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China Moves To Save Libyan Leader As Russia Warns Of ‘All Out War’

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An “urgent” dispatch from Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) chief Mikhail Fradkov to President Medvedev that is circulating in the Kremlin today says that the Chinese warship Xuzhou is preparing to offer protection to Libyan leader Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi and his family to protect them from assassination from the US-led air assault on that North African Nation.

In what this report calls a “stunning betrayal” by the West, Russian leaders say their abstention in the United Nation Security Council vote to establish a no-fly zone over Libya to protect its civilian population from both Gaddafi and rebel forces is, instead, being used by the West to engineer their takeover of Libya’s vast oil and water resources, and which we had previously warned about in our March 8th report, “Global Resource War Warned Has Begun Between East-West.”

Even though Chief of the Russian General Staff Nikolai Makarov had previously warned that foreign military intervention in Libya could trigger an all-out war with the West, his warnings have fallen on deaf ears as British Defense Secretary Liam Fox said the direct targeting of Gaddafi was “possible” and British submarines fired two missiles at the Libyan leaders compound in downtown Tripoli bringing number of civilians killed by the West to 48 with over 150 wounded.

After the West’s massive killing of Libyan civilians Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich called for the immediate halt to the US-led attacks against Libya, a call that was joined by both China and India who just days before these attacks were said to be considering offers to drill for Libyan oil.

China’s most important political newspaper, The People’s Daily, further warned that the United States and its allies are violating International rules and that in places like Iraq “the unspeakable suffering of its people are a mirror and a warning” and the military attacks on Libya are, following on from the Afghan and Iraq wars, “the third time that some countries have launched armed action against sovereign countries.”

The Arab League’s secretary general Amr Moussa, also condemned the West by saying, “what is happening in Libya differs from the aim of imposing a no-fly zone, and what we want is the protection of civilians and not the bombardment of more civilians.”

Most astounding in all of these events is the crazed hypocrisy of the West, who at the same time they are massacring the very Libyan civilians they said they were going to protect, they are, at the exact same time allowing their favored Arab allies to kill every unarmed protester they can with no words of condemnation or threat of retaliation.

Especially gruesome of these “approved” civilian massacres was US-backed Yemeni dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh ordering military snipers to fire into the heads of unarmed protesters gathered by the tens-of-thousands and killing over 50 of them, an act so barbaric his own powerful tribe called for his immediate removal, but with no condemnation from Western leaders.

Equally as gruesome were the brutal attacks against civilians engineered by the US-backed leader of Bahrain, who called in Saudi Arabian forces to quell the growing protests against him and that were condemned by UN Secretary General who in a statement “expressed his deepest concern over reports of excessive and indiscriminate use of force by the security forces and police in Bahrain against unarmed civilians, including, allegedly, against medical personnel.”

Though the people of Bahrain have made an urgent appeal to the US and UN to help protect them from further government massacres, an appeal sure to fall on deaf ears as best explained by George Friedman, publisher of Stratfor Global Intelligence, who told the Boston Herald today, “We’re not going to mess with Bahrain, because we’re not going to get into a fight with the Saudis, who support the current structure, and because it is where the United States keeps its (Indian Ocean) fleet.”

Not being told to the masses of Western peoples about their governments attacks on Libya is the backlash that is building among all of the Arab Nations who see these decadent hypocrites for what they truly are, madmen who lust only for oil, power and wealth at the expense of their right to freedom and opportunity.

Most ominous in all of these events regarding Libya was the end time prophecy written about it by the great French seer Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566) (Nostradamus) who in Century 1 Quatrain 9 wrote:

From the Orient will come the African heart/to trouble Hadrie and the heirs of Romulus./Accompanied by the Libyan fleet/the temples of Malta and nearby islands shall be deserted.

According to French author and Nostradamus scholar Jean-Charles de Fontbrune, in his 1983 book Nostradamus: Countdown To Apocalypse (page 287) the “King of Kings” Libyan leader Gaddafi is the man who will unite the Arab World against the West according to this prophecy and begin an apocalyptic Global War that will bring our whole World to the brink of collapse.

Most interesting to note about Fontbrune’s referring to Gaddafi as the “King of Kings” was that he did it in 1983, a full 25 year before August 29, 2008 when at a meeting of more than 200 African kings and traditional rulers he was, indeed, given that exact title.

As we had previously noted in our March 17th report “Virgin Mary Issues Grave Warning, But Angel Says US Can Be Saved,” the prophetic warnings being handed down to us by our ancestors are being ignored at our peril, and nowhere is this more evidenced than in the United States, whose people we noted in our report “Shroud Of Silence Descends Upon America As End Nears” are being kept from the true horrors about to descend upon them as their crazed leaders lead them ever closer to the abyss.


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  • Koos

    These “Civilians” surrounding Gadaffi’s compound with AK’s in hand was NO civilians, it’s a militia recruited by Gaddafi himself… China is looking for war and News-agencies with low IQ’s is helping with their little propaganda campaigns….

    • rastamaster

      Yea You really got the whole idea about the war from ur tv box.
      Why dont u check whats the minimum wage in Libya, how much they pay for gasoline or electricity.
      And there is a challage for u o to think!
      Do You really think (like the tv box) that any MUSLIM would be calling US or EU for help???
      Have u ever had the holy book in ur hand? Do You got any wisdom or knowlagdhe at all?
      The only one who is looking for war is USA and this time French pussys, becouse Sarkozy was a puppet of Gadaffi and wants to be free.

    • Realisticman

      Be careful because China is just recently been awaken . Do not take it for granted It has more military manpower than the USA and NATO combined .

  • Kari Heinonen


    • Denise

      The BRITISH? England, like America, is the vassal slave of the Jews. London is the European HQ of the Tribe. They are suing Libya as an entry into Iran. As per the last 200 years – it’s the GOD DAMNED JEWS. Spawn of Satan

  • Kadaffi already knew back in August 2010 that something was afoot and ordered massive supplies of weapons including C130 transport planes from South Africa. There’s also black South Africans amongst the mercenaries fighting on his behalf. Don’t see much about that on the news.

    • South Africa

      I`ve been working for more than 20yrs for the S.A. security forces in S.A. as a officer. I doubt that your facts are very accurate on the C130`s. We don`t have black mercenaries in S.A., except those from Recce, Para and 32 Bn. Members from these units will definitely not fight for Lybia. However, if there are any black S.A. in Lybia, then they are the local palooka`s that don`t have much training, than that of zambia or tanzania`s unrecognized training. Definitely not on a mercenary qualification level.
      ………….. and no, I am not black. Just a white officer also being disadvantaged in S.A. due to affirmative action.

      • Pianki

        Being disadvantaged. Really?

      • Tornado

        @South Africa: You refer to certifications and qualifications that the US has invented to suit its needs. The world doesnt care about these, as these have no significance. Just like all other certifications, qualifications and rankings that are invented by the US.


    It is time for the USA to get out and let all those monkey kill them self. If i was the president i would pull all my troops out and just make a clear statement you want help YOU PAY. you terrorist monkeys bomb one of our building we will whip out one of your cities from the face of the earth. if those monkeys are hiding in your country and you cant control them you will get it too.
    And if they want war its total annihilation not this pussy tree hugging humanitarian shit that we are on. This is the USA the land of the free if you monkey from the middle east want to come to this country and tell us what to do, don’t like to get stereo typed GET THE FUCK OUT!!

    • carterphillips

      That’s right let’s get the hell out of these muslim countries and let these so called peaceful people kill each other off. This IS America and any of you limpwristed European Fags Don’t like the way we do things here to Damn bad GET OUT! That goes for any of you so called Peaceful muslims..I didn’t know there was such a thing!

      • Muhammad Cleans

        You devil

  • The writer weaves a very interesting tale of how he /she perceives the international community is reacting and should be reacting.

    I’m on the edge of my seat, thinking: “this is going to breaking news alright”, but when he started to employ superstition to validate his claims (from the 12th paragraph), I decided:…. whowkay…I’m outta here….

    Nice story, very believable up and until paragraph 12.

  • George

    It doesn’t matter what the Chinese say, we’re using their money anyway. So if they push hard enough we’ll declare bankruptcy (sorry but you’re not getting repaid), and more importantly return all those inferior “Made in China” products on the shelves, in the ports here and stop production of any items that were normally shipped here. And Russia has no leg to stand on as they have invaded small countries just to expand their might like Georgia etc.

    • Bad

      Ok ahhhhh you do know that when you file bankruptcy, that your tangible assets are divvy up among your creditors right?? And I say America has like 50 of them! So unless you want China to own us(well they already do but covertly)out right in the open, I do not think bankruptcy is the way to go! lol Speaking of which I am going to have to see if NAU have Chinese language class I can take…..just getting ready! :)

  • mike

    This whole thing is funny. If China is moving a ship to the Med we have an aircraft carrier there along with other war ships (eventhough China has ship to ship missles that could take out the aircraft carrier). So thats not too much of a problem. What worries me is the rest of the Middle East and their reaction. One more thing the US hasent been a free nation since 7 Jul 47

  • Prentis

    This war thing is crazy out of control The leaders of USA and many other nations / country’s need to be taken out of power NOW! This is the time the people of the world need to pull together nobody gets out alive lets make the best of it while we are here. Also to all the top brass in power positions in the world I just want to say ” I have never seen a U- Haul following a Hurst” Live and let live.

  • Lee G

    I see all this war and all these weapons being created and it scares me shitless. It makes me feel as if I want to move to another plnet and live by my self. I’d be less likely to be either conscripted to fight a war or to be bombed whilst minding my own business. Why dont human beings just share the wealth and everybody just stay on good terms with each other instead imposing threats on others or planning on disturbing the peace for everybody?

  • Vladimir

    Yeah, this can be a bad surprise for the western invaders…
    War with China is at the moment impossible, not only because of the nuclear shield and their high quality weapon technologies (which have already become a reality), they don’t need it. They can destroy any country from the inside. This is the nation that is more than 4 times bigger than the US (almost 20% of the world’s population) and spread among the whole world.

    Besides that China is the first creditor of the US, they are still so generous to buy the US bonds for trillions of dollars, even though they know the US will never pay it back. If they decide to sell even 1% of them the US economy will collapse at the same moment.

  • Wake UP

    “Muammar Qadhafi may be a threat to his own people but the bombing of Libya by France, Britain and the United States demonstrates beyond doubt that these three imperial powers are a threat to international peace and security…”

  • Digare

    China is a sleeping dog, do not awaken her… I think dark skin Africans are better than the so call Arabs cause they do have they own military power they don’t call upon US or NATO to bring peace to Liberia and Sieralion and yet the Arabs clame to the the richest while they don’t have military power of their own shame to Arab league am gonna spit on your faces… :roll: (SORRY) :)

  • Glad

    I honestly support the fact that those powers launched the attacks against Gaddafi. If they hadn’t Gaddafi’s forces would have reached Benghazi. I’m glad the people who have spoken to get rid of their 30 year reigning leader out of power now have help to do so

  • Vlad the Impaler

    for the time being china is out of question to be a military power.they cant retake taiwan etc. this french jew prick with the name of Nostradamus was in fact a practitionner of witchcraft. his prophecies deserves as much attention as any other prophesies from africans woodoos.

    • Jaws

      China was involved in the Korean war and the Vietnam war. All wars we lost. While China may
      not be able to take Taiwan, perhaps it is because they have not tried. We cannot remove Castro from
      Cuba. We cannot honestly say we have won the two
      wars in Afagnistan or Iraq. The wars continue.

  • Bill Baker

    The worlds two most populated nations India and China were about to do a deal with Libya on their oil and further drilling operations in the Country. It seems they are pissed off by the Coalition attack on Libya, putting a halt to this plan. So tell us its a humanitarian quest again Obama and Cameron to save the civilians, as they say the more times you repeat a lie the more chance of people hearing it and believing it!.

  • Pianki

    I would rather do business with China than those un-trusth worthy, deceiving, lying, European and the Americans. One merely needs to look to history to understand what I mean. President Obama skin complexion as a changing look to Arabs and other non whites will soon not be an advantage as planned.

  • carterphillips

    This is hillarious china complaining about civilian deaths Hey pianki why don’t you move your communist ass to china then you can do all the business you want with those animals!

  • Smag

    The only war I know that is coming is July 7, which is Harry Potter part2. :) This must be a propaganda website…LOL. Idiots!

  • Smag

    Carry on guys. I just love the military expertise in comparison…hahaha! Numbers don’t win wars.

  • Deborah Lee

    Considering that America has vast untapped oil fields and has recently frozen all deepwater oil drilling operations in the Gulf, it’s rather ludicrous to suggest we are waging war to gain access to another country’s oil when we have billions of barrels of recoverable oil within our own borders! China is just spoiling for an excuse to flex their muscles with their new military industrial toys but they should not forget their economic wealth depends on trade with the West!

  • theasshole

    Beam me up Scotti there is absolutely no intelligent life down here !!!

  • Rob

    Guys to be honest China may be finally increasing its military power but the thing is the U.S. is so far advanced in military technology that it will take them years and years just to catch up. I’ve done my research on how we are still spending so much more than any country by billions in our military. The U.S. has the best tactics, patriotism would rise this countries strength even more (its been done in the past), and our military technology which a lot of it is hidden from the rest of the world for surprises. :) Also with our spying on China’s technology we are sure to stay way ahead of them.. As a U.S. citizen we have no worries for years to come as we are well protected and with the allied forces being the strongest in the world.

  • In the Name of Humanity,please bring this willful carnage and Crusades to a end.
    Oh Nations of the World rise up against this World Domination,are we not human beings! Pray for your Leaders that they our strong and wise on whatever mission they undertake.
    For the Eagle is now a Vulture and tearing the Heart out of another Nation yet again, for its control of other nations assets by the back door.
    There is no end to its insatiable appetite.Who will next be on its list?.In the Name of Common Justice Please Help Libya she is down on her knees,you can hear her cries echoing and the Pain she is suffering because of this brutalisation of the Western world, USA and her Puppets.

  • ccryder13

    Dear People of Europe, middle east and china! Get a clue there is a war coming and it wont be pretty! Many will die for what they percieve as freedom… “BUT” the rich man will get his way! Russia is making money hand over fist and knows if peace between the U.S. and China Continue they will be a third world country, the U.S. has very little interest in their oil, Britian, and France need it more than us! Gaddafi has to go and China is willing to take them… God Is Great and the E.U. best watch it’s step too! 8)


    What a load of utter BS

    Is this website a propaganda outlet or what? LOL

    China/Russia please stop with your beating around the bush and spreading utter lies and dreamed up intentions of the west for your own means,

    Just get your jealousy of you chest and come have a go if you THINK your hard enough, the world would be a better place with one of you two gone as well as Gaddafi


  • steve

    The story was good until the author tried to pass off the whole nostrudamous crap. I read his prophecies. The real ones not the translated ones that are nothing like the original. there absolute rubbish. the only thing nostradomous could predict was that there would always be a fool that wants to believe so narcistically the end of the world will be in there days. sorry author but the world of men will live on after your gone.

  • Joel Oliver

    I believe that it is time for the Veterans of this country stand up and form their own Government Political Party. After all, who could we have running this country better than the men and women that have already shown their dedication than the ones who have already put their life on the line defending it.
    Also, as well, I believe that representing this country should be considered an honor and a privilige and be done for free and keep your day job, that is if you can find one, and put our country first instead of their wallets.

  • Ray Alexis

    :evil: America. Power hungry.

  • Art

    To say China is behind America in high tech is idiotic and ignorant. The chics showed the yanks how advanced are in ocean warfare, by a sub appearing from nowhere,undetected next to one of the americans aircraft carriers. Undetected! The chics are building whole cities with the highest tech available..and these cities are empty..for the time being!

  • Sam

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.. Those 2 examples you gave don’t mean much. They are growing in modern times, as we went through similar growth 50 years ago! So it’s inevitably that their urban growth centers are going to have “New” buildings.. A lot of the time, it has been American contractors/architects that have helped them build. To say that The US is behind China technologically is ludicrious. While they are working on building their first stealth plane, we are like 3 generations of stealth planes in and now working on stealth “everything”. Why do you think China is constantly hacking military contractors in the US?? They are very much behind and are trying to catch up by cutting corners(spy/hacking).

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