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China opposes foreign intervention in Middle East unrest

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China opposes the intervention by foreign forces in the unrest in the Middle East and relevant missions should be led by the United Nations, a Chinese spokesman said Saturday.

A similar unrest in China is “preposterous and unrealistic”, said Zhao Qizheng, spokesman for China’s top advisory body which is convening its annual session in Beijing.

There would not be such a situation in China, added Zhao, former head of the Information Office of the State Council, China’s Cabinet.

He made the remarks at a press conference for the Fourth Session of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

He had told a group of foreign journalists last month that many of China’s problems, such as income and regional gaps, surfaced in the process of rapid economic development. However, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government were trying to resolve them.


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