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Entertainment Giant Judge Judy Joins Growing List Of ‘Gibberish’ Talk Reporters

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A most curious phenomenon of ‘gibberish’ speaking reporters sweeping North America has gained its biggest victim to date after reports that the entertainment giant known as Judge Judy had production halted on her highly syndicated show and was brought to hospital yesterday after she began speaking nonsensical words during a live taping.

According to Hollywood reporting website RadarOnline.Com, “Judge Sheindlin was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital Wednesday morning after she suddenly started saying things that didn’t make sense, a studio insider revealed. “She was just sitting on the stand during her show taping and she started saying things that didn’t make any sense.”

Judge Judy (aka Judith Sheindlin) is one of America’s top paid celebrities earning over $45 million-a-year and recently topped The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Power 100 List, coming in at No. 48.

This phenomenon was first discovered a few weeks ago after CBS reporter Serene Branson during a live Oscar broadcast started speaking nonsensical words to shock of her audience and all of America.

Next to be overtaken by this phenomenon was Toronto’s Global News’ Mark McAllister who, likewise, during a live broadcast started speaking nonsensical words during a live news broadcast.

Quickly following McAllister was Madison, Wisconsin’s WISC-TV news anchor Sarah Carlson who, like all before her, began speaking nonsensical words during a live news broadcast too.

To the cause underlying this phenomenon many hours have been spent among US news commentators and medical experts trying to explain what appears to be unexplainable, but to no conclusion other than their suggesting that this phenomenon may be related to as yet unnamed health issues.

Serene Branson Gibberish

Mark McAllister Gibberish

Sarah Carlson Gibberish

These strange gibberish reports reminds us of a funny scene from the movie Bruce Almighty where Evan Baxter presents the news in gibberish because he was being manipulated by Bruce who had God’s powers

Evan’s Unique Broadcast
Bruce Almighty at MOVIECLIPS.com

These explanations, however, fail to account for the many physical discrepancies between those being affected by this phenomenon leading one to seek more logical explanations as to its sudden occurrence.

After our own research into past similar occurrences, where sudden instances of nonsensical speech began appearing in ordinary people having no previous health issues, we found an exact match of what is now occurring when a demonstration of US Military microwave technology was demonstrated on a live television news programme.

The demonstration of this technology was given by Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Dr. William van Bise, who directed magnetic signals into the brain of CNN reporter Chuck DeCaro where they created visual images as in a hallucination and he began speaking nonsensical words.

This program also featured Dr. Robert O. Becker, two time Nobel Prize nominee, scientist and researcher of electromagnetic radiation effects on the body and author of Body Electric, who summarized, “The government has never disproved the psychological effects of electromagnetic radiation.” Dr. Robert Becker commented “that this is a substantial step forward in the understanding how the visual system works” and would be “a powerful weapon if used on fighter pilots while trying to fly.”

To what the reason(s) would be for the US Military to begin testing such a powerful weapon against American and Canadian reporters it is not in our knowing, other than to point out the obvious fact that nothing has ever stopped them from such madness in the past.


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6 Responses to " Entertainment Giant Judge Judy Joins Growing List Of ‘Gibberish’ Talk Reporters "

  1. Baron Gifelte says:

    Could be Captain Howdy up to his old tricks.

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  2. norton says:

    WTF is going on! I can understand the live reporters maybe getting tongue tied as they try to remember their script. But, the anchors have a teleprompter right in front of them with the words they are supposed to speak. Maybe they are suffering from Monarch programming alter shift from past MK ultra mind control.

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  3. daniel says:


    They’re all wealthy and relativly famous, I am sure they are on some drug. Perhaps to cope with the pressure, whatever.

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    • Andre says:

      Really? Drugs really? You think 4 people including a judge, started speaking gibberish all in the last 3 months and complaining of migrane headaches are taking some sort of drug?

      You are in heavy denial my friend. Heavy denial.. The facts are right on this page, in front of your face.

      Considering all of these people had to be medically examined, im pretty sure something would have turned up if all of these ‘drug addicts’ were using dont ya think?

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  4. mithrandir says:

    All were in close proximity to digital recording devices. There is probably a common thread. Perhaps newly introduced video equipment has mind-jarring side effects.

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  5. Andre says:


    “Perhaps newly introduced video equipment has mind-jarring side effects.”
    “They’re all wealthy and relativly famous, I am sure they are on some drug. ”

    1)The Learning Channel, 199? Janet Morris stated, “one could create voices in the head in order to drive a target crazy”, while a man in a red jacket tries to block voices in his head, on a public sidewalk, which is the behavior of many of the mentally ill street people in cities today.

    2). History Channel, Fall 2000, “Mind Control: America’s Secret War.”

    3) The Learning Channel, 199? Janet and Chris Morris, advisors for the FBI on acoustic technologies.

    Janet Morris stated, “the ultimate spy technologies?, the holy grail of spy technologies?… control of behavior, a selective behavior control device.”

    tech has been out for a while. You N00bs who are in denial need to do some research.

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