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20 refugees suspected of gang rape at Stockholm public swimming pool

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The lavish public swimming pool Husby is famous for its many rape cases.

All Swedish media chose this week to cover up the gang rape that occurred in Husby swimming pool in northern Stockholm on Sunday. 20 unaccompanied refugee youths from Björkuddens transit accommodation are suspected of having molested three Swedish girls aged 11 and 12 years old.

The incident occurred when the tax-funded welfare company Attendos Care made a trip to Husby swimming pool with 20 of the unaccompanied refugee youths who live on the company’s plant Björkudden in Solna.

Refugee youths, which reportedly are around 17-year-old of Arabic and African descent, attacked a group of Swedish girls who were around 11-years-old. The girls were harassed, insulted and when they tried to escape from the immigrants, the gang tore off the girls swimsuits.

A number of boys in the girls’ companion tried to stop the rape, but were instead abused. The attacks stopped only when a lifeguard reached the spot.

After the incident, the staff from the swimming pool locked the refugee youths in a special room while waiting for the police. A police report was then established at the scene. Police spokesperson Diana Sundin told the Aftonbladet newspaper, that the boys were quickly separated from the girls when the incident took place.

As shocking as it sounds, the Swedish taxpayers have pay $150.000 per year to house each refugee. Angry Swedes have raised the question if it was worth to invest 3 million dollars per year for these 20 youths involved in the rape of the 11-year-old Swedish girl.

Rapes are usual
Before the visit, Attendos staff had a meeting with the asylum seekers, where they explained that they had to control themselves and not touch (in a sexual way) or rape any of the girls at the swimming pool.

Several houses with asylum seekers have earlier had problems with the “alone coming” (unaccompanied) children raping or committing sexual harassment, for example when Swedish girls have came to sing Lucia songs. In Gullspång female staff had to quit because of sexual abuse.

Recurring problems at Husby swimming pool
Rape and sexual abuse are commonplace in the publicly funded Husby bath, which is perhaps Sweden’s most lavish public swimming pools. In March 2005 a woman was raped by an immigrant boy in the pool and in 2006 a 16-year-old girl was gang-raped by immigrant gangs.

Swedish blogger Henrik Johansson said Mariebad Officer Eric Santos now has procedures for similar events, where you quickly isolate the designated group. He also has a direct number to the police and a contact person at the station. In addition, police clothes are periodically present at the swimming pool, and has also been meeting with the staff.

Egg attack and investigation
Shortly after the incident, the Swedish police instead of investigating the alleged rapists, have launched a preliminary investigation into a suspected case of agitation against ethnic groups after a group of right-wing activists screamed racial slurs and threw eggs at the refugee housing facility in Solna, north of Stockholm.

“Outside the refugee facility they screamed “blackheads” and “go home immigrants” and other things,” police spokesperson Diana Sundin told the magazine Expo, which tracks right-wing extremism.

Police spokesperson Marie-Louise Nilsson from Stockholm’s western district, while refusing to confirm who was behind the action, confirmed for the TT news agency that around 30 people, primarily men, arrived at the facility in their cars.

They were carrying signs and threw eggs at the building, in addition to screaming racial slurs, but left the scene once police arrived.

The “attack” on the refugee housing facility, comes following accusations that residents at the facility had sexually molested girls at a nearby public pool.

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  • Fri Radikal

    The problem were that the press did not report of the incident at all. After a week some Swedish youth decided to protest. See the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhRYfL8qrdQ

    After this the media came crying a wrote about the “lynchmob” calling them nazis, and how horrfied and sad the immigrants had felt. Only briefly mentioning the underlying cause and diminished their actions, saying that the only “touched” the children on the back and legs. Not stroking their erigated penises as the children had said. WTF?

    • maurice

      these scumbags should be hung tampering with our children , politicians are happy to take there big pay packets home and not rock the boat, its time we voted in a far right party to rid us of these free loading rapists

  • British Patriot

    :-x That is the reward one receives when you show this scum kindness!!

  • in Serbia, there is zero black people, almost zero Muslims and zero Arabs, almost zero rapes.

    Learn from Serbia, Deny Access to your country and tell them to fuck off, if you keep this up you stupid Swedish will end up like France where half the people are Arabs and black. ghettos all over the country.

    stupid Swedish for supporting kosovo, I’m happy these people will corrupt sweden

  • Justice

    :!: This just doesn’t add up.
    Sweden is harassing Wickileaks leader Assange, in fact he will probably be extradited from the UK to stand trial in Sweden..
    Yet this scum is allowed to move freely around without being intercepted by the police.
    Reminds me of my home country the UK! The government is NO better there!!!

  • The end.

    R.I.P Sweden the Arab scum is taking over…

  • Arrow town

    As long as the Swedish.government keeps bringing these men In then they should be sent to a Swedish brothel(s)to break in the bad sex habits of these men.this way they would get used to seeing lightly dressed women/girls.they could be escorted around town with Swedish men instead of gangs.

  • J

    @Serbia- instead of being a racest fuck why don’t you do your homework before you open your mouth. Last time I check I am black and I don’t do any of the things you precive black people do. As a matter of fact I bet you my background check is cleaner than yours. Because it is blank, on top of that I also volunteer for youth programs like CAP seeing how I was a cadet and am now giving back what they did for me and making CAP fun for the kids as well as search and rescue also volunteer. And with your no blacks, muslims, and Aribs with no crime try going to wikipedia and typing in crime in Russia and tell me if you can say the same thing. Now as for the ones that do rape get those fuckers out.

    • dusan

      dear J from us, can you tell me what crime in Russia has with Serbia ? who are you that you judging man from serbia ? black man or muslim in rage ? ok, probably your background check is clean, you are volunteer and wikipedia reader (?), and probably you are affirmative action getter and your background was cleared as it is usual in us and europe if you are of proper race. i am not serbian and i think man from serbia speaking originate from serbs experiences with kla and depleted uranium in shells with which pilots teach serbian people do their homework, probably you wikipedia reader think that they are bad people. by the way, why you dont speak about hidden files about interracial crimes in us – black on whites and vice versa ? who do you think is a leader ? maybe you are one good man amongst others but how can good be recognised from bad ? did you think some time it is your homework and if you good do nothing other side see you this way ? du

    • Antti

      J its not about being black, its about being a nigger. the problem is most of our niggers, come from damaged countried like somalia, uganda and what else shitholes. they grew up with nothing else but violance and rape. then they bring their habit to europe. and if you dont believe it, google for rape police stats. over 60% are committed by non-western immigrants…so yeah there is a correlation between skin color and those crimes for the above stated reasons.

      • Arrowtown2011

        Antti.Do know about the siccors rape?A 21 year old white Finnish woman got raped by three or four Somalian men and after they raped her they cut her skin between her anal and vagina with a pair of siccors.How is that lady doing?The rapist got four years in prison.What has happened to them? Have there been rapes this year in Finland?What is the true Finns party going to do about the Muslim immigrants and do they plan to stop Muslim immigration to Finland?

      • J.Benay

        You are right.Blacks always get upset when people condemn black rapists,but the fact remains that rapes by nigger refugees throughout europe is a major problem.The jew-promoted “multiculture” has got to go.

    • J

      You’d do better to shut your mouth about a European country. As an African, you have zero say in Europe. When the backlash comes, all people attempting to silence justice for Swedish women will also have their heads on pikes. If doing our “homework” means documenting the racial crime statistics, then we’ve done it. Don’t worry. In the end, no claims of racism will save you from our saving of society.

  • Joe

    Dustan,what would happen to black and brown Muslim men if they committed a gang rapes like they did at the pool or other types gang rapes in Scandinavian countries?

  • Joe

    Does anyone know if immigrant Muslim men are raping Swedish women and girls this year?There is a Swedish woman that has designed a reverse chastity belt that would make raping a woman difficult.What has happened to those twenty Muslim men that raped the eleven year old girl?

  • nicanora

    Why throw eggs? Throw grenades.

    • Creeper

      I like ur style I agree throw Granades blow them up
      Those fuckers they are idiots

  • Gerry

    It’s the same problem all over Europe with immigrants running wild.
    They need to be rounded up and taken back to there own country where possible,
    And not given incentives to stay.
    Why should we expect men who live like animals and rape at will suddenly be any different when they arrive in a new country.
    The politicians need to toughen up or get out……….

  • Kay

    It’s amazing how scared you all are! Fear leads to hate, and we fear what we don’t know. Read a book someday. Educate yourselves, please, because it seems that no one has so far.

    Sometimes groups of people (like the immigrants) do wretched things because they have a horrible past and they don’t know any better – or maybe they’re trying to act all big and bad because that’s what they know to do. Is it an excuse? Hell no! Should they be punished? Yes! Does this familiar? YES. IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE ALL OF YOU.

    Oh – and all of you who are afraid of blacks and Jews, and whatever else there is out there, you (too) should read a book. It’s only the uneducated who are dumb enough to think that they know enough of one culture/race/religion/etc. to make a judgment about them all.

    Grow up.

    • Joe

      These twenty asylum seekers at that swimming pool should of had their wives or girl friends with them when they were allowed in to Sweden.You said these immigrants have had a horrible past and they didn’t know any better,I disagree.These twenty Muslim men knew what they were doing was wrong and criminal,they raped that one girl because they do that back home with impunity.the Swedish government and immigration workers know all about the horrible life styles of Muslim immigrants,they are not oblivious to their problems.You talk like you are oblivious about the rape epidemic in Sweden.Did you know that Sweden is the rape capital of Europe?Reading books in a computerized twenty first century is almost obsolete to many owners of IPads and lap tops.There are many Muslim men( with that”horrible past and don’t know any better”and there are trying to act “big and bad”)that are or wil be receiving refugee approval to live in America thanks to Obama because he signed an executive order last year that will allow for 80,000 Muslim to immigrate to America as refugees.They will be immigrating from around the world,Obama said that he is doing this for humanitarian reasons.Then there is Minnesota’s congressman Keith Ellison and senator Norm Coleman.These two politicians have Somalian refugees employed on their staffs as translators.These two politicians are helping Somalian Muslims immigrate as refugees and they hope to get their votes in exchang for helping them to immigrate.You say that people on this forum are scared of blacks and immigrants,well they should be scared and alarmed!You sound like that you are a white woman,are you?Talk about being uneducated and needing to read books to get educated.This is what you need to do your self!For get books,use your computer to get an education about Somalian Muslims living in Lewiston,Maine.Then after you look up information about Somalian Muslims and the problems that they are causing in this former lumber mill town,you will have a chance to watch some you tube videos about Somalian Muslims in Maine.I don’t need books to get an education about Muslims,I need my IPad!

    • Joe

      Typical white woman you are.Telling me to go read a book and educate my self.I read and educate my self on my Apple IPad!Don’t you know that we live in the information age?Books and magazines and news paper companies have either gone on line or have gone out of business.Borders book store is a casualty of the Internet,I predict that Barnes&Noble will become a victim of the Internet.Typical white woman you are,you are feeling sympathy got those Muslim immigrant men by saying that they have had a horrible past and they don’t know any better and like to act big and bad because that’s what they know.You ask is it an excuse?You make it like it is an excuse.An excuse to rape those innocent young white Swedish girls when they know very well that they were doing a horrible crime.It is white women like you and white men with your mind set that motivate Muslim men to rape young white women and girls with impunity and if they get put in jail,it’s for a few years and many times they get out in half the time of their prison term.

  • Kay

    Joe: I’ve met Keith Ellison, and he’s a decent man who employs wonderful people on his staff. It’s interesting that you assume *because* someone is Somali, they MUST be a rapist, because the other rapists in Sweden *happened* to be Somali. Can I assume then, that you are also a rapist? I assume you’re a white, Christian man. I’ve actually met a few rapists who were white, Christian men. According to *YOUR* logic, you must also be a rapist, and we should hate you too (though I don’t believe this, myself).

    FYI, I am a white woman. I’m also Jewish, but half of my family is Protestant. I lived with Muslims for almost three years in the Sahara desert. I learned their language, and I lived in their houses. I told them I was Jewish – and they still embraced me. They took care of me when I was sick, and they integrated me into their community.

    You say that all you need is your iPad, but you’ll never know people until you KNOW them. You’ll never know what it’s like to have a woman to take care of you when you’re sick, (who also *happens* to be Muslim) and work with the men who respectfully call you “sister,” (or in your case “brother,” since you seem to be so keen on labels) until you actually experience it. ….or does the iPad have an app for that???

    As for your claim that Obama is letting 80,000 Muslim immigrants into America for humanitarian reasons – you’re wrong. I used to work as a researcher and I didn’t find anything to back up your claim. The only major immigration legislation Obama pushed was the DREAM Act, which you can look at here: http://www.factcheck.org/2011/07/did-obama-enact-dream-act/

    Deportation of criminal immigrants has actually GONE UP with the Obama administration. They have detained and deported MORE CRIMINAL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS THAN THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. See belowa quote from that website:

    “Immigration and Customs Enforcement has had a policy of targeting criminals for deportation since early in the Obama administration — following and later building on the policies of the Bush administration. […] an increase in detainees who committed crimes from 27 percent of all illegal immigrants detained in FY2009 to 43 percent in the first three months of FY2010. The trend continued through the first nine months of FY2010.”

    So, Joe, next time, please use your iPad to uncover the facts, instead of typing out fiction for the world to see. We all know that there are people who won’t check for the facts (and who are gullible enough to believe you).

    • Joe

      I looked on the Internet earlier this year and I read an article about the 80,000 Muslims being let into the country.I wll not assume that all Somalian immigrant men are rapist,I would expect a married man that has a business and is living an affluent life style along with his family would not be a rapist like those twenty refugees at that swimming pool.As for Keith Ellison and Norm Coleman,it is obvious that these two politicians are using immigrants like those Somalians in Minnesota as a voting base.I read an article called “Minnesota’s Somalia Madness”and that is where I got the information about these two politicians helping Somalians immigrate to their districts.I am a black American man.I live in Louisville,KY about seven months of the year and I see Somalians and other Muslims.These Somalians are third world destitute peasants and are not very compatible with the American or Scandinavian life styles.There are some Somalians that take advantage of a job opportunity and improve there economic situation and learn English.No I am not a rapist but like most men in this world I have done some inappropriate touching.From what I have read about Sweden’s rape problem with immigrants not all the rapist are Somalians,but most if not all are immigrants and they are more brutal than the Swedish men that rape from what I have read.You said that you couldn’t find any information about the 80,000 Muslims being allowed in to America.Here is how I found it.80,000 Muslims.That’s all I typed in the main search window.This has to be true.Why would some one lie about this?Why were you in the Sahara desert?

    • Joe

      Kay.The problem with white Christians is that they are to helpful with Muslims in Sweden.There are Arab Muslims in Malmo where the Muslm men are harassing white Swedish women because they were not wearing burqas or other types of head covering.Then there are Muslms persecuting Jewish people in Malmo and the mayor will not help the Jewish people because he thinks that they deserve to be harassed because of Isareli government making life difficult for the Palistinians in the Gaza strip.All these problems that the Muslim immigrants are causing in Sweden is the result of multiculturalism.This M/C is obviously a failure in Sweden.Muslim rape is such a major worry for young Swedish women and girls that a young Swedish woman (Nadja Bjork)has designed a reverse chastity belt.

  • Joe

    I never had a Muslim woman take of me when I was sick,but I use to have a Persian woman dentist clean and polish my teeth and put implants in my mouth.I am summing that she is a Muslim because she is Persain.She and her Persian husband (an engineer)moved a few years ago to Irvine,California.In my opinion,she was more westernized than some black American born citizens that hate a white America including the “Jewish”in you!I go to Florida every winter for about three and a half months and where I live there are no known Muslims!Mostly white people and some Latinos and some of those Carribean born blacks.Plenty of Jews!I like Jews!I go to a couple of Jewish deli-restaurants and take out a hot pastrami sandwich and some Jewish pastry.I like the absents of the black American “thuggery”or crime like I see on the news tv when in Louisville.

  • NegerTurk

    They got culturally enriched

  • Why

    Why did this hardly get any media attention? If things were the other way around it would be blown out of proportion. Why is the ethnic Swedish government against swedes?

  • Joel

    Thanks this to immigration and multiculturalism.
    All europeas should have extrema right governments.

  • no1inparticular

    It is possible to get “accurate” figures that include the long term psychiatric treatment costs for the 11 year old gang rape victims please?

    But seriously, I would like to thank the writer of the article for their somewhat interesting, yet incredibly twisted and sick pro gang rape stance. I always enjoy seeing how a twisted mind such as yours can justify just about any crime. If you truely mean what you write here, I seriously hope you wind up in a maximum security prison very soon so you can feel what it’s like to be raped.

    This article appears to be a somewhat obvious scheme to incite racism against people of Arabic and Africa descent. I have personally known too many people to count of these two mentioned nationalities. Know what? They have good people AND criminals….just like every other country on the planet

    All this will cause is misdirected hate. If poeple start directing hate at others, instead of the real problem (20 gang rape happy large corporate sponsored refugees), you will only make the problem worse for you and everyone else around you.

    I’d like to send some love out to all my African and Arab brothers and sisters out there. This is one pasty white man who isn’t afraid to say he loves you, and doesn’t care who knows it!

  • A. Warning

    Round up all The Neo Nazis, The White Power Sicko’s, all those who support Eurpoean right wing extremists, and all the fascists.
    Then take all The extreme Islamic fundamentalists, Al Quaeda, and all those who actively support Al Quaeda.
    Detain all the extreme right wing, and left wing nationalists in every single country worldwide.
    Gather up any and all individuals who have called for, supported, written in favor of, or who have politically campaigned for or, on the behalf any of the above.
    Include all the Murderers, Pedophiles, serial killers, rapists, satanists,and criminally insane. the rabid and incurable racists and xenophobes of every nation.
    Bring them all together on a barren deserted island with an dormant volcano. Allow them to fight it out for a while, herd the survivors into the volcano. Wake up the volcano. make it erupts, making sure that all those left are suitably placed directly in the paths of thick inescapeable rivers of molten lava.
    Ahh!! to the see the expressions on their hate filled faces!!?
    Yes I know it’s wrong! But even so it helps me to feel a little better.

  • Creeper

    I like ur style I agree throw Granades blow them up
    Those fuckers they are idiots

  • Creeper

    I don’t mean too be a rasect but I hav a thirteen
    Year old sister and I think that is very inappropriate
    Wat there doing do u agree

  • warwulf

    Policies of racial diversity, multiculturalism and mass immigration were implemented in every western and European country, not only without consent, but against the will of the voting majority of those so called democratic nations. We will become tiny minorities in our own lands, and they’ve made it so we can’t fight peacefully and politically against it, let alone express how we feel. We need to create and support right-wing parties

  • Enough

    These nice folks, mostly muslim, are getting imported to stir up shit and intimidate the masses in the west.
    Governments supports it as orders come from globalists who want a Europe without borders, identity and nationality – same for the rest of the globe. If you think that’s looney tooney then just sit back and watch things “evolve”.

  • pm

    if government doesn’ t deal with the problem then it leaves the people no other option but to!

    we cant have 11/12
    girls being raped and then the rapists going free – in any culture or civilisation

  • Tsepesh

    Europe must decide whether another Holocaust, or you will have a lot of ugly and stupid black children who will be born after the monkey rape your sister / daughter / girlfriend.

  • sweden

    swedish are retarded people for looking on usa

  • SparkleSalt

    Unbelievable, they met with the refugees beforehand to tell them, “You can’t rape the girls here.” Like that has to be said, as if there is another place where you can rape the girls? And then the Muslims raped the girls anyway. The lefties in charge of this resettlement movement are just as culpable as the Muslims.

  • spockers™

    While this hardly excuses any of it, it happened in 2011. Look at the date of the article.

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