saturday conference call with anti-war Democrats that he thought impeachment could also be considered for Obama’s “unconstitutional” actions in Libya.

Paul’s spokeswoman Rachel Mills confirmed to The Daily Caller via email that Paul shares Kucinich’s point of view on the severity of the constitutional breach. “Yes, he thinks it is an impeachable offense,” Mills wrote.

“The President committed the U.S. to military invention without consulting Congress, in clear subversion of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which gives only Congress the power to declare war,” Kucinich wrote in a Tuesday letter to colleagues.

Paul released a video last week decrying the intervention in Libya as unconstitutional and saying that “the American people should be yelling and screaming about what the president is doing.”


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7 Responses to " Ron Paul believes Libya intervention an ‘impeachable’ offense "

  1. KIMBERLY says:


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    • Deb says:

      I thought that was pretty obvious by now.

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  2. ccryder13 says:

    Note to Mr.Ron Pual,
    Been watching you for a long time and I agree with a lot of things that you say about the United States, “However” you made a mistake when you said that Saudi Arabia was a ‘Shiria’ Lead state! (Sunnis Rule there and in Bahrain!

    If you’re going to run for President let’s make sure you know who the players are! Also please keep in mind that as President you will need to make decisions that have a great effect on our allies as well!

    Russia is crushing Great Brittian and France with huge amounts of cost for Gas making them rich off the riots in the middle east and they love it!

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    • Robert Jacobe says:

      Sunnis my govern Saudi Arabia but the rule it with Sharia law.
      Now say you are sorry to Ron Paul and get your facts straigt

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      • clifford comstock says:

        :oops: Your right and I am sorry, it is a sharia law country! I thought he said a shite… (My Bad) :oops:

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  3. garry says:

    We as a people of the U.S.need to be led to a solution to take action against the will of the NWO,and our own branches of govt.Ron Paul and everybody says we need to wake up.We may be awake and yet complacent,because we need to unite to take action.how to organize this?What do we do in a step by step process to get our country back from these
    gangsters? We need a plan.The Idiots guide to take back the USA.

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  4. News says:

    Note about Paul’s spokeswoman Rachel Mills:

    Discharged from the USMC, Rachel uses her background as a decorated combat veteran to apply to join what she believes to be an elite security organization, but, after a thorough interview regarding her past experiences with people with abilities, Rachel discovers it to be actually a secret task force agency set up by the Department of Homeland Security – code-named “BUILDING 26”, at the behest of Senator Nathan Petrelli, to hunt down and imprison people with powers. Rachel is accepted and becomes an elite government agent. :oops:

    Initially Rachel is still hostile to her fellow kind and is only complying with “Rebel”‘s demands for her own well-being, but with time she sees her fellow agents actions are too extreme and also that the special people are being un-fairly prosecuted, and so willingly joins their spreading resistance to Building 26. This ultimately leads to Rachel being forced to kill her partner, Agent Jason Pierce, when he discovers her ability.

    When her role in Jason’s death is exposed, she is exiled from the agency and eventually captured along with several other rebels. :roll: Assigned to kill a resistance member named “Linda Niles”, Rachel refuses when she recognizes the woman to be Leona Mills; her mother. Leona, however, fakes her death in an extremely convincing manner then and there, and is able to slip away while Rachel is forced to battle Janey Pierce – Jason’s sister and an Army intelligence officer. After a vicious fight, Rachel defeats Pierce.

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