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Man charged for Swedish woman's 'ruthless' killing

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Ephrem Yohannes

A 23-year-old immigrant African male from Ethiopia was charged for the rape and murder of a 27-year-old woman he allegedly attacked after the two stepped off a Gothenburg tram one evening in September.

Elin Krantz and her alleged killer were riding the same tram to the Hisingen neighbourhood near Gothenburg in western Sweden.

Shortly thereafter Krantz was raped and murdered in a wooded area not far from the tram stop, according to information from the investigation.

Krantz and a friend were heading home on the number 5 tram line from the Valand nightclub in downtown Gothenburg around 4am after a Saturday night out together, according to an account by the Aftonbladet newspaper at the time of the killing.

While Krantz’s friend got off the tram at the Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen stop, the 27-year-old continued in the direction of Gropegårdsgatan. But she never came home.

A 23-year-old man identified as Ephrem Yohannes was arrested shortly after the killing. On Friday he was charged with murder and aggravated rape.

According to prosecutors, the 23-year-old suspect hit and/or kicked Krantz with such force that she was left with contusions and haemorrhaging on her head, neck, arms, and legs.

Elin Krantz

The violence was so severe that it also caused nerve damage in Krantz’s brain, resulting in a lack of oxygen.

The 23-year-old is suspected of having raped Krantz by holding her down and forcing her legs apart. He then allegedly dragged her body over uneven ground and then placed it on a large stone block, according to prosecutors.

Included in prosecutors’ long list of injuries to Krantz are “burst membranes around the vaginal opening”.

According to the prosecutors, the 23-year-old showed “extreme ruthlessness”.

The man, who has been in custody for more than five months, denies committing the crimes.

At the start of his time in remand, he remained silent during questioning from investigators. After several months, he finally admitted that he was at the scene of the killing, but pointed to two other men.

He also admitted riding the same tram as Krantz, but it was only when they got off at the same stop that the two exchanged any words.

“They got off at the same time, he walked behind her. After a few hundred metres they parted ways,” the man’s attorney, Claes Östlund, told the TT news agency.

“He saw how she mets two other men, but he continued walking and sat down on a bench. As he sat there, he heard a woman scream. A short while later he got up and walked in the direction of the scream and came to the place where the woman met the two men. He saw then that the men were having sex with her.

“He then ran toward them and scared the guys away. He lifted up the woman. But she had fainted and is unresponsive. After a few minutes, the guys show up again and chase him away.”


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  • Arrow town

    What country is this rapist from?Is he a Muslim?When did the crime take place and what kind sentencing did this man get?

    • Roonie

      yeah, of course you assume hes Muslin, he was an American! you fucking stupid racist, arrogant people!

      • Joe

        This man is from Ethiopia,he lived in Virginia for some time and did some violent crimes and was deported.He should not have been allowed to enter Sweden but the government likes to allow non-whites immigrate because they want to have multiculturalism.There are Muslim men that gang rape young Swedish women and girls,they should be castrated and then deported.There is a woman that has designed a device that women and girls can wear that will make rapes more difficult.It is called a reverse chastity belt.She was tired of the immigrant rape epidemic so she decided to innovate by designing this reverse chastity belt.Ronnie,maybe he is not a Muslim but he is an immigrant or refugee and it is this group of men that are doing most of the raping of Swedish women and girls and are
        not compatible with Swedish people and their culture.You sound like an angry African-American man.

        • Cid Campeador

          Relieve them of all their MANLY organs. Castrate them and perform a penectomy then put them in prison for life.

  • xzdgxfc

    Typical Nigger. It doesnt matter what country it is from–A NIGGER IS A NIGGER.

  • Joe

    This nigger is from Ethopia and was in the U.S.A. and did some violent crimes,I don’t know what types.Looks like he blew his opportunity as a refugee when he was in the U.S.A. to improve his economic situation.Then he was admitted to Sweden as a refugee and it looks like the Swedish immigration service did not properly screen this criminal for any crimes when in U.S.A. or did not care because there has to be more black Africans in Lilly white Sweden.Strange thing about this Elin Krantz,when I search on the internet for more information on her. I read that she belonged to an organization (vi gillar olika)that was enthusiastic with the Swedish government for bringing in more non white immigrants Muslims and non Muslims alike.I have seen nude photos of her on Storm Front web site.

  • Haha

    :( Sad to hear…and seriously fuck you racist bastards. No white person in Sweden has ever raped or pillaged anything?

  • Alex

    This girl was an actress, she played a role in a video clip made for Swedish government. She was singing Sweden national anthem in it sitting on an ethnically correct male.

    Time 1:04

    Really instructive death.

    • sloop

      Kinda ironic, she was promoting race mixing by fucking a black guy while singing the swede anthem (wtf) only to get murdered by a black guy :))

      • Joe

        Doesn’t matter if she was having sex with a black man,the rape and murder of her by a black man or another man of any race was not justified !

  • Blind_Justice

    That is horrible. Very sad something like this happened.

    You know what else is sad? When some racist and bigoted people who harbor a deep hatred for a certain race or religion; for example, the Muslim religion – automatically assume he was Muslim. Why do they do this? Because they WANT him to be a Muslim so they can fulfill their ill-willed agenda and go around pinning something horrible like this on ALL Muslim people, as if to say, “See! Look what a Muslim did! One guy did this, so that means they’re all murderers and rapists!” Yeah, right, okay buddy. Clearly they have a ‘hive-mind’ like the Borg from Star Trek.

    People like that are sad degenerates with a chip on their shoulder looking for people to stack the blame on for all of the problems in their sad, miserable lives.

    It’s amazing when you show these bigoted people someone who has been convicted of a brutal rape and murder, and that person happens to be a member of the same creed or ethnic origin or religion as the bigoted individual. THEN, they tell you that just because one guy did something like this and happens to be ‘XYZ’ doesn’t mean that all people who are ‘XYZ’ are like him.

    Bigots and their selective generalizations – can you not see your own stupidity?

    • dewo

      you would’nt be saying that if she was your sister, you babbling twat

  • Constantina Sellenger

    And you white people wonder why other harbor enough hatred toward you to do something like this. White people are inherently evil and you’re just beginning to reap what you’ve sown for centuries. I don’t feel that bad about it.

    • KR

      What an asshole you are bitch. White Swedish people are evil isn’t that the reason why the Swedish who never had a history of making black people slaves let this nigger escape from his shithole country and miserable life by welcoming him into Sweden and giving him a roof to live under. You are a filthy bastard.

  • Lee

    I can’t find her photo of her of being dead & buried some by leaves ,any where but one photo . Now I can’t find it any were ,so I would have full story of the topic .Can someone help me out w/o difficulty stuff needed to see the photo of her dead body ?

  • dewo

    Should lynch the filthy nigger and burn him slowly on a fire
    another reason why immigration has failed.
    shame on you swedish government

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