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11 suspects charged with Pre-Teen sexual assault in Texas

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Police have arrested seven more suspects in connection to the sexual assault of a pre-teen girl in Cleveland, Texas.

The following individuals, all from Cleveland, have been charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child under 14:

— Jared Glenn McPherson, 18
— Kelvin Rashad King, 21
— Marcus Anthony Porchia, 26
— Devo Shaun Green, 20
— Xavier King, 17
— Eric Bernard McGowan, 19
— Jamarcus Norris Napper, 18

McGowan was already in custody at Liberty County Jail on unrelated charges. Napper turned himself Wednesday afternoon.

Police have arrest warrants for two other individuals they believe are related to the investigation:

— Carlos Bernard Ligons, 22
— Cedric De Ray Scott, 27

So far, 11 suspects have been arrested in connection with the alleged gang rape of that 11-year-old girl around Thanksgiving.

The girl was repeatedly sexually assaulted, according to officials, in an abandoned mobile home.

Many in Cleveland are furious at the thought of such a horrific crime against such a young girl.

But this is a case that has divided this Liberty County town.

Some sympathize with the suspects, saying the alleged victim was a willing participant, even though she is too young to give legal consent.

FOX 26 News spoke with one 15-year old boy who says the girl asked him out, but he turned her down after learning about her true age from his classmates.

Other students echo the notion that the alleged victim did not appear to be a pre-teen.

“To be honest, she looks older than she really is,” says Brandi Foster.

When asked how old the girl appears to be, Foster continues, “I don’t know, I don’t know what age. 15, 16?”

But police seem to be convinced that a felony was committed, and a pretty outrageous one, at that.

And they appear to have a treasure trove of evidence to back them up, having seized computers and cell phones as well as collecting forensic specimens from the scene.

If convicted, the suspects could face life behind bars.


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5 Responses to " 11 suspects charged with Pre-Teen sexual assault in Texas "

  1. duvexy says:

    They need to live the rest of their lives behind bars. When breaking the law there are no guesstamates. They have to know for sure. It is their job to know how old the person is. What they did was evil and awful.

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  2. disgusted says:

    What a sick “community.” And how typical of the relatives to immediately come to the defense of this pack of animals who raped an 11 y/o girl. Seriously, Sullivan Edwards, the girl asked for it??? She knew (at 11 years of age) what she was doing??? She acted older??? C’mon sister, at 11 y/o you believed she was 18???
    God damn the “community.” How many more generations before they join the civilized ranks of the human race???

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  3. omg says:

    Sick community ((yes!!)) anyone that justifies gang rape and doesn’t know it’s wrong. Is not mentally right in the head. It’s just plain
    Wrong on so many levels. The fact that the menatlity to justify such a crime exsist! It is mind blowing in it’s self. What is wrong with people? That they can somehow socially think this is acceptable behavior in society. Such treatment
    Of any female! of any age, or race! is humanity at it’s lowest. ((sick seriously))
    Didn’t one of these guys stand up and say”hey this is just wrong!”
    Socially we have serious issues going on with men.
    I pray for this young girl , that is not emotionally mature enough to be dealing with sexual decisions regarding her body. That is why there is law for the age of consent.
    Also not knowing the age of the person you are having intercorse with, just makes the perps sound more animalistic in their act. Suggesting a complete total lack of personal judgement and connection to the crime committed. It’s a cop out, there is no excuse for this behavior.
    Absolutely these individuals are guilty of a horrific crime. Not only to this poor young girl. But this vibrates through out consciousness of society. How can you hear of such a act and not be effected.
    I don’t think a 11 yr

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  4. Christina says:

    A lady in the news video said this incident was “an embarrasment” to the town…AN EMBARRASMENT? Shame on her! It is high time for the sexual assault laws in this country to be changed to allow for the death penalty in cases where the victims are under the age of 14, and to allow for mandatory life sentences for all other sexual assaults. These perpetrators are also protected in prison from the other inmates, which is an atrocity in itself. Wake up America!

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  5. Omg says:

    Women make up half the work force. We need equal pay, for equal work. So we don’t have to stay in abusive relationships or rely on gov. Hand outs, Equal pay and more shelters.
    Unfortunately the majority of crimes against women and children are inflicted by men. Aprox 85%
    This is a social issue, that needs to be dealt with. Our country social values have gone to hell. This just shouldn’t be socially exceptable. The excuses to victimize the victim again by justifying abusive behavior is the outrage. Police are not the answer, women contribute half the income to family. They should have the same options as men to level this out. Otherwise it’s pouring gas on the fire. These ignorant men have no right to impose themselves on this poor girl. She is a victim of Americas social values going down the drain.

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