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Sarkozy condemns multiculturalism

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has censured multiculturalism a failure, joining other western leaders that have already rejected the notion despite boasting freedom as a founding principle.

Sarkozy declared in a televised interview on Thursday that “I don’t want a society where communities coexist side by side” and that “France will not welcome people who don’t agree to melt into a single community.”

“We have been too busy with the identity of those who arrived and not enough with the identity of the country that accepted them,” he added.

The comments have brought the French President in line with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, a former Australian premiere John Howard and Spanish former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar who have previously expressed their opposition against multiculturalism.

Sarkozy also emphasized that he does not want Muslims to pray on the streets.

The French president’s controversial remarks come as Western fears of rising Muslim population grow across Europe.

Official reports show that out of 65 million people living in France, at least 5 millions of them are Muslims, making it the European country with the largest Muslim population.

This is while Muslims in France still have no representatives in the French parliament.


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  • Irradiated Bonsaist

    Maybe now he will bugger off.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    I think england’s got the largest moslem populaton,not france.I see no actions in here after camerons’ condemnations. it is a total bullshit,full stop.

  • Sarkozy seems to be leaning toward the ideas of former radical leader Le Pen. But I understand that the national traditions and values in France are very important and need to be protected especially now when France has become a melting pot of different cultures.

  • Irradiated Bonsaist

    Looks to me like he is assuming the position.

  • James

    Its just another jew playing both sides of the fence. Good jew; bad jew. Keep the goy guessing.

    The writings and rantings of jew-rabbi convict them. It was the plan all along to flood the White Western nations of TRUE Israel with the cankerworm, palmerworm and locust.

    Once the damage is done, and virtually beyond repair, you see these same jews behaving deceptively civilized and concerned about White culture. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The aim all along was to destroy Jacob; to have Esau become the head and Jacob the tail.

    The jews have stated it over and over again. They intend to rule the world, but they know it is not possible as long as the White Race (TRUE ISRAEL) exists.

    Their desire is nothing short of our destruction. And if we keep having soft hearts for FOUL creatures, we are sure to hand them victory on a silver charger!

    Just think of jews owning the slave trading ships and trading houses; the very enslavers of the African Negro. Then look at their inbred descendents 200 years later; marching arm in arm with the Negro claiming that it is all Whitey’s fault and how they were once enslaved too.

    Good cop; bad cop.

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