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Australian woman abused in UAE, jailed for 8 months for complaining to police

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Nightmare ordeal: Alicia Gali is warning other women to be cautious overseas.

A Queensland woman spent eight months in a United Arab Emirates jail for adultery after complaining to police about being drugged and raped by co-workers.

Alicia Gali, 29, yesterday detailed her harrowing ordeal after filing a Queensland lawsuit against the five-star international resort where the attack allegedly took place in 2008.

Warning other women against going to the UAE, Ms Gali said she endured eight months in a crowded prison room with up to 30 other women after she complained to authorities of being raped.

“These countries don’t have the same laws as us. You can end up in serious trouble,” she said.

Apart from her family, no one in Australia knew Ms Gali had been jailed for adultery and illegal drinking, because Australian embassy staff advised her and her family not to go to the media.

“It was just traumatising,” she said.

“Everything that happened was the worst thing that somebody could go through.”

“You’re just totally alone in a foreign country, with no assistance from your employer or the embassy.”

Ms Gali, a salon manager at the resort, said she had been in the staff bar, where she was told she could legally drink, when another employee put ice in her drink.

She said it was the last thing she remembered before waking the next day in her room with painful injuries.

“I didn’t know what had happened. I was traumatised, I felt ill. I didn’t even remember getting there or what had happened,” Ms Gali said.

She said it was only when she took herself to hospital did she realise she had been sexually assaulted.

Later she learned she had been heard screaming and security guards had found men hiding in her room, where she was naked and unconscious.

When she was discharged from hospital she was asked to go to a police station to make a statement and then speak in front of a judge.

“I realised when I was put in a police car that I was being taken to jail.”

Ms Gali said she was never warned by her UAE employers that she could be charged with adultery and face prison if she complained of being raped, without having four adult male Muslim witnesses.

“I didn’t even know what the charges were until five months into my sentence,” Ms Gali said.

Three of the men Ms Gali claimed sexually abused her were jailed, but for adultery and not rape.

After serving eight months of a 12-month sentence, Ms Gali was pardoned and released and flew home in March 2009.

Since then she has been treated for post traumatic stress disorder, suffered claustrophobia and flashbacks.

“I felt depressed, angry and confused,” she said.

“I was the victim. I’d had something wrong done to me and I was being punished.”

Law firm Maurice Blackburn on Thursday filed a damages claim in the Supreme Court in Brisbane, alleging Ms Gali’s employer failed to warn her of the risk of being drugged, raped, charged with adultery and jailed if she complained.

Solicitor Melissa Payne said it was a complex legal case and they would consult experts in UAE law.


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  • John Smith the 42nd.

    Muslims are peaceful and this must have all been a mistake. Just ask Obama.

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    • Justin King

      To the comment above. The laws are obviously flawed and outdated by our standards, but you cant blame muslims for the rape! People are raped in western countries every day by people from a range of faiths and backgrounds. Dont judge an entire group by the fringes.

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      • Lindsi

        Yes, sadly this does happen in western countries; but in western countries when you go to the police you aren’t jailed as a criminal yourself.

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      • LL

        u dummy so-called justin ppl are killed and raped everyday but no one goes to prison for being victimized u idiot

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    • LL


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  • Anthony Cloud

    Isn’t that great! All these so-called Christians who are stupid enough to pour their money into countries occupied by these Islamic medieval animals, and their religion of “love, peace and tolerance” deserve everything they get.

    I hope when she gets out and gets deported back to Australia or wherever home is, that she whines about ‘multiculturalism’ and demands that her Government import and give safe haven to more of these animals. Maybe she will organise a charity to help them buy more explosives to give some moron a chance to blow himself up along with her family and friends, so that the animal can claim his 72 virgins.

    She’ll probably drool and whine that only a small handful of Muslims are “extremists” when their beloved Koran DEMANDS that all infidel who refuse to grovel 5 times a day and support stoning of women, total subservience of women and hacking off of body parts for ‘crime’.

    She is actually very lucky because Allah demands that an adulteress should be stoned to death and not merely imprisoned. Allah doesn’t say the same about men, they can rape as many women as they like and that’s OK

    So carry on MORONS, support tourism to the Medieval Middle East and support Muslim ‘Refugees’ and visas for ‘study’ and Work Permits. DO NOT say anything wrong about them, this is hate speech, THEY can demand that we all be killed, but we have to take it and “turn the other cheek”. THEIR demands that WE be killed is NOT hate speech, just part of their proud Islamic tradition!

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  • quarantine2012

    Anthony Cloud, that has got to be the stupidest thing I have heard in my entire life. It’s okay to rape females? Just read what you just said and think for a minute, that barbarian talk. -___-‘

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    • Anthony Cloud

      Do me a favour, try very hard to learn ENGLISH. I know it’s part of most immigrants “proud heritage” to just learn how to use the begging bowl, but if you learned English, you might be better qualified to make comments.

      In the meantime learn this very old saying : –

      Ït’s far better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool,
      than to open it and remove all possible doubt!

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  • Bill Sykes

    Tony, I have to agree. She shouldn’t be WARNING people to be careful, she should be telling them, she should be telling them to KEEP AWAY.

    People who visit these prehistoric barbarian countries are just taking their hard-earned money and giving it to a bunch of terrorists to blow us up.

    Women in Islamic countries like Saudi (and don’t kid yourselves, this is the Islamic Ideal world-wide) have NO rights, they aren’t allowed to drive or own ANYTHING except the clothes they stand up in. If they want to complain about rape they need three MALE witnesses. Their husbands are allowed to beat them whenever they feel like it.

    People who spend tourist money in these countries are supporting this prehistoric behaviour. KEEP AWAY.

    A Canadian we know. who was WORKING in Saudi had his car rammed in the rear whilst he was parked. He went to Court and the Court made HIM pay for the damage to the Arab’s car. Why? Because if he hadn’t been in Saudi, his car wouldn’t have been parked there and thus the Arab would never have hit it!!!

    KEEP OUT. As Tony says, if you go there, you deserve everything you get.

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  • the insurgent

    Well… hmmm… This tells me a different story. This should be the lesson for yankee women. While I feel sorry for Miss Gail’s sufferings, I think this is what american women should have for at least 1 yeaar in USA. They will learn the anti-feminist way.
    Fukken arabs are not different than their jewish bros and sis, there are fighting over a red penny – remember that. Jew or arab – the same. Both subhumans.

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    Rating: 0 (from 2 votes)
  • Robert Laity

    Islam is EVIL and is the anti-religion.

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  • noname

    That blonde bimbo was stupid enough to go and work in a muslim country. She probably thought “wow I will have a nice job, flash my boobs around and get promotions as I do in Australia. I will be very popular because I am blonde and who knows perhaps I will find a rich guy to marry, who I will later divorce and get half his money, as all nice girls do in US, Australia and Europe!”.
    I bet that she used to be a feminist and liberal and probably ridiculed everyone who had warned her against moving to an islamic country.
    Well reality catches up with you eventually.

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  • Spiff

    It would be a more interesting tale if we knew who she worked for so others would not fall into this employment trap!

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    • Vlad the Impaler

      godd point,Spiff!!
      well,she should fuckin’ stay home,mary, make kids,and not to fuck arround and about in the countries of Sand Monkeys…

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    • ken

      An American Company

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  • maulter

    Well, how sad on many points. First; I see what the Lord was talking about when he said the love of most will grow cold in the last days. Yes this woman should not have been there, however she was obviously raised very liberal to think she could even be in the uae (lower case on purpose) and be ok, that is truely a lack of education. A little bit of sympathy is ok for her too, but everyone is entitled to their thoughts. Second; you all can talk all you want, but soon all of you will be under their laws and punishments. Islam is coming, there is no way to stop it, so when these people and their punishments come to all of our back yards we’ll all see these kind of things. Besides when they decide its time, none of our wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, or girlfriends will be immune. Consider yourself lucky if they kill you before they make you watch the three or four muslims desicrate them one after the other. :cry: p.s. its gratifying to know that JESUS said this would happen, (not the violence) but he called it, and it will soon play out. Even spiritual stuff aside, go look up demographics, there is no way to stop the world from becoming muslim. No country in the world can match the birth rate of countries where men can have as many wives as they want. Even here in the “good ol’ usa” we are dead, killing ourselves with liberal ideas that advance an enemy inside the gates. Oh well; Praise the Lord JESUS! Oh and sorry I do have mixed blood, possibly Jewish in there too, but I am not “sub human”. :-D

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  • Anonymous

    I am sorry, but alcohol and personal safety do not mix.

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  • agnes

    To the idiot that said women are raped in western countries…yes…true….but the victim isn’t accused of adultrey and thrown in jail for almost a year as in these countries….women are treated like trash…we don’t need their population exploding here as in France and now England…because then it will be us in jail….

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  • This isn’t only a islamic country trend anymore:


    Wherever you have arabians you have arabia!

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  • skreamer

    Sand monkeys, u think with their oil money they would hire a prostitute!
    Grew up in Sydney surrounded by them! Dirty, thieving, Sneaky, Sodomites!
    They lower the real estate value wherever they live because of massive crime!
    Is there a country that has just white people?…. i need to live there…would be paradise!

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