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20 refugees suspected of gang rape at Stockholm public swimming pool

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The lavish public swimming pool Husby is famous for its many rape cases.

All Swedish media chose this week to cover up the gang rape that occurred in Husby swimming pool in northern Stockholm on Sunday. 20 unaccompanied refugee youths from Björkuddens transit accommodation are suspected of having molested three Swedish girls aged 11 and 12 years old.

The incident occurred when the tax-funded welfare company Attendos Care made a trip to Husby swimming pool with 20 of the unaccompanied refugee youths who live on the company’s plant Björkudden in Solna.

Refugee youths, which reportedly are around 17-year-old of Arabic and African descent, attacked a group of Swedish girls who were around 11-years-old. The girls were harassed, insulted and when they tried to escape from the immigrants, the gang tore off the girls swimsuits.

A number of boys in the girls’ companion tried to stop the rape, but were instead abused. The attacks stopped only when a lifeguard reached the spot.

After the incident, the staff from the swimming pool locked the refugee youths in a special room while waiting for the police. A police report was then established at the scene. Police spokesperson Diana Sundin told the Aftonbladet newspaper, that the boys were quickly separated from the girls when the incident took place.

As shocking as it sounds, the Swedish taxpayers have pay $150.000 per year to house each refugee. Angry Swedes have raised the question if it was worth to invest 3 million dollars per year for these 20 youths involved in the rape of the 11-year-old Swedish girl.

Rapes are usual
Before the visit, Attendos staff had a meeting with the asylum seekers, where they explained that they had to control themselves and not touch (in a sexual way) or rape any of the girls at the swimming pool.

Several houses with asylum seekers have earlier had problems with the “alone coming” (unaccompanied) children raping or committing sexual harassment, for example when Swedish girls have came to sing Lucia songs. In Gullspång female staff had to quit because of sexual abuse.

Recurring problems at Husby swimming pool
Rape and sexual abuse are commonplace in the publicly funded Husby bath, which is perhaps Sweden’s most lavish public swimming pools. In March 2005 a woman was raped by an immigrant boy in the pool and in 2006 a 16-year-old girl was gang-raped by immigrant gangs.

Swedish blogger Henrik Johansson said Mariebad Officer Eric Santos now has procedures for similar events, where you quickly isolate the designated group. He also has a direct number to the police and a contact person at the station. In addition, police clothes are periodically present at the swimming pool, and has also been meeting with the staff.

Egg attack and investigation
Shortly after the incident, the Swedish police instead of investigating the alleged rapists, have launched a preliminary investigation into a suspected case of agitation against ethnic groups after a group of right-wing activists screamed racial slurs and threw eggs at the refugee housing facility in Solna, north of Stockholm.

“Outside the refugee facility they screamed “blackheads” and “go home immigrants” and other things,” police spokesperson Diana Sundin told the magazine Expo, which tracks right-wing extremism.

Police spokesperson Marie-Louise Nilsson from Stockholm’s western district, while refusing to confirm who was behind the action, confirmed for the TT news agency that around 30 people, primarily men, arrived at the facility in their cars.

They were carrying signs and threw eggs at the building, in addition to screaming racial slurs, but left the scene once police arrived.

The “attack” on the refugee housing facility, comes following accusations that residents at the facility had sexually molested girls at a nearby public pool.

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