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China Calls for immediate cease-fire in Libya

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Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu responds to questions during a press briefing in Beijing where China reiterated its opposition to the use of force in Libya amid Western air strikes there and called for an immediate ceasefire in the country’s conflict.

China Tuesday called for an immediate cease-fire in Libya, where a United Nations “no-fly zone” is being enforced. After abstaining last week from the U.N. Security Council vote on military action, the Chinese government says it wants immediate talks to end the violence.

Ever since it abstained from the U.N. Security Council vote on military action to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya, China has been voicing its disapproval of the bombing raids launched by the United States, Britain and France.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu says China is deeply concerned about civilian casualities caused by the air strikes and warns of a humanitarian disaster.

She says the original intent in passing the Security Council mandate was to protect the safety of the Libyan people.

But she says Beijing opposes was she describes as an abuse use of force and the unnecessary use of violence that could result in additional civilian casualities.

Jiang says the military action will cause a bigger humanitarian crisis and says China has serious reservations about parts of the U.N. resolution.

Western powers began strikes against Libya, last Saturday, in a U.N.-mandated campaign to target air defenses to enforce a no-fly zone and protect civilians from Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.

But the Chinese government, which abstained from the U.N. vote along with fellow permanent Security Council member Russia, has kept up a critical commentary of the military action.

China’s official state media accuses nations backing the strikes of breaking international rules and courting new turmoil in the Middle East.

When pressed by journalists, Jiang refused to say why exactly China did not use its veto power to block the U.N. mandate.

She said the Beijing government took into consideration concerns among Arab countries and what she described as the special conditions in Libya.

She refused to elaborate further and would not say if China views the military actions by the other Security Council members as a breach of the U.N. rules.

Jiang said China always opposes the use of force in international relations.

And, she said the United Nations is still considering what long-term actions to take on Libya.

China’s Middle East envoy, Wu Sike, is to visit the region later this week.


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6 Responses to " China Calls for immediate cease-fire in Libya "

  1. Baron Gifilte says:

    Yankee go home!

    You never see the Confederates invading.

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  2. Digare says:

    I am afraid there will never be war between China-Russia and the US-NATO we dont need this

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  3. Shaaban John says:

    why don’t china,russia,india,venezuela help libya against thes western invaders?

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  4. James Guenes says:

    All this are caused by the thought controlling and malicious, certainly non compassionate, criminally minded, and planet ranching Extra-Terrestrials. There are many kinds of them and most of them are benevolent but this small group, who is using these advanced devices, seems to have oppressed our planet since many thousands of years. We humans in nature are not like this violent and oppressive; this is their execution through us. Hopefully this is the last draw of these psychopathic and planet ranching evil Extra-Terrestrials. Before they leave our planet for good and go away, they want to cause super-heated friction. They have to leave us alone because the Intergalactic Federation of Free Planets will be forcing them to do that. And hopefully all this is not going to bring us to a third world war, which these planet ranching ET’s hope to leave behind.
    James Guenes

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  5. Proud_Indian says:

    James I can tell you who the EVIL Extra-Terrestrials are…. :-D :-D

    Just take a deeper look who is controlling biggest military machine on the Planet.

    Yes these are the same ET’s who have caused missery throughout human history.

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  6. norman;zimbabwean says:

    china should make sure that they are not making high sounding nothing phases when demystifying the use of force in lybia.the UN ressolution must be rendered a piece of sablime mysticism and nonsence.crisis in africa must be solved in africa

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